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  1. I'm actually moving from the Seattle area, no longer live in Mariposa. I would love to move back to California but I have my reasons for not going there. Cant wait to get out there and find all your gold Prescott and Prescott Valley!
  2. LMAO ! Last I heard it was 28 inches and on its way down the drain...
  3. Prescott here I Come! Should have a lease signed within the next day or so and will be making my way to Prescott in the next 2 weeks. Hope to meet with some of you locals out there, I'm going to need an education on Arizona Gold!
  4. What do you guys think about Buckeye, Az? Are there any near by places to detect?
  5. I would love to come back to Mariposa but thats not looking like its going to happen with those crazy ass california laws. I ended up having a son while being back in seattle, he's 13 months now. California is trying to make vaccinations the law, thats all i'm going to say about that. Hey Fred, did you ever get back to that special gulch of ours since the fires? Wish I had a UFO or something like that, I'd be back out there tomorrow morning!
  6. I have another question... I honestly know very little about the gold in AZ, where would you guys recommend metal detecting out there? Would I be better off living out by Prescott or somewhere in the NW Phoenix area?
  7. Short-stick, I like the price but darn, 10 neighbors? lol... If i were to move that far out I wouldn't want any neighbors! Thanks for the suggestion!
  8. Hi everyone, I'm getting ready to make the move to Arizona, most likely the Phoenix area. Question, do any of you locals have any other, better suggestions? I want to be where the gold is and don't need to be near the city to work. I run an online business so living in a remote location is not an issue as long as there is internet. Just wanted to see what any of yall might recommend before I make the leap to Phoenix. Thanks!
  9. When I get back we're going to have to find some time to hit some new spots...it might be a while before i get back though. My dad is in remission and might have 6 month to a year! Maybe better, well see. Talk to you later Fred.
  10. Yeah John...how come nobody on here seems to be paying attention to Agenda 21?
  11. El Dorado, NVChris...its good to see that you guys are awake.
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