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  1. Great way ti wrap up 2018!! I'll bet there will be some fat ones in 2019 for you!! Have a Happy New Year!! Mike
  2. Great way to derail the skunk!! Nice nugget!!
  3. Great finds there Luke. Fricking AWESOME!!!
  4. You are making me hungry. I used to hunt ducks for years and whenever I see duck on the menu I ALWAYS order it. When I get retired I may have to chase the mallards again. Been to long. Mike
  5. SWEET! I was just thinking on calling you today about Nox covers, and here they are! Thanks! Mike
  6. Thanks Goldseeker!! May have to take you up on that. Mike
  7. There are several good gold detectors out there, GB2 is one of them. The Minelab Gold Monster is another good, but better one IMO. The Minelab Equinox is another one that is both good for Coin, Gold and Relic. Do your homework and watch a LOT of youtube videos so you can understand what each can do. Bill has got some great videos out there on both the Monster and the Equinox as well as how to hunt for gold. IF YOU ARE NEW TO DETECTING, be patient and be persistent because there can be a big learning curve in both coin/relic AND in gold hunting. So don't get discouraged if you don't find a gold nugget your first few times out. With some folks it took some time and multiple trips to the field before they found their first nugget so there is a lot to learn in gold hunting. First thing first when you settle on a detector, get to know it, how to use it and how it responds to different targets. Recovering targets and developing your style falls in place next. Your adventure begins there.....Good Hunting!!
  8. Up at Alaska Gold and Resorts in Nome, AK its always raining so you get used to it, chase some nuggets and have fun. Its not much fun detecting in the rain in AZ so go play golf instead, it never rains on a golf course.
  9. WTH Gary! Tossing some dirt out of the sure is worth it. Nice gold there!
  10. Got in a couple of hours near Bumble Bee before I have to head out of town for the week. It wasn't a skunk but it sure felt like one after digging more bird shot then I usually do. My back was even getting sore from all those heavy bird shot. I considered using a quarter for scale to make it look smaller.
  11. It was a great tasting beer. It was local to Montana so I may have to get some sent down for the next Nuggetshooter.
  12. Found a new beverage in Billings, MT Purdy darn tasty!
  13. It can work fine on coins as well. I used it in a seeded coin hunt a few weeks ago using the small coil and got second missing first by four targets. So it will work for coins but its better for small the gold IMO. I had to hold the coil a foot off the ground to eliminate the small targets and just hear the coins. I usually use the CTX but thought I would give the Monster a try for the fun of it.
  14. Nice gold there Adam. That tiny dink gets kind of lost up there but I do like the sax shaped one.
  15. WTG!! Two more dinker doodles added to the poke.
  16. LOL Its like doggy treats; you have some in case they show up.
  17. Hmmm...….I might just show up as well. And bring food along with adult beverages
  18. Doc has a great read in the September 2018 issue of GPAA titled "Gold Is Not Where You Find". I even seem to recognize a pair of legs in there. Great article! Keep them coming Doc!
  19. They are fun to watch for sure!
  20. That critter is always getting well fed at camp. She come and grab a little then go out and bury. Then come back for more.
  21. Good eye Tom! Will have to watch more closely when she comes around again.
  22. Not bad. Hundreds of little dinks and some half grammers. Lots of fun!
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