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  1. Swampstomper Al

    Help on Jim Straight Book

    Bill's a distributor.. He may have not seen this post, so shoot him an inquiry.. If Bill's out it's likely the jobber is also out.. Now, as likely as it is the entire run is sold out there is a possibility Jim may have some he keeps at home for autographed copies?? You can try a PM, but given what's going on who knows how often he checks? Probably a small add'n for an auto copy, assuming any are left.. One also needs approved to personal email, FYI.. Swamp
  2. Swampstomper Al

    darn Elizabeth Warren !

    Sorry grubstake -- wasn't my intention to make that reply seem to be about the spelling, just the most likely reason they're giving it to him is all.. I only even know about the stuff cos my immune system crapped out back in '93 and I've been running on gamma globulin ever since.. It's stupid expensive too, especially drip / IV.. I bet they're billing him right at 10 grand a bag, and that's no BS..! When I first started taking shots / IM I could get a 30 ml bottle for around $30; drips were in the $1800 -- 2K range.. Today a 10 ml IM bottle runs about $400, and that's if you can even get a 10.. Last couple years all that's been available are 2 ml, which jacks the price even more.. The military gets most of what's mfg'd cos it's used as a Zoster virus vaccination in those slam-bang multi-immunization pistol shots and/or boosters the overseas troops get, which you can bet your bottom $ is the excuse for the insane price hikes out here.. Swamp
  3. Swampstomper Al

    darn Elizabeth Warren !

    Gamma globulin = they're pumping him full of antibodies, giving his immune system all the help possible.. Swamp
  4. I'm the worst when it came to SPF protection.. Never used anything except maybe some 8 or 12 at the beginning of "the season" to get the base coat set, then tan away I'd go.. The one concession I eventually made was floppy hats.. But that's all about to change, thanks to 3+ years of prednisone.. It's one positive attribute just barely outweighs all its negative side effects.. But with it being the only drug known to be able to do what it does ya just gots to grin n bear the negatives regardless how gross or weird they are because there is no effective substitute.. The worst side effect to/for me is what it does to a person's skin.. Not only does it age one's epiduras into a thin thin thin wrinkled parchment it also allows for skin to be easily torn as well as formation of gentle-contact sub-dural bruising.. All this adds up to me now being somewhat of a sun 'fraidy cat due to the possibility of a spontaneous combustion event taking place.. Welll, at least that's what it looks and feels like could just might happen.. So yeah, after about ten months of a near sedentary almost totally indoor existence, reasons of which I'll lay out in a soon-to-be post, you better believe that when the temp finally lets me start getting back outside to rebuild myself I'll also be slathed in SPF high numbers of the likes I've never previously worn.. Speedy recovery to you yet again, Doc.. You've always pulled it off in the past; gotta keep that winning streak going..! Swamp
  5. Swampstomper Al

    Whew! 4 Nuggs In 4 Hrs

    Out of shape.. I can relate.. It's been a long hot and wet summer here as well.. Nice finds Martin -- thanks for sharing..! Swamp
  6. Swampstomper Al


    I realize GB is close to you, and I've never been there, but from everything I've read posted both here and elsewhere it appears GB isn't exactly the easiest place to score Au with a detector.. I know you detect a few other places also, yet I get the feeling if you score first @ GB you'll do well everywhere else.. Popping the BBs & li'l screws means you're in the zone, just not on the gold.. Swamp PS: Peripheral neuropathy sux..
  7. Swampstomper Al

    darn Elizabeth Warren !

    Depends on what needs done I'd say Old Tom, given the new techniques n all.. The guy who hosts our poker game just turned 90.. Not exactly sure what he had done, but he was in n out the same day & off crutches < week.. My neighbor who had kneecap replacement though? Different story.. Was out in a day or two but laid up for awhile & longer before the limp was gone.. He was maybe 70 at the time & said after the fact he wouldn't want to go through it later in life.. FWIW.. Swamp
  8. Swampstomper Al

    Mineshaft Rescue

    Anyone know either of these guys per chance? Looked & sounded to me like the fellow didn't accidentally fall into the shaft; more like he'd been down & up prior and this time something went wrong with his rappeling / climbing assists.. Ya just don't clumsily stumble your way through multiple strands of barbed wire n swan dive down a semi-covered hole in the ground.. Swamp EDIT: Yeah, what Edge said..
  9. Swampstomper Al

    How's the weather Skip?

    Drove past your place @ the I-95 split shortly before midnight Wed 10/10/18 heading for a 'do in Baltimore -- while not intentionally wanting but ultimately needing to race the 'cane up the coast.. Although buffeted by the wind field until nearly into VA the only place we caught serious storm conditions was a bit north of the US 278 exit.. Drove into a feeder band that had everything except hail.. Forty miles of lightning, window-rattling thunder, approx. 50 mph or higher van-rocking gusts and rain so heavy you really couldn't see at times.. If we hadn't lucked out by falling in behind a trucker who obviously knew that stretch of pavement... Nice ride back though, once we got out of VA.. They spend entirely too much on cops per sq. mi. and not nearly enough on highway maintenance.. Shot past your place on the return again just before midnight Mon, Skip.. Really wanted to dip a pan or two over somewhere near Loud Mine, but the timing was all wrong.. Between the day/night flip-flop and add'l mileage, a few hours of panning / sluicing / detecting = we probably still wouldn't be home yet, lol (and yes, we did have all the tools with us -- everything except time..) Swamp
  10. Swampstomper Al

    Sluice slick-plate?

    Ok, I'll get serious here for a minute ( OH NOOOO, MR. BILL ) I'd recommend a 12" length flair design, with anywhere from 0" up to approx. 2" of slightly < to = 10"w 'tongue', depending on how you plan on fastening to the 10"x36".. This is/was pretty much the "old skool" industry standard EZ-carry length for a riffle and/or expanded metal + miner moss and/or substitute/addition setup back in the not-so-distant day.. With the onset of today's "super got'cha" mattings and/or improved riffle and expanded metal designs you can now find production-run sluices down to 24" in length or homemade doers even shorter, but they all will still have an approx. 12"L leading slick plate.. There are very good reasons for this lead with typical gravels/sands/dirt materials (as earlier noted) beyond its being an aesthetically pleasing design element (gold-bearing clays are a whole other story however..) And none of this even begins to take into consideration any of the most excellent recovery newer plastic and composite-materials sluices that've been hitting the marketplace the last decade or two.. Choices abound..! I've never heard of the V fallacy either I don't believe, or if I have I've ignored it and/or dismissed it -- since it makes little-to-no sense other than to those pulling the profit.. For starters, prior to $33.95 (or $23.95 or $28.95) "sluice levelers" being "invented" that V was and still is all one needs to do a sluice's proper per foot length drop, side-to-side leveling at the feed end and water-flow adjustments, with the latter also at least partially tying back into the drop factor adjustment.. One doesn't need a bubble or digital level to lose in a stream, or have to break in your back pack / pocket -- or need to use in order to properly set up a sluice.. All one needs is flowing water and a halfway-decent eye.. Build up of heavies..? LOL ! ! Me me me me meeeeee please..! Where at? Where they buildin' up in the sluice?? "They're" probably sayin' where the V comes together I bet'cha, which would definitely make the list of Top Fifteen Dumbest Things Ever Said About Sluicing.. Heavies don't ride the V intersect streams; the lights do.. Heavies pretty much slide straight down a skid plate from point of first contact, which is why ya see small gold bits strung out all the way across edge-to-edge in the valleys of the old shallow rolling "u" lead matting used in recent days of yore.. The Au didn't end up strung all the way across because it was colliding in the center then being pushed sideways in the valleys, it got that way by dropping straight down the skid plate and staying put.. I can only dream of locations where the Au is both small enough and voluminous enough that it needs to push its brethern sideways in order to find a spot to settle in matting, cos I've never come across anything like that IRL -- so far.. Swamp
  11. Swampstomper Al

    Sluice slick-plate?

    This is it in a nut shell.. I too want the Au being caught at the very beginning of the matting rather than that location being used as a starting point for ensuing separation.. Howdy howdy LukeJ, nugget et.al.. Not wanting to hijack the thread.. I'll post something in the Lounge before too very long.. Have a lot of catching up to do here myself.. Swamp
  12. Swampstomper Al

    Sluice slick-plate?

    Notice all the dancing around your question? You will never get another to give a "yes" or "no" reply to what is asked due to the way it is asked. The actual answer based on sentence construction is: It's your material; you could do with it anything you want. If it was my material though it would first traverse slick plate prior to a matting encounter. If someone else is feeling wordy and wouldn't mind explaining (typing / copying n pasting) the physics and other reasonings pro-and-con behind both approaches, I humbly yield the floor... Swamp ** PS: Hmmmm, not exactly what I envisioned as a first comment following an entirely-too-long absence.. But then again, given what's been going on with me as of late, this fits neatly within the realm of all probable and a few improbable possibilities..
  13. Swampstomper Al

    Where does gold come from? with AZ Nugget Bob...

    Not necessarily precious metal but I'm down with a high metal content of some kind(s).. Swamp
  14. Swampstomper Al

    Miners Christmas

    Oooooo -- me like-um gOOdy Grams too..! And yours is a "real" one, NOT one half loaded with crackers.. Whazzup with those..? Unless I'm at Muir Station in Antarctica you DON'T need to include crackers..! Fancy crackers I will get.. Exotic cheeses..? Not so much.. Keep those coming.. Swamp
  15. Swampstomper Al

    Miners Christmas

    Happy Holly-daze..! May your nugget pouch be ablaze With 22-karat and finer, Like the shake we find in Caroliner.. Few nugglets or larger do we score for us; Not exactly what we'd normally consider a plus.. But when you take a moment to give it a think, Neither is there destruction of fingers in WHINK.. Is the grass really greener or does it just taste that way..? When the fence is thisss wide it's purt' durn tough to say.. Yet one thing's for sure at the end of the day: When it's weighed on the scale it's gold come what may.. da Swampster