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  1. That post made me sad , that I didn't stop for a few day's on my 1st RV trip south this past fall, will not make same mistake twice !!!! Nice Find's !!!!!!!!
  2. I am also in Quartzite area... For a couple more weeks..
  3. I'm in Quartzite now !! Let's Detect !!!!!!
  4. Happy Birthday Mitchel, You know I have a cold one for you when you hit Quartzite !!!!
  5. This is a good buy Fred, to big for me to swing all day, I'll call it a young detectorist coil.. Haha !!!!
  6. .I have a GPZ 19" Coil with the warranty good till 7/11/2021, that I might have used 2 hr.'s, asking $650.00 that's a $850.00 savings. You can message me or e-mail me at kstrout36@gmail.com. All reasonable offers considered.
  7. Make sure you take a photo of the on line receipt to show as proof till you get the sticker in the mail.
  8. Bill & Deb & Gang are on right hand side of Castle Hot Spring Rd. road, just pass the last house still on pavement, Can't Miss Them !!! And Yes Debbie from Minelab is there as well !!!! Come have some fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Happy Veterans Day to All that served & are going to serve. My Father was Navy my Brother was USAF & myself Navy !!!!!
  10. MT Prof, Nice very nice. I was born in Butte in 1939, graduated MSM 1963. I sent you a PM.
  11. Please excuse me for lurking and popping up from time to time without properly introducing myself. I am retired and spend the winter months in Surprise, AZ. About 5 years ago a friend got me interesting in metal detecting. I'll have to admit that I have not yet found my first nugget, but I am learning a lot from reading posts on this forum, and spending more time with my detectors. After some initial loss of patience with the results of my detecting I spent most of my time drywashing. I was able to satisfy my fever with the drywashing gold for a few years, but now I want to refocus on det
  12. Very interesting comparison. I wonder what the difference in depth on both detectors would be on a smaller nugget, say 1/4 oz. At any rate the ATX is a very interesting detector. Nice to know if you passed your coil over a deep monster chances are good you'd hear it with the ATX.
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