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  1. Thanks for the info everyone... I'm not looking to violate anyones claim or anything like that... I just want the real deal answer because I'm getting mixed info. Luke, yeah its a company and may be the same people your talking about... looked like a team of people out there claiming it up... why would you place a load claim over a wash anyway? I really have no clue why they claimed it.... the load is up on the hill and being mined... did they do a load claim so that they could make the claim a little bigger and still control the placers? I have no idea what these people are doing. I only found minimal gold where they claimed so I'm not really tripping about it, just curious.
  2. Thanks for your input man...I'm going to read that! There's no placer claim on this wash, just a load claim....so I'm still confused as to weather or not they have any rights to placer gold in the wash. I'm thinking I can still detect in there based off some of the stuff I read on here....just cant claim it...? If they wanted the placer gold they should filed a placer claim im thinking....am I wrong?
  3. Thanks Clay. Someone just put a load claim directly over a wash I was working...so can I then still search for placer in this wash?
  4. Just came back to this topic...thank you to everyone for your input... I'm still a little confused however.... Can I file a placer claim on top of a load claim?
  5. Whats up everyone... I just posted a new youtube video that I think some of you would enjoy. I just hit 500 subscribers and I'm planning on doing a give away for the subscribers... so make sure you subscribe to the channel for your chance to win! Prize is to TBA!
  6. Interesting... I appreciate the information. I always thought alluvial gold was basically placer.. I also thought that you can have a placer claim overlay a load claim. Thank you.
  7. Would alluvial/float gold be considered placer? And would anyone feel like this would be a disrespectful move?
  8. Yeah I probably should of also tested the pieces in manual. The reason I didn't is because I used to use manual but found that the setting I would be using would be just as sensitive as auto 2 but didn't handle the ground as well. So I really don't use manual a whole lot, I know some of you do. I still wish I would of added that to the test though.
  9. Thank you everyone! Here is a photo of the results in case anyone wants it in the future....?
  10. Hey, everyone! I just made a video that I think a lot of you will be interested in seeing. If anyone is interested in a copy of the results just let me know and I will post an image of them.
  11. Finally got a decent size Nugget out here in Arizona! Couldn't of done it without Lowpoint, thanks Gary....for everything! 3.54 Grams
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