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  1. Wish it were my find, but a buddy of mine from Dillon Montana, Bud, found this dream rock, laced with gold that after crushing and separating the gold, proved fabulous. The rock was detected using a ML 5000 with a NF 14" elip. coil at about 28" deep. Bud gave up on the signal after an hour of digging in hard rock and later came back with a mate and a crowbar to unearth the fine specimen. It was about 3" in diameter and 5 1/2 inches long. Didn't get a weight on the rock as we didn't have a scale that big. After "dollying" the rock (crushing )and separating the gold it ended up a just over
  2. Been here in Western Australia for a few weeks now. Prospecting around the Marble Bar area for the time being, then heading further out in the bush. My biggest find is the specimin at 12.3 grams. A buddy on the trip found the 76 gram solid nugget (in hand) a few days ago.007.JPG] Curt Bork, macgyver 51
  3. After a couple weeks off, which included a 3 day camping trip to the Stanton area and very poor results on Lucky Linda Claim, I made it back to my nugget patch that has yielded 59 nuggets to date. 15 nuggets detected today, most were small dinks , but one at 2.5 grams and one at 1.4 grams. I wish all were to my credit, but I took my partner in the claim and 2 visitors and through some intensive overburden removal and detecting we found 6.65 grams in 15 nuggets. Going back tomorrow to see what we can pull out.
  4. Returned to the area where I found the 12.75 gram nugget and only found a few more dinks. Maybe next time
  5. Way to go, good looking nugget. Find some more.
  6. I had found several bits of wire, a few nails and bullets before the GPX 5000 gave a solid signal that I thought was another square headed nail. The .4 oz nugget was found about 6 inches deep, embedded in crumbly bedrock. The dink was found about 8 feet up the wash, again in the bedrock, about 4 inches down. I had studied the goggle satelite views of the area around my private claim, and decided to hunt this spot (off my claim, but unclaimed) due to the similarity of features to the patch I'd been working. (ground and vegetation coloration, wide benches, eposed areas of bedrock, et cetera),
  7. After a few dry sessions on the patch I'd been working, decided to try a nearby wash and found a couple nuggets, one small, .45 grams, the other is 12.75 grams, (.41 oz), my largest to date.
  8. okay, I'm sorta techno-challenged--Finally got photobucket to post pictures (hopefully)
  9. Hi to all members, I've been lurking here and enjoying posts and after proving to myself that I qualified as a "nugget shooter" decided to join your group. My name is Curt B. and I've been in AZ for nearly a year, coming from the midwest last January when snow and cold persuaded me to try gold prospecting. After using a few different detectors I bought the bullet and got a new Minelab GPX 5000. Took about 6-8 weeks to find my first nugget, then a few others, then the summer heat drove me to the White Mountains for the summer. Returning in October, my quest renewed and found 2 nuggets one
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