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  1. Going mining in a very remote/mountainous region of Idaho this Summer. Looking at getting a pickup and maybe an ATV as well. We'll see. Would love to hear what everyone uses for prospecting and what your perfect mining vehicle would be.
  2. Right on. Thanks for the info. I have been in contact with the Idaho dept of water resources. They told me to submit a joint permit for stream alteration and that once it was submitted and approved then I should be fine. I submitted it a week ago and am going to call them up soon to make sure its all in order. There are no salmon in the creek I'll be at and its not in salmon season either so there shouldn't be any reason to deny the permit. I think I am abandoning the 12v mining idea. I will probably just be running a stream sluice and maybe get a highbanker rig set up but I'm not sure yet. Th
  3. So I am returning the trommel. lol. Newb mistake. Thanks for the input guys.
  4. It was kind of split second decision. I think this will really work well this summer. We'll see though, it was a lot of money but it should be able to process a ton of material. What do you guys think? http://www.ebay.com/...9#ht_500wt_1413 Youtube Video
  5. I figure I will make a frame with a plywood backing and a plexiglass front. I hear the plexiglass yellows over time but I still figure its better to have the durability of the plexi than to go with glass. A lot of guys use glass in the front and then pour in a clear resin over the back which works pretty well too.
  6. I was thinking of building my own panels. You can buy the actual cells on ebay in bulk/ It looks like its a fairly hard and time consuming project though. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1kw-DIY-solar-cells-panel-kit-6x6-cells-wire-kit-each-cell-4w-no-low-power-/150709039425?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2316f57141#ht_1934wt_1396
  7. Thanks! I am thinking of actually setting up a big basin full of water and just have the sluice recirculate the water. If it doesn't work I will just use the sluice in the stream. Since this is a closed river in Idaho I have to get a permit, even though my family owns the land. I figure it will help my permit chances if everything is environmentally sound. Plus the nearest gas station is over an hour and half away. Gasoline is expensive. I can make a 1 kilowatt solar system for under $500. After the initial investment that is just free energy and should pay for itself. Plus I figure that it c
  8. I am planning on going mining this spring up in Idaho. My grandfather owns some gold bearing land in a very remote region. My mom and dad placer mined the creeks that run through his property back in the 80s and were able to make a living at it. Anyways it hasn't been touched in 24 years. (since I was born) I am planning on making a small trip up there right when the snow melts and doing some tests to see if I can find a bit of gold. I will also be mapping out the property and getting a lay of the land. If I find some gold and can make a decent ROI than I will be staying the entire summer up
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