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  1. Has anyone seen any out yet this year? It's to cold yet isn't it?
  2. That fungus is also called tinder fungus, you can take the porous inside out of it and drop it in a concentrated solution of water and salt peter,let the water evaporate and it will catch a spark from a flint and steel and light right up. Way back before matches it was used to start fires, even before char cloth was used. It can also be used to carry an ember for long periods, like most of a day or more. Many native American women would do this when traveling to a different area to live and would have a camp fire in a hurry as soon as they stopped for the night. It's neat stuff and very useful
  3. Any idea what caliber the mold is? Looks to be about a 45 or 50, but it's hard to tell on a picture. Way back when they they came in what we now would call strange sizes.
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