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  1. BuckShot did I meet you at Uncle Bill's flea Mkt in 2008.I was the grey haired guy with the PRETTY wife from Mississippi--we had a booth there.
  2. The first ML 2000 I ever saw was also at Rye patch. I was on an outting with the guy that wrote "Zip Zip" and we had just raked and reraked an area about 30x30 and had found 2 little specks. We were taking a break and 2 guys on dirt bikes came up and we visited a while--they asked if we minded if they check our double raked patch and we said"go ahead" and sorta chuckled. Well they dug 2 of those beautiful chevron nuggets about the size of an unshelled peanut at about 2 feet!!! I remember "Zip Zip" saying"darn I have been out teched!!
  3. HOSS was the person who introduced me to Gold Basin in 1994--I met Hoss in Kennesaw,Ga. at a GPAA show,bought a ML 16000 and we went detecting at GB. Needless to say I found many,many of those deep red rocks with the "seared" side to them and of course tossed them away after giving them a good cussin'.I found my first nuggette,yep nuggette, there and lost it years later while testing my ML Extreme--the extreme would not detect that veeery small nuggette with the hole in the middle of it.Anyway Hoss had a heart of Gold--he rubbed some folks the wrong way,but don't we all?? Every time I go out t
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