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  1. anywhere i should start on peavine? any advice would be great!
  2. so for peavine do i need any special equipment or will a pan do the trick? any area to look?
  3. has anyone heard anything about peavine or crystal peak?
  4. alot of information and to be honest dont understand any of it lol
  5. ok so im new to the whole prospecting thing. how do i know if im on someone elses claim? are they usually marked or fenced off? im in reno so i would be panning in the local area and around california.
  6. thanks for the suggestions hopefully there are some people in that area that we could all get together with and have some fun.
  7. ok so im brand new to the gold panning process. i live a little north of Reno, Nv and was wondering if there are any good spots to take the family to have some fun and try to find some of that yellow metal. not looking to make any money just want the thrill of finding some in a pan.
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