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  1. Adam, Thanks for the info on SPMA I will go that route. Zuki
  2. I am okay with ether of the dates as i am only 70 miles from the "Q" so what ever every one decides will work for me. I have been told the the area that Adam wants to meet at has club claims on it and you have to be a member of the Quartzite Detectors club before you can prospect in that area ? If this is true then I will have to go to the Gold Miser Detector store and sign up for the club memebership so i can prospect ? I did go up to the potholes last week but was met by some prospectors there that told me I could not metal detect that area with out being a member of SPMA . I was told it is
  3. Suzuki Samurai is what I use, reliable , easy to maintane, good gas mileage and will go where ever i want. Zuki
  4. I agree with Bill, the noise and the exhast smell is not what I consider any fun. Besides I enjoy the peaceful inviroment of being out in the hills when prospecting. I talked to Frank on the phone last week about getting one of his washers. Big hassle to ship so we are hoping to hook up at the Quartzite outing and he said he could bring the washer for me to pick up there once the date for the outing is set. Zuki
  5. Now you got me thinking which way to , Puffer or Leaf Blower. Its seems like a lot of hassle to have to lug around a leaf blower and gasoline to run it on not to mention the poosible chance of having the leaf blower giving mechanical problems. Also the noise the leaf blower makes compaired to the silent operation of the Puffer. Looks like I have some thinking to do before I make my move ether way. Would like to be up and running with a dry washer of some sort by next month. Zuki :hmmmmm:
  6. THanks for the fast replies on the dry washers. I will be considering the two units as i want some thing portable that uses the bellows with a 12 volt motor so i can use a small motorcycle battery. Zuki
  7. I am trying to buy a Thompson Bellows dry washer or other as long as it is small and portable and has the bellows powered by a windshield washer 12 volt motor. Does any one know where I can buy one, I have searched the interent for a web site for the Thompson but have had no luck finding such. Zuki
  8. I have been thinking about driving to Quartzite and give it a try, I am only 75 miles from there. It would be really cool to possibly hook with you guys when and if you do decide to go to Quartzite. i could learn a lot from the pros and it may be my only chance at ever finding any gold since I have had no luck at all on my own. Zuki
  9. WOW what a nice find !!! I have been pounding the Lagunas most every day for the past 3 weeks and nothing but skunk after skunk after skunk. But I have been cleaning that place up a bit of all the garbage every one leaves laying around. Today I hauled off a six pack of bear bottles and its carton and plastic bag plus some more shot shell empties. Zuki
  10. I have been in the gold detecting hobby only a short time and live in the Yuma Foot hills and have kept my detecting limited to the Laguna Placer area. I have seen all the holes, trash, spray paint cans, and bottles scattered all over the place. It really shows the disrespect that people have for the country out here in the south west. I have picked up piles of shot guns shell case's and bottles, pop cans and taken them home and put in my garbage can only to return up there later and see where more has been left behind by others. It seems like a losing battle between us who care about our inv
  11. Some one bought the gold striker for $220 but now I found a minelab 2100 V2 for sale but i do not know if its any good or not. Is it a relic machine or a gold machine ?? Zuki
  12. Does any one know about a Minelab American Gold Striker detector ? Found one for sale at what seems like a cheap price, just wondering if there any good. Every one raves about these minelab machines but they are out of reach for some one living on a fixed income and this one is affordable. But dont want to get stuck with lemon machine.
  13. T-Bone, I went up there yesterday and did what you are saying, went to the most remote area I could find on the south/east side but still no luck. I will probably go up every day the rest of this week and next and keep looking for areas that look like they have not been messed with. The problem i see in the Lagunas is that all these people go up there, shoot guns all over the place and leave all there garbage laying around, they start fires and burn what ever they can find and leave that mess. They paint on the walls of the canal's with spray paint, its a shame these people have no respect for
  14. Bedrock Bob, I really appreciate all the advise you have gave in this tread about the GM II and its bang for the buck performance. I bought the new GB I to get into the hobby and then I got the chance to pick up this GM II from the original owner who never used it at a fraction of the cost of the new GB. It turns out that this GM II was quite a bargain being bran new and in perfect working order. I and am going to take it out tommorow and begin to learn how it works. Will have to show the wife how to use it any ways so why not start now. Your right, I think I will look for an old GB II as well
  15. After reading all the good stuff you guys say about the Gold Master II I am about ready to ditch this new Gold Bug I we just bought and try the wife's new Gold Master II. All the Gold Bug has been finding is lot's and lot's of trash detecting in the Luguna Mountian placer area. Zuki
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