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  1. Swampstomper Al

    Four Prop Drive

    Merely $150,000.00..? Think I'll get one strictly for Daytona Bike Weeks..! I live 60 miles away, so I'd only need to stop 3 times for charges -- each way.. Swamp
  2. Swampstomper Al

    Remember , AZ has Cactus

    Ya don't normally hear "Florida" and "cactus" in the same sentence, but we do have a few varieties.. That's all I really have to say; y'all know the rest of the story in one form or another.. Swamp
  3. Swampstomper Al

    Was It An Alien Probe???

    This means we all get free FEMA trailers then, right..? Swamp
  4. Swampstomper Al

    Was It An Alien Probe???

    Something like that I would think also, yeah.. There's a couple three 'things' still need figured out first by humans wanting to get into the sending long-distance probes biz.. This constant being held back by that pesky FTL (faster than light) situation is a real uhhh drag for sure.. But at least AIRobotics won't mind if there's no one left alive they might have known prior to lift off when they return from an extended amount of time in space while travelling just below the speed of light.. Not sure what they might think if almost immediately upon return from an extended FTL journey they have the paradox of themselves in their ship show up too..? Hmmmmm... And I can't believe at least one math brainiac hasn't yet figured out how to create worm holes that can be destination directed on the ermmm fly so we can make the trips ourselves..? Some advanced civilization we're turning out to be, not..! Swamp
  5. Swampstomper Al

    Going Micro with the Falcon

    They're a great little machine.. I wouldn't trade mine for anything (especially if it was operational at the moment, but that's another story..) I imagine one would be especially useful to those who like to desert crevice; it can really get into places even the smallest of coils are unable this side of a skinny shaft mod.. Their worst drawback, which I can't call an actual problem, is how they react distance-to-size: The smaller a target's size the closer the Falcon needs to be to elicit a beep -- and also target-size-to-distance-away ratio for detection increases rapidly.. In other words and as an example: It's possible to miss small gold in a two-tiered rock formation at the bottom of a deep crevice a Falcon was able to worm its way between then on to to check out that let's say a Zed would be able to pick up through the entire mass.. But then again you're also comparing an at-one-time nearly $10,000 machine's capabilities against an twobuck-forty-nine$ one-trick-burro's.. However, if yer gonna bust rock n clean out that crevice regardless, a Falcon will tell you if there's gold or not prior to a time-consuming pan-down (which knowing most of us we're still gonna pan down anyhow..) All-in-all not a bad deal for the price difference.. And when it comes to detecting nugglets in known shallow locations or on bedrock that's been placered or naturally swept, a Falcon is simply another of the best -- just with smaller footprints is all.. Swamp
  6. Swampstomper Al

    2hr hunt with 10” coil

    Nooo, that is actually the punch line to a joke that's no longer safe nor wise to utter aloud among mixed company or otherwise in this sector of the galaxy, but if you don't wish to share with the rest of us where you located information noting falls up your way, it's ok -- we understand.. Swamp
  7. Swampstomper Al

    2hr hunt with 10” coil

    Kewl Rocky, ^5 ! Due to my absence I had no idea you'd gotten a detector, much less found places to hunt, along with success, in your neck of the woods.. WTG ! ! Swamp
  8. Swampstomper Al

    November 2018 Outing Pictures

    It's like looking into a crystal ball: Ladies cutting neatly from the started side; "Gentlemen" bogarting icing off the top, LOL! Swamp
  9. Swampstomper Al

    Was It An Alien Probe???

    I concur.. My apprehension is although we've been under observation for a while no contact has been made because we haven't yet been deemed intelligent life.. Swamp
  10. Swampstomper Al

    Bur Abor meteorite

    Is payment in cash ok, or do you want something of value..?
  11. Link to the article if you would, thanks.. Swamp EDIT: I was able to find this on meteorite dot com ; nothing newer though, so far: ---begin paste: More than Meteorites Being Found in Southern Arizona JAMES TOBIN MAY 5, 2013 METEORITES Meteorites may not be just a danger when they come to Earth without warning as in the recent huge Chelyabinsk, Russian event. They may also land where it is dangerous to hunt them. Several years ago a very large fireball was seen in the skies of southern Arizona. The fireball was named the Casa Grande meteor and many meteorite hunter thought that it was spectacular enough to have dropped meteorites on the desert. But none were ever found. However, in the past year or two Doppler radar data has aided hunters in the recovery of several freshly fallen meteorites. As it turns out there was Doppler radar data for the Casa Grande meteor. Using the results derived from that data meteorite hunters are finding stones from the Casa Grande meteor. But, as they hunt for the meteorites they are finding some other frightening things as well. Remains of humans keep being discovered in the meteorite strewnfield too. So far the remains of three individuals have been found by the meteorite hunters. The area is known to be a spot where drugs are smuggled and some meteorite hunters have had run-ins with persons not there for meteorites. The normally easy going meteorite hunters are warning their friends to be safe and to never go alone into the area, but that is probably good advice for anyone going to any spot in the desert especially with summer temperatures coming soon. --end paste. Swamp EDIT again: More here: http: //www. cosmicconnectionmeteorites. com/indian-butte/ I broke the link on purpose.. Delete the spaces to make it work.. Based on the 1998 Indian Butte fall, but have no idea when this search and its photos actually took place.. Best guess = mid-aughts.. Photos of both meteorites and smuggling stuff.. Swamp EDIT once again: http: //www. fallingrocks. com/Collections/Stanfield.htm Link broken same as above.. Seems nothing from the 1998 fall was recovered (or reported, at least) until 2013, which makes my above date guess incorrect.. It's also a tale of leaked info; yet another reason some folks play their cards close to the vest.. Very un-cool situation.. Trust.. Who woulda thought...? Swamp
  12. Swampstomper Al

    Was It An Alien Probe???

    Back in the day (and ever since) when folks would try to turn a social gathering into an intellectual head-butting contest with the question "How did human(oid) life on Earth begin?" my pretty much stock reply (assuming I got sucked into that convo's gravity well) would go something like: One time Cap't. Kirk, Bones, Ohura and Spock were on their way back to the Enterprise following a very successful drinking but totally un-fulfilled amorous adventures shore leave (this also just so happened to be the one weekend a Universe Year Spock is not held accountable under Vulcan off-planet celabacy and imbibement directives) on what was usually the very much party planet Cialis Nine when they all deceided a round of 'Ice The Cupcake' would be the ideal capper for their all-things-considered glass-is-half-full mini vacay.. Once everyone was satisfied, ermm that everyone else had completed their parts to mutual satisfaction per game rules that is, the samples were gathered together and ejected en masse from the runabout.. Millenia later it all came crashing onto a third rock from a sun.. And that's where whee all come from.. The odds are just as great for what came tumbling through our solar system being a sixty-foot I-beam that broke loose from the rest of the pack when the freighter towing them to the death star construction site was forced to slam on its brakes to keep from hitting an out-of-nowhere shuttle craft that cut it off as they are its being a splinter this dude hailing from the land of the giants pulled out of his finger all covered with germs n blood n other stuffs and in anger flung into space.. Bottom line is: Who knows? From here, at least.. It's a big place out there, so it could have been 'most anything that fits the bill and probably several things that don't.. All guesses are welcome.. But it definitely helps if ya write a good story backing up your claim, since watching that object tumble was a good reminder of how the term "spin doctor" came about.. Swamp
  13. Swampstomper Al

    Going Micro with the Falcon

    Clay seam or pocket..? Regardless.. I'd be returning.. Very nice finds.. Congrats to the SO! Swamp
  14. Make sure to get a good snap each of the box / box & antennas / entire structure.. Can't wait to do a comparison.. Swamp PS: And no just taking pix' of its "good side" only..
  15. Swampstomper Al


    Effort = reward.. WTG Gary, ^5 ! Swamp