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  1. I've mined a lot of silver in Colorado and one thing for sure, you don't know if it has silver unless you analyze it, with the exception of wire silver. If the ore in one area has silver than most likely all the ore in that area will have silver, but you won't see it. It is mixed in with other minerals, mostly galena. What I have noticed however is that if the galena cleavage planes are curved and not flat most likely there is good silver in the galena.
  2. Yup it can be either from the surface down or from the mine to the surface. Now it is not uncommon to bore a hole from the bottom to the surface. They first start out with a pilot hole to the bottom, now that can be a trick hitting the drift, and then attach a cutter and pull the cutter up. Of course some distances are too difficult to do this method and the machines would need to be too large to pull up all the steel and the cutter and still cut the rock. They have to clean the cuttings out all the time at the bottom. In the olden days where there were a lot of mines in the area they would
  3. Mick, to see what you will be confronted with go to that web site and click on Summary of Comments Received.... And that is just the start as they seem to have only recently filed for this mine with the first public notice filed in Jan of 2011.
  4. First off, you will never get any permits to use cyanide, assuming that will even work. Like someone said, you need it assayed first. The trick will be to get the right sized sample so it can be determined how many ozs per ton there is. If the sample is not typical of what needs to be mined to obtain the ore then your estimate of ozs/ton will be WAY off. A "fast and dirty) sample will help you determine how far you want to go with this. In addition, I really doubt you want to mine this yourself. It's just too darn difficult today to get all the permits and horribly expensive. And then t
  5. Don't know if you ever got the gun or not but would suggest a 357 revolver over the semi autos since it sounds like you may be a bit unfamiliar with pistols. Just guessing on that. Revolver will never jam although it has only 6 rounds. Semi's can jam if excited. If 357 is too hard on your hands then download with 38 special loads, they are interchangeable. If you get a frame for 38 special only then you can not use 357.
  6. Green one looks like massive fluorite. How hard is it?
  7. If it was fluorite I would expect to see some cleavage planes on it. Check for hardness. If a knife won't scratch it than not fluorite.
  8. Jimmy, if that snow on July 4 was a year and a half ago I was there too. Up on top of those darn mountains on ATV's that I never drove before. We only had light spring jackets on and were totally encased in ICE when we got down. Oh the fun.
  9. I haven't watched it yet but am skeptical of what they find. Like many we all know how hard it is to find fantastic stuff and how many times we all go out and get skunked. Hard for me to believe just how realistic this show is going to be. If it's anything like those gold idiots up in Alaska then it could be fun. The only one with a head on his shoulder in that group is young Schnable but he is pretty reckless too. I've never seen such a joke. Surprised MSHA hasn't shut all those operations down. I'll give the new show a look.
  10. I have minimal time on my AT Gold for nuggets but I manually GB and set a range for it to operate within. As to Disc 1 it defeats the all metal mode that you want to really stay in. It's designed for gold by using the all metal mode. Play with the threshold settings too, it really helps but also can be noisy if set too high.
  11. Thanks for the invite but have two days of golf with my daughter this weekend. I hope the folks in Lauderdale are doing well. My wife and I lived through a number of those storms when we lived on our boat years ago. Luckly we only suffered some minor damage once when the winds got to 104mph in Beufort, NC. what a storm that was.
  12. After all the talk here, and a chance to leave Florida for awhile (just when the hurricane is coming), I finally got to Lynx Creek today. Beautiful day. Tried about three areas with the detector mostly as two places didn't have any water left for panning. Stopped for awhile just beyond the ruins area in the large parking place. There was enough water to pan and a great group of kids showed up to learn to pan. They had a good time it sounded like. Met a few really nice folks too. Oh, did I find anything? Nah, but it was a good day. Ok, I found a tiny piece so small I had to put my read
  13. In a field geology course I took, OK many years ago, there was a discussion about certain plants, shrubs, and trees prefering a certain type of soil or rock type. Never heard of one for gold though. You can see these growths many times when flying over the southwest. You will see a trend of green scrubs or trees only in a thick layer and won't see hardly any above or below that layer especially in the steep canyons and cuts. Sometimes they will also only be on the top layer and you won't see any below that level becuase they don't like that soil. Of course sometimes it is because of elevat
  14. I have just gotten interested in meteorites too. I picked up a copy of Field Guide to Meteors and Meteorites by Norton and Chitwood (2008 publication date). Has great, if not some pretty technical, information on what seems to be all aspects of meteorites along with good pics of real and not real specimens. Goes into how to do simple but effective tests and just what to look for when seaching. Excellent references to further study also. John
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