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  1. Hey everybody my name is Joseph Balma. I just started this yesterday. I have a question about my drywasher. I have a small vibra light small goldbuddy drywasher. I can't find anywhere that tell me how often to empty the riffle tray. I have seen people with a bigger drywasher then mine and they do not even go through that much material before they empty their riffle tray. On the other hand, I have seen people with the same size drywasher as mine just shoveling loads and loads of dirt through the drywasher without unloading the riffle tray for quite some time. So I have no clue how much stuff to put through my drywasher before emptying my riflle tray. I would really appreciate it if someone would tell me how much stuff I should put through the drywasher before I empty it. Thanks!
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