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  1. Club Space Rock: http://meteorites.ning.com/ Although if you're a facebooker then that might be an easier way to track him down.
  2. Myke Steighler found the strewn field and probably owns most of the mass, he's on CSR but I don't know if he is here. I've been out there once, the hunting is very difficult and finds are few and far between.
  3. It's not that planetary meteorites have become any easier to find, it's that labs more and more do not want to analyze "ordinary" chondrites; they want to see the unusual stuff, so you see many more HED and planetary rocks being classified.
  4. Looks like a good place for a fun paintball match.
  5. The photos are 85% out of focus, and the 15% in focus is too close to determine what I'm looking at. What's W and L and where are they included?
  6. Stops any aqueous alteration or oxidation.
  7. I know you're joking, but in reality they want to avoid melting the ice by all means to keep the meteorites dry; that's why the meteorites remain frozen until they reach the nitrogen storage vault.
  8. They call that "pairing" in the meteorite world; your meteorite may be paired to an already know find. There are several well know irons from that part of South America, most notably Campo del Cielo. Once the results of the analysis are in the scientist can compare to other known irons and render an opinion as to whether it is paired or not.
  9. Wow, what a cool tour to stumble in on!
  10. From the photos they appear to be meteorites to me.
  11. Looks like a Gibeon, cleaned and everything. Are you claiming to have found it?
  12. If the exterior black were fusion crust I would expect it to be much more smooth; the black coating appears to have followed the roughness of the exterior of the stone as you would expect from an oxidation coating. Still curious rocks and certainly worth further investigation. What part of the country are you in? Maybe someone close by could take a look in person.
  13. Mike Miller found the 300lb main mass! Don't overlook that one.
  14. Does not appear to be a meteorite to me.
  15. Looks like a rock that's been worm smooth by water. I don't see anything in the pix to indicate it is a meteorite.
  16. They are named based on a map location near where they are found: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barnstable,_Massachusetts
  17. Well done, Rocky! It was fun to be part of the journey, now get out there and find its big 100 lb. brother! Ha ha. Bring some fragments to trade in Tucson, you've got the market cornered and a really cool name to boot.
  18. The IMCA has nothing to do with meteorite classifications or eBay.
  19. Ooops, my bad! For some reason I thought Jayray posted the original... that's what happens when I look at the forum on my phone.
  20. Nice finds, Jason! That's a pretty chondrite, and some good sized irons.
  21. I don't know how/if you can stream NatGeo, sorry.
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