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  1. Swampstomper Al

    GPX4500 on the way!

    For a hunter on a tight budget that's a tough combination to beat..! Swamp
  2. Swampstomper Al

    The most incredible gold video I have ever seen

    I didn't even need to go to the vid to know which one y'all's talking about lol..! I think my favorite part is when he pulls those three or four lunkers about 2" down from out behind that rock on the left side toward the end of the dry riverbed phase.. I think the only reason I made it that far is cos I was too hypnotized to shut it off.. Phewww, wotta load..! Swamp
  3. Swampstomper Al

    A few oddities

    Welll, if anyone wants to give it a go... The recovery quote & Wyoming Territory comes from W. Dan Hauser.. I'm pretty sure the Diamond Peak, CO info comes from Mr. Hauser as well.. Something to note though is as Wyoming State Geologist for however many years and etc. etc. Mr. Hauser developed many contacts and had access to & permissions for a whole buncha places we'll never be able to get.. I have no idea what the actual land status is for Diamond Peak.. I believe its location falls just outside the boundaries of Browns Park N.W.R. (as opposed to just inside that is,) there's some BLM withdrawal around the Reserve, I don't know if that means inside or outside and if outside how far it extends.. If you Google these places you can get the co-ords.. I'm guessing the peak. is approx 8 mi NE of the Reserve.. ----- " ...In 1871 and 1872, one of the greatest mining scams took place in the Wyoming Territory...More than a 100 years later, I panned 4 diamonds, 17 rubies and 24 pyrope garnets from the location: all 1872 salt... " Diamond Peak is a prominent mountain summit in the Green River Basin of the U.S. state of Colorado. The 9,665-foot (2,946 m) peak is located 51.0 miles (82.1 km) northwest by west (bearing 306°) of the community of Maybell in Moffat County, Colorado, United States. Diamond Peak was the scene of a diamond salting scheme known as the Diamond hoax of 1872. It was solved by Clarence King, the noted geologist and surveyor. There are two other "Diamond Peaks" in Colorado, one in Routt County and the other in Jackson County. ----- If anyone saddles up n gits, pls keep us'uns posted Swamp
  4. Swampstomper Al

    Between a Rock and a Hard Place

    ...cos I was thinking the same thing lol..! WTG Shay, ^5..! Swamp
  5. Swampstomper Al

    A few oddities

    I too wonder how much was salted.. Because, ya see, another first thing I need to do is fix my silliness about diamond pricing / prices.. Diamond valuation in days of yore had nothing to do with post industrial revolution cumulative or absolute inflation.. They've always been rare, valuable and expensive.. Up until Kimberley (or was it Argyle?) diamonds were almost entirely water born finds.. Only once they started being pulled out of matrix and supply started catching up with demand... I've only ever found one source who even tried to place a monitary equivalency tie to diamonds in "dollars" and lemme tell ya there have been times throughout history when even at their cheapest they were much more pricey than they are today.. The report I mention was published in 1934 and he tries to value back to around 700 BC.. Diamond prices throughout this time span ranged anywhere from equivalent $48 ct. -- $700+ ct. as well as being location dependent.. There is a mention of diamond being traded at six gold staters per caret, which I guess would be about year zero + - .. I don't know if that was a good deal or not though.. Diamond wasn't always #1 on the hit parade either.. In some places at some times diamond was valued beneath ruby; ruby & emerald; ruby & pearl; ruby / emerald / sapphire; ruby / emerald / pearl / sapphire.. Anyhowww, before I said anything more that's gonna live on in the cyberaethernets forever I wanted to fix that li'l bit of haha cuteness.. So, ok -- I know where this location is, approximately.. I also know of someone who knows a whole lot better than I where the location is; the person who said this: " ...In 1871 and 1872, one of the greatest mining scams took place in the Wyoming Territory...More than a 100 years later, I panned 4 diamonds, 17 rubies and 24 pyrope garnets from the location: all 1872 salt... .. " I suppose we could always call 'em up n ask where exactly..? If nothing else we should be able to at least find out if it's claimed or not, wouldn't one think..? It's either BLM or N.P.R.; too close to tell cos there's some withdrawal that isn't too clearly identified.. Naturally I'm hoping for the best... Swamp
  6. Swampstomper Al

    A few oddities

    I was thinking the same thing, if I was still out west.. The crazy part is is that when I get all psyched over things like these I think I'm still living in Tucson n start saying to myself stuff like: "Hey -- it isn't really all that far to the Feather River" or "Ya know, I should be able to make it from here to Cheyenne in one 18 hour shot no problem.. Just about everywhere else in the district is closer except for the Iron Mountain area.." And then I wake up n remember I'm living on that pirate radio station platform four miles east of Cocoa Beach n not in the south bank of Tanque Verde Wash n my hopes & dreams are dashed n shattered yet once again.. But yo, on the bright side: Inflation is only up approx. 1,817% cumulative change here in the U.S. of A. since 1870.. Sooo, this means assuming all else being equal you should be able to grab that $28K worth of gemstones for, lessee now, a mere $508,760.00 -- a steal here at twice the price..! How so..? Welll, if ya had to head back to London for 'em, England's cumulative change since 1870 is right at 11,400%.. That means they would cost only, uhhhh, never mind -- you really don't want to know.. Swamp PS -- Bonus drooler: Credit: GIA & Robison McMurty The 1.70 ct Montana ruby alongside rough pink to purple corundum samples from the GIA reference collection. These reference samples, collected from Montana’s Eldorado Bar along the Missouri River and Wildcat Gulch, part of the Rock Creek deposit, were used to help determine the country of origin. Photo by Robison McMurtry.
  7. Swampstomper Al

    A few oddities

    Good read..! Here's a link I have to some additional info on this scam, included in a Hausel report on Wyoming geology and the geology of the stateline region: https://www.geowyo.com/wyoming-diamonds.html Included are photos of the scammers, the scammees and comparison / contrast photos of precious gemstones against their look-alike diamond-indicator minerals.. Hausel also states he just recently panned out some of the bogus stuff planted 100 years ago.. Surprise..! Normally I'd take that kind of surprise every day, especially if they were what I was actually looking for at the time.. Swamp
  8. Swampstomper Al

    A few oddities

    The first thing I need to do is 'repair' a word.. Proper corrected spelling is mor / mar / maar, not mos / mas / maas.. The most common definition for maar is: a volcanic crater produced by explosion in an area of low relief and often contains a lake, pond, or marsh.. When dry, the word hole is commonly used as well.. My bad, my -30- Ok.. Did y'all know CA is the 3rd largest producer of diamonds in the United States..? What makes this statement exceptional is the sources of these stones as of this moment remain un-discovered; the diamonds tend to turn up almost exclusively as a by-product in the heavies of in-water gold recovery.. So you nailed it purt good there, Morlock.. While it would be nice to dredge, we don't need to.. The odds of them showing up in a pan are just as good as in a dredge.. It's more important knowing where they've been found in the past, and I do have lots of those locations.. However, if we're gonna go after diamonds with a gold pan out y'all's way I'd much prefer heading to the WY - CO stateline area.. I'd (we'd) need to check the rules & regs for Wyoming, but that's the place to be stateside for Moh's 10 these days.. Let's go..! ! ! Swamp
  9. Swampstomper Al

    A few oddities

    A barren (supposedly) pipe area not mentioned in the article, and actually the one I thought you had been referencing because of its short distance to/from, along with your directional nod toward 'Lake Deming' , is the Potrillo \ Portrillo Mos / Mas / Maas / Maas'.. Since they noted NM at all they should have also mentioned at least the other few better-known barren (supposedly) pipes scattered throughout NM rather than just mentioning the locale nearest the CO / WY producer(s).. I call short-shrift.. Swamp
  10. Swampstomper Al

    Happy Birthday Grubstake

  11. Swampstomper Al

    Arctic Dave, Happy Birthday

  12. Swampstomper Al

    Thinking about moving to Arizona - Where would you recommend?

    If I had my druthers it'd be halfway between Congress -- Yarnell, cept you'd need to 'doze yer own road to get there.. Unless ya go the back way that is, in which case you'd need 4WD, high ground clearance and would still need to doze yer own road to get there -- but you'd only need to doze the main road to smoove the worst ruts.. Other'n there, either around Prescott if I'm feeling woods-y or Wickenburg area if I'm feeling desert-sy.. I can include Cottonwood locale as a top choice too.. Swamp
  13. Swampstomper Al

    Happy Birthday Mike Furness

  14. Swampstomper Al

    Clanton Gang Loot/Hideouts/Skeleton Canyon Treasure

    I'm going to take a guess (seriously, I don't know) and say Call Of The Wild.. Of course, it could stand for Coins Of The World too, but I'd say as a title for a TV show the former has more of a 'grab ya by the interests' feel.. Swamp
  15. Swampstomper Al

    I'm Bad...

    At this old flea and swap meet location we still metal detect every now-n-again there was this old vendor name of Muzzy.. Muzzy had several adjacent booths, quite necessary, cos it appeared he'd managed to corner the market for pre-1970 Wilson golf clubs.. No one really knew how old he was (our best guess was 135, but a young spry 135) or how he actually made his money since no clubs were ever seen leaving while more continually rolled in.. We're pretty sure he was a gigolo for the widowed snowbirdesses.. Swamp
  16. Swampstomper Al

    Not so Successful Webbing job on Chair

    Ditto here in FL, but mainly quickly on more recent purchases.. I put a new what appeared to be a really well constructed mid-size canvas day pack out on the covered and vinyl windowed back porch with all the rest of this kind of stuff.. I picked it up at an Army - Navy store, which was a mistake right there cos I don't believe there is anything left in those places any longer that's American made or actual military excess.. Anyhow, was unable to get out at all last year until December.. When I picked up that pack by the straps the pack ended up back on the couch.. The straps were fine and the pack was fine.. It is the material stitched to the pack used as guides and for keeping the straps in alignment that disintegrated; actually turned to dust in one year.. Unreal.. Swamp
  17. Swampstomper Al

    The Fallout!! Pt.2 Classified!!

    Yo Rocky -- I gotta couple questions for ya: 1) Wherefore / whyfor the name..? I mean, sure, I see a last name.. Is it your wife's maiden name..? And I see barn + stable, which ermmm on the surface doesn't make much sense to me unless there's an equestrian in the family or you spent a great deal of time mucking 'em out..? What..? 2) What's under the tarp..? I keep looking at the reveal outline but can't place it, and are the wheel wells really cut as high as the one appears to be..? Inquiring minds n all that there... Swamp
  18. Swampstomper Al

    Solar Panels

    I take it this is a portion of the setup in your motor home..? Or is it a 5th wheel..? What's the rest look like, or at least what is the rest?: # of batteries and/or storage amt, # of solar panels or capability, an example of how long you can run whatever with usage # against storage #, how much has it offset monthly bill if you have one since I can't remember if you're totally off-grid or partially / fully in a park, how much invested so far etc., etc.. Swamp
  19. Swampstomper Al

    Teaching Newby

    Hey bro -- I've seen two different things in this thread.. Depending which is correct affects my reply.. Sooo: Is it an actual claim of yours or is it common land..? Or is it two different events, one on each property..? Swamp
  20. Swampstomper Al

    Wow, Check this out.... BS or ?

    Well one thing's for sure -- after watching that I'll never wonder if I'm being coherent or not.. Swamp
  21. Swampstomper Al

    Hey Bill, or whoever has one.........

    Probably the most important for you is the 800 has the gold mode while the 600 does not.. Given the target X-over out your way, I think it's worth the extra $$s to have the gold mode.. Swamp
  22. Swampstomper Al

    The Fallout!! Pt.2 Classified!!

    Something that's extra special cool about this whole thing is I remember a time early on where you posted up a route & drive time map from Mass to AZ.. You were all wound up about heading out there to hunt for meteorites when I, then clay, and I believe a couple other folks chimed in about it not being necessary to go to AZ to hunt cos it's possible to make a find just about anywhere.. And be gol durn if you didn't just go ahead and do so, making a cold find practically in your back yard..! This, to me, shows everything necessary about one's drive, desire, ability and belief in self.. Again, way to go Rocky ^5 ! Swamp EDIT: PS -- A little bit-o-luck didn't hurt none neither..
  23. Swampstomper Al

    The Fallout!! Pt.2 Classified!!

    Johnnie black.. Prefer pouring blue, but its pricing won't do..
  24. Swampstomper Al

    The Fallout!! Pt.2 Classified!!

    WTG Rocky, ^5 ! From early posts of earthen kind to super find in record time..! Congrats..! Swamp
  25. Is that 1851 date rubbed out a bit or something..? Kinda hard to make out, looks a bit like an overdate.. Regardless, that's probably still $300 worth of find.. I wouldn't toss it back lol.. What is intriguing is that 1865.. First year for that coin.. Someone tryin' to turn a 3 cent piece into $3.. May have worked back then too.. Swamp