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  1. Here’s how I did on Friday. Some of you might recognize the area.
  2. Yep, amazing just how much lead has been cast out, pretty much my experience on every hunt. I save it all just to remind me that it is part of the hunt. 

  3. Well for the most part no poison oak, I've seen a small batch of poison oak and there's also poison ivy down on lynx creek. Nah, all I've had to worry about is many different species of rattlesnakes, crazy ass yellow wasp that want to attack you aggressively and at random, chiggers, scorpions, killer bee's, not to mention the cactus, cats claw, mountain lions and I'm sure my inexperience in the desert is leaving something out. Actually man I live in Prescott, it looks a lot like Oakhurst and Mariposa in certain area's and there's all kinds of mountains. Not what you would imagine when you think of Arizona. Since I'll most likely not get back out to the area we found all that gold I'ma tell you like this, go detect directly in the area where they removed the mobile home! Last day I had out there I found about 4 grams of nuggets right on the road up there. I'm telling you, all that gold is from an old creek channel that was way up on the hill and is coming from you know where. Think about it.
  4. Whats up Relic! I like it for the small gold and for detecting areas of bedrock. If your looking for something that will accurately discriminate this is not the machine. You would probably like it though, and for places like the one we found all that gold in, it would probably do really good. I know there's gotta be a bunch of small stuff still laying around over there that our PI machines couldn't see that the Gold Monster would eat up! If I were you I'd defiantly try one out.
  5. Anyone have a nugget finder 14 x 7" they dont use anymore?
  6. What I'd really like would be a 17" nugget finder, if anyone has one?
  7. Just to give some of you newbies an idea of what to expect when out in the gold fields. I've had better days with more gold and less trash but what you see in the photo's can be expected much of the time. The small piece of gold is .11 of a gram.
  8. Thanks for getting back to me. I appreciate it but probably a little older than I'd like.
  9. Looking for a mono elliptical coil for my GPX5000. Preferably a mid size to large size. Located in Prescott, AZ. Thanks!
  10. I'm going to have to see if my GPX5000 can actually see these, interesting!
  11. I like your ideas Bob, and wouldn't mind keeping my little precious piece of fly poop...lol. Though, I kind of feel we should all have to send our smallest piece to someone, maybe you so that everything can be weighed up accurately. Just a thought, either way I'm in!
  12. Ok, my scale does have the option to weigh in grains... The "bigger" piece is .3 grains and the smaller one .1 grain. Also, for the record, the bigger piece I think is what initially set off the detector. After breaking the bedrock up and finding the bigger piece I swung the coil over the rest of the dirt that came out of the crack in the bedrock and barely heard a signal which ended up being the small piece. There was not any lead or any other metal in the crack. Bedrock Bob, I'm up for the contest!
  13. I kid you not! These two pieces don’t even tip the scale. I mean both together are exactly 0.00 grams! Found on bedrock in a small crack with the Minelab Gold Monster 1000. Hey Bill, I remember watching a video of yours where you said you found the smallest piece you ever seen with a detector. I think I got you beat with these!
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