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  1. I am having the same issue with access to my claim on BLM land. For many years you could take Goferbroke Rd North of Georgetown California all the way North to Canyon Creek. Now someone has erected a locked gate across the road. There are houses beyond this gate. I spoke to the fire dept and they told me these houses will burn to the ground if there is a fire, that they have so many problems with gates in El Dorado County that they are not allowed to access the gates. The Sheriff dept referred me to the Dept of Transportation. Have a call in to them. Any suggestions? Has anyone had succe
  2. The tdi sl does much better with small gold if u use the 7.5 inch whites coil. also much smoother threshold, and much more comfortable to swing than the pro due to its light weight.
  3. Strong work with the TDI SL, I love mine!
  4. looking for the yellow stuff

  5. anyone in the Sacramento or Auburn area? Lets go Detecting. message me on here.
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