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  1. Hi everyone its my again ... I come again asking for help , I have This rocks that came from Morocco , I cut them and haven't been polished They are attracted to a very strong magnet and also very dense . Any comment its gonna be highly appreciated . MG . I have three sets ....one open window pic and one the fusion or surface area .
  2. Thanks everyone for your help! I still have a few more Moroccan rocks for Id, I'll post another round, thanks again.
  3. hi , well it has areas with a remaining light brown color fusion crust ...wish you guys can see it with the loupe , it looks awesome , and i wish I knew more about Geology
  4. Has any body seen this before ... It was sent to me from Morocco I did a end cut , and its attracted to a strong magnet .
  5. lets see if this time they look better ....
  6. Hi guys , this is a nice site and I hope can get help to ID this rock that I found with my White's Metal detector its attracted to a strong magnet , I would really appreciated all of your help , thanks ! this last one is like what I think a Tektite , also found at the same site , thanks again for all you help .
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