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  1. It has 50x30x30 mm and I dont know its compozition yet. In few weeks we do some analysis ( spectrometry and others) and I`ll show you. Anyway it`s a realy beauty at microscope. I never seen anything like this before.
  2. This is my favorite agate. I found it in Metaliferi Mountains, Romania. I call it " Big Bang" agate because it looks like the universe in miniature. Look at these pictures at 50X, what do you think? Am I right? Mihail
  3. No. Unfortunately they're become very rare, and they are rare in the world because conteins silica, is not calcic septaria (do not contains so much calcite). But they are beautiful. Mihail
  4. Nice piece! This is a silica septarian nodule from Romania. It is beautiful too. I think
  5. Thanks, it is just a few of my discoveries(collection). Yes, I like thunder eggs too .
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