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  1. Finally got a decent size Nugget out here in Arizona! Couldn't of done it without Lowpoint, thanks Gary....for everything! 3.54 Grams
  2. found a couple of those the other day...you ever find out if there are worth anything?
  3. I just wanted to thank everyone for the support yall have shown! I uploaded quite few more videos since this first one. Go check out my youtube channel and subscribe so that you don't miss my next one, thank you! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3hHAd3jVBAY8Hw4gDhmxjA
  4. Gold Monster 1000 and the accuracy of its discrimination I didn't mention it in the video but I wanted to point out something to everyone that questions how well the discrimination works on the GM1000. First off I would say on bigger targets the discrimination is more accurate. However, if you watch the video you will notice that the second piece of gold that I find, the detector was strictly telling me that it was iron. It was a small target and I have had this happen a lot. I've also had a small piece of gold literally bong like a hot rock. Lesson of the day, DIG EVERYTHING! The only time discrimination is an acceptable option is when you are in a highly trashy area's like a cabin site, or when the hot rocks are a huge issue. My opinion! But you will miss gold, guaranteed! Not my opinion!
  5. Low Point, It was nice to have ran into you out there that day! I look forward to getting out there with you in the near future and maybe finding some new locations.
  6. I appreciate it everyone! Make sure you hit that subscribe button so that you can see what comes next! I'm sure to start hitting some bigger pieces at some point and plan on getting it on film!
  7. Let me know what you guys think. Might be a little boring, its my first attempt at doing these kind of videos!
  8. Dont be to sad TomH, I still got the gold monster!
  9. I really hate to be here posting this detector!!! But! Here is my GPX 5000 for sale! Comes with all that you see in the photos. Headphones have some pretty good wear to them but the detector and 11 double d coil are in great shape. The nugget finder coil has been around for awhile but is still in excellent working condition. He shep, remember this coil? I’m sure you found much more gold with it than I did! Though I found a good amount! $2500 takes everything, will ship!
  10. Hey everybody, sorry for the late reply. I really appreciate all the information that everyone has provided! I will keep everyone updated if something interesting happens. Also, if I claim this area what are the chances that I might be able to sell the claim? and for how much?
  11. Hey everyone! I recently came across a quartz vein that has gold in it. I’m new to Arizona and it’s geology so I thought I’d post some pictures and see what y’all thought. I crushed about 14 pounds of quartz but only really got about 5 pounds down to powder and panned out. The rest of the quartz is crushed down to about 1/8 pebbles and Still needs to be turned into powder. Does this look like a rich vein? Also, in the photos of quartz there is no gold showing, what you see is pyrite of some sorts. Thank you!
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