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  1. I have a friend who has a couple pounds of mercury he would like to sell. I don’t know how much he wants for it yet but if anybody is interested I’ll ask him.
  2. Sonny wins. Skip is a great guy and has quite a legacy there in Roosevelt County. I was so impressed with him that I wanted to post his photo to let people who are interested in meteorites but haven’t heard of him have a chance to find out about him for themselves. One meteorite he found has been cited in over 100 scientific publications. He witnessed the Portales meteorite fall in 1998. One of those stones hit a barn right behind his house. Those are Roosevelt County meteorites.
  3. I had the great pleasure of meeting him recently.
  4. It was definitely humid but it didn't get wet. It was still the same this morning. I already tried the simple manual reset to FP by holding the on switch at startup. I sent it to Minelab West this morning. Thanks guys.
  5. I was out detecting today and discovered my LCD screen went blank. I can change functions and settings and it beeps appropriately but can't see what they are. The screen is still on but is blank or shows vertical lines. Does anybody know if there is a simple fix? I tried disconnecting the power and switching coils but no luck. If I need it fixed where do I send it? Thanks
  6. Hey Bill! I've been preoccupied with other things in life for a while but I hope to get back out in the goldfields again this winter. I really miss it. Glad you are out of hibernation. Thanks for all the good things you do for the hobby and nugget hunters. Now you are making liquid gold too!
  7. I foolishly thought that since it fell to the ground and didn't go of that it was a dud so I picked it up and took photos. I hid it under a tree thinking that I might take it home later for a yard ornament. The YPG guy really freaked out at that suggestion! If it had gone off I would have been in the news and gone out with a bang! I just had to say that.
  8. Here's the biggest live round I've dug up. I was just digging away banging it with my pick thinking it was a piece of pipe or something. I posted the photo on this forum and people started telling me how lucky I was that it didn't go off. I thought they were wrong until I called YPG and the guy on the phone freaked out when I told him what I had done with it. ( It was found just outside the YPG boundary.) Apparently there is no good way to tell if it is live or not. I sent him this photo and he freaked out a little more. If you are ever detecting out there be careful. I gave them the coords and they went out to "dispose" of it.
  9. I haven't been down to Rich Hill area in several years and I have heard there are all kinds of bad behaviors going on down there with access. I'm wanting to go deer hunting with my daughter over by Fools Canyon but I'd like to go in from the Rich Hill side via the Sinoski Mine Rd. Can I get there from Stanton? What kind of shape is the road in? Thanks, Chris
  10. I know it would have been cool to blow that sucker up myself but... I knew I probably wouldn't be back for a while and started worrying that some guy who doesn't know which way to wear a baseball cap might stumble on it and bring it back to camp.
  11. Woo hoo! I almost always end up getting into the gold at last light but never like that. NICE!!!
  12. I talked to a guy from the Army a few minutes ago and they are going to send some guys out. He said they will set off a bit of C4 on it to see what happens. He said they also sometimes shoot them with a .50 cal. T-bone, That is a great photo. I'd love to see that go off.
  13. I might do that but it would be WAY more fun to shoot it (from about 300 yards) to see what happens.
  14. The blue ones are supposed to be dummies. I didn't see any blue on this one. I wonder what would happen if I shot it with my 300 mag?
  15. I thought about the depleted Uranium angle too. When I dug it up I knew I had something really big and was pretty careful but I didn't expect this. I found it many miles from the nearest military training area so I guess this was just one that got away from them. A friend said he thought it was a tank round. I wonder how far they can shoot.
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