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  1. Dont be to sad TomH, I still got the gold monster!
  2. I really hate to be here posting this detector!!! But! Here is my GPX 5000 for sale! Comes with all that you see in the photos. Headphones have some pretty good wear to them but the detector and 11 double d coil are in great shape. The nugget finder coil has been around for awhile but is still in excellent working condition. He shep, remember this coil? I’m sure you found much more gold with it than I did! Though I found a good amount! $2500 takes everything, will ship!
  3. Hey everybody, sorry for the late reply. I really appreciate all the information that everyone has provided! I will keep everyone updated if something interesting happens. Also, if I claim this area what are the chances that I might be able to sell the claim? and for how much?
  4. Hey everyone! I recently came across a quartz vein that has gold in it. I’m new to Arizona and it’s geology so I thought I’d post some pictures and see what y’all thought. I crushed about 14 pounds of quartz but only really got about 5 pounds down to powder and panned out. The rest of the quartz is crushed down to about 1/8 pebbles and Still needs to be turned into powder. Does this look like a rich vein? Also, in the photos of quartz there is no gold showing, what you see is pyrite of some sorts. Thank you!
  5. That’s sucks. Here’s some of the stuff I’m finding out here.
  6. I'm telling you, dig through all the trash where that trailer was and there will be nuggets... I've been keeping that to myself in hopes of getting back out there but go get it!
  7. Was that from the other side near that trailer they took out? i found a piece over there that looks alot like these with the pyrite cube in it... I havent really used the gold monster in a major trashy area but at this point I would say you need one eitherway. That old spot will probably have piece after piece sitting there that our PI's didnt see. I've found over 70 tiny pieces of gold with the gold monster...if only they were all just a bit bigger! Think I've found about 4 grams of small stuff out here... missing Mariposa for sure! I'm still learning the area though, the bigger pieces are getting closer.
  8. No, you never want to use the discrimination unless in a super trashy area. When you switch the machine to disc mode you loose depth. However, the disc meter will still be visible when not in disc so you can still get an idea of whats in the ground. I've been learning the Gold Monster more and the discrimination can be some what accurate on bigger louder signals but I've also had it say iron/trash on really small pieces of gold. You know how it goes Relic, dig everything!
  9. Here’s how I did on Friday. Some of you might recognize the area.
  10. Yep, amazing just how much lead has been cast out, pretty much my experience on every hunt. I save it all just to remind me that it is part of the hunt. 

  11. Well for the most part no poison oak, I've seen a small batch of poison oak and there's also poison ivy down on lynx creek. Nah, all I've had to worry about is many different species of rattlesnakes, crazy ass yellow wasp that want to attack you aggressively and at random, chiggers, scorpions, killer bee's, not to mention the cactus, cats claw, mountain lions and I'm sure my inexperience in the desert is leaving something out. Actually man I live in Prescott, it looks a lot like Oakhurst and Mariposa in certain area's and there's all kinds of mountains. Not what you would imagine when you think of Arizona. Since I'll most likely not get back out to the area we found all that gold I'ma tell you like this, go detect directly in the area where they removed the mobile home! Last day I had out there I found about 4 grams of nuggets right on the road up there. I'm telling you, all that gold is from an old creek channel that was way up on the hill and is coming from you know where. Think about it.
  12. Whats up Relic! I like it for the small gold and for detecting areas of bedrock. If your looking for something that will accurately discriminate this is not the machine. You would probably like it though, and for places like the one we found all that gold in, it would probably do really good. I know there's gotta be a bunch of small stuff still laying around over there that our PI machines couldn't see that the Gold Monster would eat up! If I were you I'd defiantly try one out.
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