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  1. Great and versatile machine. I have been using one for about a month. I have used it coin detecting and found stuff that no VLF could find. Also used it for relics. Same story, old sites that have been hammered by a the VLF machines come back to life with the TDI. I haven't got it out into the gold fields yet, but based on the lead that I find relic hunting, it should do just fine. I have heard that the TDI is comparable to a Minelab 2100, yet in many ways it gives me more control than my GP 4000.
  2. I bought one 3 weeks ago. In my opinion it is the most advanced VLF detector ever built. For the first time ever, you have complete control over every aspect of the detector. My tests and those of others show that the V3 is capable of similar performance to an MXT in prospecting mode. The GMT still has it beat for fly speck gold. Looking forward to putting the V3 through its paces in a trashy prospecting environment. With its advanced analysis capabilities, I think it could help find the hidden good stuff. I would love to have one at Ganes or Moore Creek this summer...
  3. Nvchris, You are correct that with a standard travel trailer once you figure out how to safely load it you don't need to check the tongue weight on every outing. The problem comes as you point out regrading the variable loading of a utility trailer, also applies to a toy hauler. In the simplest definition, a toy hauler is a travel trailer with a utility trailer stuck on the back. When you vary the load in a toy hauler, you really need to know how it will effect the tongue weight. Most of the time my Sherline scale is used to hold the door to my office open, but when I need it - it's nice to h
  4. Regarding Toy Haulers, I have one word of advice: Sherline Get their Trailer Tongue Weight Scale. Checkout: http://www.sherline.com/lm.htm I had a 2007 Keystone NRG 230FS. Keystone speced the tongue weight at 1080 lbs. My equalizer hitch is rated for 1200 lbs. This toy hauler towed like a pig, and after several trips I began to suspect that I may have a tongue weight issue. Well, the Sherline scale confirmed my suspicions. The actual dry tongue weight was over 1300 lbs, and with the water tank full the tongue weight was over 1800 lbs! Yes I understand that adding a couple of 4 wheelers i
  5. Well it 2pm on Sunday afternoon and my room here are the Ramada is looking mighty empty! :cool04: Its been a good show for us. Tomorrow we head back to the great white north. It was great to see John B. and spend some time BS'ing. Time to do something other than fossil fish for a while - like gold... :whoopie:
  6. Well it's coming down to the last 3-4 days for the show for us here in Tucson. Thought I would give everybody a quick report on what I have seen. The show has been good for us. We are just about sold out of our Green River Formation fish fossils. Other dealers haven't been quite as fortunate. The show has definitely been slower than last year. There are some very motivated dealers that are giving better prices than I have seen in years. If you ever wanted to pick up some nice pieces from the show, this is the year to do it! One thing that concerns me it that the John B. Tucson tours have be
  7. Wow, They have completely changed the write up on the TSA website since I posted this last week. Before they stated it was OK to check spare Lithium batteries as long as they were taped, bagged, etc. Now they are saying that loose Lithium batteries have to be taped, bagged, etc, and must be in your carry on luggage. :confused0013: The only question at this point is what is the lithium content of Minelab's new battery and Doc's pocket rocket. According to the new regs, "you can bring batteries with up to 8-gram equivalent lithium content." Another limitation is not more than 2 spare batterie
  8. Effective Jan 1st, the FAA has new rules about "loose" lithium batteries in checked luggage. Checkout: http://www.tsa.gov/travelers/airtravel/ass.../batteries.shtm For years I have been covering spare battery terminals with electrical tape to avoid shorting, now it looks like it is mandatory.
  9. Yep, just 8 more weeks and JC Fossils (Jared and myself) will load up the "Fishabago", previously called the "Hooch" when Roger D. owned her, and head for the Ramada Limited room 139. We will get there on January 31st and be open for business by 3pm. As in years past, forum members who stop by get a complimentary fossil fish. Looking forward to seeing a bunch of you pass through on the John B. tour. We will have the 25 ozt monster Moore Creek nugget with us this year! :happy0045: This nugget will appear in the upcoming Cash & Treasures program on Moore Creek. Be sure to come by and ch
  10. As long as I have the camera attached to the microscope, I thought I would photograph a few Franconia Irons that display the "gun barrel blue" appearance that Paleface was talking about. The reference is 1 mm.
  11. The mystery of the green stuff has been solved. Seems that a cleaning pad was used that left some residue behind. See the photo below of a 10X close up of the offending pad.
  12. Stan, GPX 4000 with the Joey coil. "Low and Slow." :icon_mrgreen:
  13. OK, here are a couple of images of the suspected copper oxide. First image is at 20X, Second is 40X
  14. Jim, No large protruding irons. The largest is about 3 mm. Yes, we have found some several of the "gun barrel blue" Franconias. They really look cool! An interesting note on the large 435 gram meteorite that was buried 6" and highly fractured. Jared was examining it under the microscope and noticed small blueish green crystals that had formed on the surface, mainly around the fracures. Didn't the initial analysis of Franconia meteorites show some copper? I may be wrong, but these crystals look like a copper oxide that has formed on the surface. Anybody else seen this is buried Franconia sp
  15. Just got back from spending 3 days at Gold Basin and 3 days at Franconia. Way too hot for this time of year! It's getting tough to find meteorites at Gold Basin. I managed to scratch out 5. It's not like the old days when folks were taking home pounds and pounds. My take was 103 grams. Franconia was even hotter than Gold Basin. I think I drank more water in 3 days than I have all winter! The planets really aligned for me on this trip and I found my two largest Franconias to date. The first was a 150 grammer laying on the surface. The second was a 435 grammer that was 6" down. My Franconia ta
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