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  1. Hey All, Im looking at joining the GPAA but im wondering if anyone has any info on the claims in the Sierra Mt. range. Im wondering about tent camping on site, are fires allowed if so, are in stream sluices allowed anywhere, whats recommended, should i expect any other fees other than my membership, ect. Thanks
  2. I am curious about your electric setup. Im looking at putting together a recirculating electric power sluice with a Keene A52. My main question is if you are using a car battery how long can you run for on a single charge as well as pump size, ect. Any info would be great. Thanks
  3. Thanks that helps a lot im very new to all this so anything is appreciated. I had done some stream sluicing when I was a kid in Idaho but that was a long time ago and I didnt do the shoveling. So im just starting to really get into now that im older and in California plus I just want out of the city as much as possible. So im trying to get as much info I can. I'm trying to plan a trim to the Sierras but im just going to be classifing then panning that material. Any suggestions? Thanks
  4. Hi All, I currently only use a 1/2" with 1/4" classifier under that. Not using a sluice how fine of screens does everyone use before taking it to the pan?
  5. Hello All, Im very new to all this prospecting but I am VERY interested. Really im just looking for a new hobbie I relize I probably wont "hit it big" but would like to at least find a little something. Im currently living in California so if anyone has any advice as to what to use i understand dredging is out and fees are required to use a power sluice. Im also having a hard time just finding places i can go without claim jumping other than in national or state parks. Im looking into GPAA but im hearing that the claims are pretty worked. I am originally from Idaho and go back for camping a lo
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