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  1. I think 4 is biotite not sure about others ;) regards Mitko.
  2. Hi Mihai iam not sure about the first pics but iam sure the last is pyrite. http://www.spiritrockshop.com/images/pyrite_sun1.jpg Mitko
  3. too many snow now in Bulgaria ... in mountains around 1m and more snow cover :X Mitko
  4. Thanks Steve , I thought so too Mitko
  5. Can u tell me is this natural citrine or its some kind of oxidized quartz. I think its natural colored but i wanna counsel with you too.
  6. I am not good at gem/rock identification but ill give my guess it looks like Magnetite to me. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magnetite
  7. someone got an oppinion about the 3 photos above?
  8. Thanks a lot for the help Steve. Can u help me identify this 3 too : think its agate. jasper again ? and this i think its moss agate but not sure (this rock is quite big around 2 kilograms i need to cut it in half to see whats in there exactly)
  9. and 2 more what is this? please identify if u can only by photos. and this think its opal but not quite sure. Mitko.
  10. and some more "rocks" what's that ? flint ? and this ?
  11. i found some more "rocks" these days. Would be apriciate if u can identify them think this is agate but iam not sure. cant identify this :( and this i think its opal but not sure again.
  12. Thanks Steve iam sure the last is Gypsum and ill make the test for others with vinegar thanks. Mitko
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