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  1. Thanks...haven't had a chance to get out since the creek was high and muddy...too dangerous so I will go again when it clears up. Hopefully will have some success...I will never give up I will find it it will just probably take me some time.
  2. Well I went and tested the what I thought was gold turned out it wasn't. When I poked it with my tweezers the mineral shattered telling me it wasn't gold. BUMMER...Any thought to what it could be? It looks kind of bronze/amber color, but every once in a while it looks shiny gold. I tested a bunch of pieces of flakes and they all shattered.
  3. Ok thanks I will try that. I put a small flake/dust on my finger and put my little vile with water in it and when the gold/other mineral hit the water it sucked the piece to the bottom really quickly. Also it shines pretty good I just don't know if it shines without any light on it I will try it out.
  4. does anybody have a picture(s) of gold dust and pyrite dust. I just want to compare the picture to the stuff I panned and see if its gold or not i am pretty sure it is, but im having trouble telling.
  5. Ok thank you that was very helpful.
  6. What is a good way to pan gold dust? Thats mostly what im dealing with.
  7. Wouldn't that screen mesh tear? I have some extra in the house, and I thought about using but I thought it would tear.
  8. Thanks for the info...Ive seen this video I actually tried to do it today, but the gold seemed to never want to settle to the bottom of the sand...so i added a little bit of soap maybe a drop hardly anything and that didn't seem to help either...i need help panning ive got a decent idea of what to do, but still need some help.
  9. I wish I had enough to make visible to post a picture to show you all.
  10. Thanks... I have a garrett 10 inch finish pan...I will pan it out a couple more times to and get the rest of it. I need a better classifier...i just have a 1/2 inch classifier and its hard to pan with the small pebble rocks...do you reccomend a size and place to buy a classifier...I don't really want to make one.
  11. Ok so I went to go test out a new creek to see if there was any gold. I step about two feet in the creek with my waiters and my right boot fills up with cold water. I decided to go pan anyways so I did. As I am digging this point by a bend I start classifying and pan...didn't find anything...foot started to get cold so I decided to go home after I panned out most of the material in my bucket. A couple days later I noticed I still had a little bit of material in my bucket and im not talking much hardly anything maybe a handful. So I decided to pan it out for the heck of it. I start looking arou
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