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  1. Lucked out here inland.. Have power, very little overall damage.. Fifteen mi E the beach got it twice as bad.. GL to ya Skip; hope all goes OK.. Swamp
  2. Hard to believe it's almost 11 hours since you posted the above and it still holds true.. Add the hours she was stalled prior to 9 PM Mon and it becomes downright unbelievable! Must say I'm glad I haven't been in Freeport the last couple of days.. OK -- the way things are right now at almost 8AM Tuesday 20190903 just off of FL I-95 Exit 208 is it's just another day in paradise.. We've had 4 or 5 showers and accompanying breeze associated with Dorian's very outer rain bands since yesterday AM, but other than those it's been pretty much business as usual.. Downright calm even.. This only goes to show how much difference a few miles makes with this hurricane, since approx. 23 miles ESE at the Cocoa Beach Pier it's been fairly steady 20 - 25 mph winds & squally during this same time frame.. But that's all about to change, or so they say, yet again... For all I, or they, know, Cap't Kirk's about to send this entire mess into deep space, widest dispersion.. According to the weather charts I've been able to find online Dorian "should" track pretty much N along FL E coast about 60-80 mi asea.. That would still hit us here with up to Cat 1 conditions.. However, given that 3 days ago Dorian was going to track past west of here up through central FL already downgraded to a Cat 1, and two days ago she was tracking straight up US 1 as a Cat 3, I'll believe what happens here when it finally does.. L8rz y'all, Swamp
  3. Life inside the "Cone Of Uncertainty" one more time.. All the fuel in the world don't mean chit when yer generator is under 7' of salt water Fresh water either for that matter.. Swamp
  4. I was thinkin' stop by yer fave auto window tint shop to snag a piece of scrap film, squeegee it onto a small piece of scrap lexan n mount it onto your grille to see how the film handles what the highway chucks at it pebbles n all.. I've been using their film on my skylights for years.. I can't come anywhere near removing all the trapped air on a bubble-shaped surface without getting into some kinda cutting my legs no longer have the patience for so I'm left with some non-stuck-down edging, which won't be a problem on your surface shape.. Every couple/few years it'll come loose n get blown off during a storm cos of 'em but I'll usually find it all stuck to itself and undamaged up against the fence.. I just wash it off, climb back up there with a bottle of bubbles-B-gone, slap it back on and it's good to go again until the next time.. Good UV properties too.. Just might be worth a test..? Swamp
  5. Wottre you plannin' for the outter Lexan to help cut back the inevitable scratching? [ Ohai -- been a while huh lol ;) ] You remember those 'books' of tear-away mylar sheets they used to make like 50 years ago that snapped onto 3/4 MC helmets in place of a bubble or over top of or in place of shaped 'flat' shields? Were used mainly during early daze MX racing on muddy tracks -- shield got mudded over ya just ripped off the outermost sheet n kept going.. I'm wondering if something like that is feasable? And in this operation you don't even need to stack the sheets; just clean prior to flight until unuseable, then replace anew.. Ermmm -- I am assuming yer gonna be doing something or another out front, right? Swamp
  6. River can handle a pan now too..? Oh geez.. When trucking I-40 through NC, do not get distracted between Marion -- Morganton..! I repeat, do not be lured by Siren's song between Morganton -- Marion..! Swamp
  7. Kewl contest, Terry.. And as much as I'd have liked for you to find more quarters than dimes, I'm gonna go with $49.93.. Thanks.. Swamp
  8. Thanks Strapped.. However, I need to defer to Mike Stang or one of the others about this, since my knowledge re meteorites is somewhere below noob.. It's always been my understanding though to not use water when cleaning meteorites; high grade as-pure-as-possible alcohol is the way to go.. Mike or someone, the reasoning please? Thanks.. Swamp
  9. Yo Strapped, do you have a favorite alcohol you use for cleaning, or...?? Swamp
  10. Thanks for posting photos Tom ^5.. Swamp
  11. If y'all would like to see one type of beach renourishment project taking place as it happens, click: https://www.surfguru.com/ Scroll pointer to cams > Florida > Central Florida then click on either Cocoa Beach Pier or Cocoa Beach Pier North.. Click triangle in middle of vid screen to start the live feed.. Go to outside bottom left and click on get camera control.. A dropdown will appear on outside bottom right.. Go to it and click on Beach North.. It's just coming into view on the Cocoa Beach Pier cam.. If you're on the Cocoa Beach Pier North cam the 'line' or 'hump' you see N-S in the middle of the beach is where they're burying an approx 4' diameter pipe, main purpose of which is to divert runout downward to hinder outflow erosion.. Detecting behind the work area is near impossible -- hot rocks and other false "hit" and chatter-producing anomolies become the rule rather than the exception.. Swamp
  12. I see a Martian, but no meteorite.. Swamp
  13. I could recommend a couple.. However, see below.. True, for multiple reasons.. Keep going.. There is one only marketed as such under a grand: Equinox 800.. Nothing else comes close.. Swamp
  14. I tried to PM this to you.. Guess you either have a full thing or have it turned off.. That's ok though -- when I hopped back onto the forums I'd said I'd write an explanation to all about my absence.. Never did.. Well, here's the Cliff's Notes version: Yo, Haven't been logged on for a while -- since that post, actually.. Thought I'd told you about this..? Oh, it probably "got lost" when the Polymyaliga Rheumatica (sp) hit I bet; that's what I talked about in the forum.. I'd had the tinglings & minor numbness for a couple / few years prior to the Polymyaliga BS but it was sooo minor I didn't even try to find out what was going on.. That all changed a year ago November.. Within a matter of weeks I went from my big toes being numb sometimes to everything below my ankles being numb.. It was kinda a last straw for me at that time.. I could hardly walk without feeling like I was gonna fall over.. I stopped all online activities.. I stopped detecting cos I couldn't trust my balance along with the no feeling.. Got major depressed -- had a really great pity party goin' on for a while.. Thought I'd snapped out of it when I got back into the forums around December.. Started hittin' the beach again.. Thought the walking & detect was helping.. I don't think that's the case.. A couple days after I go out things get worse than they had been.. Hasn't stopped me from goin' out, yet, but the issue now is I'm getting the "creep"crap they talk about.. The numbness is moving up my legs.. It's almost to my knees.. I'm trying to ignore it, but don't know how long I can.. I think it's starting to come back in my hands too, which is where it started back when but then 'fell' into my feet -- which wasn't an issue there either until just over a year ago.. Hey man, I'm well aware of all the dumb crap I did to myself with chemicals & toxins back during my indestructable-worker days, and I did have a purt good head / back injury that could be responsible for this too.. Guess I figured I'd never live long enough to have it all catch up with me.. I sure fooled all of 'em, including myself -- HA! That's the story.. I just have a real hard time being inactive against my will is all.. That's what gets me down the most.. L8r, Al
  15. Missed all this while I was on "vacation.." Nice.. Bummer about the TR6, but like all things automotively neat it needs driven or turns into a money pit.. I need to make the same decision real soon abt my scoot.. Haven't been riding lately cos of this con sarn newfangled balance problem I've recently been blessed with, which is really kinda silly since I feel safer riding these days than I do walking.. The issue though isn't so much about riding as it is about what happens after I dismount..? Purt weird walkin' around on inch thick uneven rubber blocks that can't be felt through the numbness, lemme tell ya.. Swamp
  16. Geez -- yet someone else tryin' to give planned obsolescence a bad name.. WTG Luke..! Nice job ^5 Swamp
  17. I have to say it's good seeing Doc back out too..! Swamp
  18. Hopefully you kick that test inna butt with flying colors..! Swamp
  19. What's sooo funny about this is as soon as I saw this photo, before seeing BB's reply, I immediately had about sixty faces pop out at me.. If that happened in this near 50 year old flash I can't even begin to guess what I'd have seen back in the days of walking with Lab-25 -- probably the entire western Sgt. Pepper's LHC and their plus-1s lol..! I can take y'all to a stretch of road in W WV (where they blasted through ridges to keep the new highway more level) that absolutely would have qualified as a segment for "Ancient Aliens," so while this is kewl n all it isn't anything super special.. Bob's right: Show us the quartz veins.. Swamp
  20. Two days..?! Wow --- just, wow..! Ok, I gots ta know: Is that a: "While we're off in this direction please persue that apparent end-of-the-line direction to see if it's worth coming back to..?" When I factor in both the on-site geologist and limited amount of time, neither other possibility makes sense to me, + include outside-of-work open land and private/personal claims.. ( I suppose it's possible it could be a prelim, but if it's a "have at it before we need to start land reclamation" I'd have to say someones missed a lot of stuff they shouldn't have.. ) Thanks Lanny.. PS -- I don't want to take anything away from the forthcoming story, so if answering this would do so, just say so 10/fer.. We can wait.. Swamp
  21. Schweeet..! And I'm not even into meteorites.. From a hunting perspective, that is.. Or perhaps better put is to say I wasn't -- until I began eyeballing this forum.. Gotta admit my curiosity at least now has the better of me from a searcher's viewpoint.. Unlike Rocky though I believe I'd be a tetch harder pressed to find one in my back yard, although seems to me there has been a fairly recent sighting / fall in the panhandle... Swamp EDIT: PS -- Did any of the students take pictures, especially since these days for most folks doing so is as simple as taking out one's phone -- no extra equipment needed.. Or were they tripping on the thought they'd have access to those rooms for the rest of their days..? Just curious is all, since sometimes the getting of education doesn't require the going into debt but rather the not only being in the right place at the right time but also just happening to know the person holding the keys via previous subject-at-hand pro-am encounters.. I have a feeling the good Dr. got as much of a charge out of (being able to) bring you along as you got from being asked and able to go.. That man will never forget who you are and you now have a great 1st person contact, all from going to "check out what's new at the museum.." Kewl..!
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