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  1. Oh dig the pull tabs, ring pulls and expect it as such but once in a while you are rewarded with a yellow ring. Happy hunting to all.
  2. Great post gents thanks, I guess if it were easy we would have tons of that yellow stuff. Happy hunting and Happy New year to all
  3. Nice post thank you. Happy hunting and Happy New Year to all!!!!!
  4. I am in Roseville, i am not a pro at finding gold but have found few tiny piece your welcome to tag along. Happy hunting an Merry Christmass to all
  5. I use a 1/4 and 1/8 combo and pile my tailing to one spot so i could run my md over it, just my opinion. Happy hunting and Merry Christmass to all.
  6. Oh!! i see that was you hooting and hollering yesterday. I was startled slipped and fell to the river and man that was cold :P . Nice fiiiiiiiind now tomorrow its my turn, i hope. Happy hunting and Merry Christmass to all.
  7. Reason i brought it up because i dug a ring and along with it are some bird bones.It sure put a scare to me. Happy hunting
  8. As much as i like finding gold rings there is one thing i hate, that is to dig a ring and its still on a finger. Thank God has not happened yet and hope never will. Happy hunting
  9. Plastic why did you have to ruin it i was thingking cowboys and indians nice find and keep swinging.
  10. That is cool and the precious stones are allready cut, i cant beat that.Thanks for sharing.Might have to try that some times.
  11. I found one today not as purdy as your nugget not as big as your nugget and in fact its only a picker but would you like to trade? lol
  12. Happy Birthday Birddog. On your birthday there is something to be happy about. Here in the U.S. on your birthday friends treat you to your favorite food. In the Philippines on your birthday you treat your friends to there favorite food.
  13. Thanks a million guys, I feel right at home already compared to the other site thanks again. I went out today to the north fork of the American river with my W.M.D.. The nugget fairy was nut shining on me but the sister picker fairy blessed me with one the size bb pellet.I know its not as big as the ones you guys are finding on the dessert way. This is only the fourth one i found and by far the biggist find on md or by sluice and pan. Sure lit my eyes and put a smile on my face. Thanks Again.
  14. Hello just wanting to know if theres any one around sacramento area that shoots for nuggets. Also has anyone hunted around Rye patch Neveda? I will be passing thru there around the 20th of December. Thak you.Orlando from Roseville California.
  15. The price we pay for the hobby, Amusing now but looking back its not funny then,Tnanks for sharing.
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