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  1. I sure wish I could go but I Going out to Arizona next week. The first time I ever used a dry washer was in 1982 at claims called the Burro 1and Burro 11 just outside Randsburg Ca. I was a member or the West-end Prospectors at that time and we had an outing there it was also the first time I went prospecting with a certain young Lady who I married two years latter. We got pretty good gold after an older gentleman named Charlie Brown ( no relation to the cartoon ) showed us a few tips. There was a guy there who was showing off his new gadget he called the swirl separator it looked like a cake pan but it got our gold out of the black sand .We also went up in the mountains and toured a tunnel to nowhere dug as a short cut through the mountains but the state built a new road a round the mountains. It was a great week and I got gold every time we went there nothing big but good stuff I hope Ya'll have as much fun and luck as I did 1i
  2. Thanks How'd I miss that one Thought I'd read the whole internet .Guess I should get outta the water more often
  3. Great post and GREAT deed. I hope someday I can do something like that for Someone
  4. If you truck is your only transportation You should be careful with it ...but you should know your trucks limits and not exceed them , I have been to the desert a lot but it was a log time age ,Here in Alabama I use an ATV and drag a wagon behind it with lots of chit 1i
  5. Is it possible to to find gold with a Whites MXT or a Spectrum XLT ? Thanks 1i
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