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  1. Thanks bob for the info... i'll try to polish the surface and get some neat pictures..... Johnno you're not nut, but what are you saying? this is a fossilized eggplant.. i'm sure of it.
  2. Well it wasn't red, but it was rust orange... really reminded me of rust when i was cutting it... is that good enough?
  3. Bush doctor do you think so ? it would make sense. it is not magnetic, and very dense. it's density - if i remember correctly - is 3.8 gm/ml . umm i think. i measured and tested all that because when first i found it i thought it was a meteorite. oh and it was found in the Libyan desert.
  4. thanks steve i'll let you know.... to be honest i didn't think it would be this hard.... :P
  5. you don't see them here, but there are things like tiny grains of sand you can see in the cross section, also some tiny shiny crystal like specs.and yes it's a rock.
  6. Yeah i'm sorry i didn't refer to the size. so it's 8 cm in diameter in the round part, and it tapers at the top an extra cm so from bottom to top it's 9 cm. it's perfectly tear shaped... maybe a petrified pear ?
  7. Hi guys, I've had this thing for years and i have no idea what it is. it is perfectly tear shaped. the other day i sawed it in half and it revealed concentric layers as you can see. all i know about it is that it was found in the desert. Any ideas ? Petrified egg? eggplant ? onion ?
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