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  1. Whats up everyone... I just posted a new youtube video that I think some of you would enjoy. I just hit 500 subscribers and I'm planning on doing a give away for the subscribers... so make sure you subscribe to the channel for your chance to win! Prize is to TBA!
  2. Interesting... I appreciate the information. I always thought alluvial gold was basically placer.. I also thought that you can have a placer claim overlay a load claim. Thank you.
  3. Would alluvial/float gold be considered placer? And would anyone feel like this would be a disrespectful move?
  4. Yeah I probably should of also tested the pieces in manual. The reason I didn't is because I used to use manual but found that the setting I would be using would be just as sensitive as auto 2 but didn't handle the ground as well. So I really don't use manual a whole lot, I know some of you do. I still wish I would of added that to the test though.
  5. Thank you everyone! Here is a photo of the results in case anyone wants it in the future....?
  6. Hey, everyone! I just made a video that I think a lot of you will be interested in seeing. If anyone is interested in a copy of the results just let me know and I will post an image of them.
  7. Finally got a decent size Nugget out here in Arizona! Couldn't of done it without Lowpoint, thanks Gary....for everything! 3.54 Grams
  8. found a couple of those the other day...you ever find out if there are worth anything?
  9. I just wanted to thank everyone for the support yall have shown! I uploaded quite few more videos since this first one. Go check out my youtube channel and subscribe so that you don't miss my next one, thank you! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3hHAd3jVBAY8Hw4gDhmxjA
  10. Gold Monster 1000 and the accuracy of its discrimination I didn't mention it in the video but I wanted to point out something to everyone that questions how well the discrimination works on the GM1000. First off I would say on bigger targets the discrimination is more accurate. However, if you watch the video you will notice that the second piece of gold that I find, the detector was strictly telling me that it was iron. It was a small target and I have had this happen a lot. I've also had a small piece of gold literally bong like a hot rock. Lesson of the day, DIG EVERYTHING!
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