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  1. Hi all, I replyed to Mitchell's post about the December Franconia hunt but realized some may not see it so i decided to start a new post. During the Franconia hunt, while Dad was in Iron Alley near the tree line his detector picked up a target. When he bent down to retrieve it he uncovered a GPS unit that was half burried. It turns on and works perfectly fine. Looks like it had gone through a rain or two, but has not been sitting in the field for very long. I know if I lost a GPS i would love to have it back so if recently lost one in Franconia let me know what type is is and we will get
  2. While Dad and I were out in Iron alley near the tree line hunting Saturday afternoon, Dad made a pretty cool find. He found a GPS unit half burried in the dirt. He was swinging his Lobo ST and got a signal, went to check it out and lo and behold there it was. Turned right on and works fine, but looked like it had gone through a rain or two so a fairly recent loss for someone. If anyone lost a GPS in the Franconia area just describe it and you can have it back. Other than that we both skunked but it was ony a short day trip. Great to see Jim, Wendy, Mitchel, Willie, Twink and Don again! T
  3. Looks like Dad and I will be doing atleast a day trip on saturday the 14th. Cant wait to get back out there! Last weekend I ended up scoring a nice little 11.7g there. Robby
  4. M-scope refers to metallascope which was fishers first models of metal detectors. They called the first one in 1931 the metallascope. M-scope is just a reference to their original product. The GB2 operates at 71khz. All current models have the M-scope on the side
  5. Hey Gene, great to see you here. Listen to this group they really are knowledgable. They won't steer you in the wrong direction.
  6. Hi guys, I have a lobo also that I got for meteorite hunting and found the auto ground balance balances out chondrites but it works killer on irons. What headphones do you recommend for the lobo? (null)
  7. Franconia and Holbrook in one episode. I loved it! (null)
  8. Hi Yuccagold, I am new to detecting and prospecting but live in Yucca also. I was also currious about Rattlesnake canyon and actually know someone who found some small flakes as well as a .3g picker about 3 weeks ago there. I was hoping to go up there and swing my detector in a week or so.
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