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  1. Thanks to N V Chris and Mike furness for your input on my G P Extreme settings. I can find very small pieces of rust and etc. as well as what looks like worn out shoe tacks , plus all other , lead and various other small objects, so maybe I am doing close to doing it right. I just have to get more field time in it sounds like. So again Thanks for your input. Now I just need the weather to cool down a little bit and I will give it more time. Bill
  2. Is this a good coil to search for gold with? I have had this for a long time and never used it much, But would like to get back at it again. All I can find is trash so far. Are these things that hard to set up . To many settings very confusing. I need help and anything else to get me going again. I also have a 1100 11 inch coil that I have never used. Any Ideas for me? THANKS BILL