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  1. mcgator

    Gold Monster 1000!!!!

    It can work fine on coins as well. I used it in a seeded coin hunt a few weeks ago using the small coil and got second missing first by four targets. So it will work for coins but its better for small the gold IMO. I had to hold the coil a foot off the ground to eliminate the small targets and just hear the coins. I usually use the CTX but thought I would give the Monster a try for the fun of it.
  2. mcgator

    Minelab GPZ7000 detector For Sale

    Not a bad deal. I have to wait till March. Retirement present for myself You thinning out the herd a bit Mike?
  3. mcgator

    Some Gold !

    Nice gold there Adam. That tiny dink gets kind of lost up there but I do like the sax shaped one.
  4. mcgator

    Sunday morning hunt

    WTG!! Two more dinker doodles added to the poke.
  5. mcgator

    New Plans

    LOL Its like doggy treats; you have some in case they show up.
  6. mcgator

    New Plans

    Hmmm...….I might just show up as well. And bring food along with adult beverages
  7. Doc has a great read in the September 2018 issue of GPAA titled "Gold Is Not Where You Find". I even seem to recognize a pair of legs in there. Great article! Keep them coming Doc!
  8. mcgator

    Glove Stealing Fox

    They are fun to watch for sure!
  9. mcgator

    Glove Stealing Fox

    That critter is always getting well fed at camp. She come and grab a little then go out and bury. Then come back for more.
  10. mcgator

    Glove Stealing Fox

    Good eye Tom! Will have to watch more closely when she comes around again.
  11. mcgator

    Glove Stealing Fox

    Not bad. Hundreds of little dinks and some half grammers. Lots of fun!
  12. mcgator

    Glove Stealing Fox

    This fox snuck down while detecting at AKAU, snatched a glove and off it went. Left the Monster alone at least
  13. mcgator

    Equinox gold

    Great NOX find!! Looking forward to more Au finds from you. Mike
  14. That is a nice bag!! Going to have to pick one up.
  15. mcgator

    Hello from Northern AZ

    Big Howdy there OferAZ. Great forum which may require a trip to a Nuggetshooter outing for initiation; which is usually a side dish for the BBQ.