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  1. Maybe it was only one occurrence, I recall reading about it years ago but can't remember if it said it was just the one, or something that happened very rarely. A quick search didn't reveal anything, but did find a couple hits that are tangentially related: Clapham house fire caused by crystal doorknob - BBC News Lincoln County fire sparked by sun rays shining through broken glass (and other unusual fire starts) | The Spokesman-Review
  2. Not from the heat, per se, but I have heard of rare instances of wildfire sparking up where there are lots of crystals on the ground, and one of them happens to get hit just right and acts like a magnifying glass and lights the dry brush on fire.
  3. I see vesicles, which makes it almost certainly terrestrial.
  4. Tons of fakes on ebay, I would only buy from a reputable dealer. No one worth their salt will "seal" a meteorite; has the potential to do more harm than good.
  5. Looks like the garbage comment was deleted, thanks, Mods. Hopefully that user was deleted as well.
  6. Agreed, very good info. Would be great to compile all these types of excellent responses into one thread to refer people to.
  7. Try the rock and mineral forum, this isn't the place for "what's my rock".
  8. Looks worn round by water and not a meteorite, someone probably threw it in the back of the truck to get rid of it. Meteorite strike on a vehicle has happened before, however (Peekskill).
  9. The black exterior coating doesn't quite look like fusion crust, and the exterior surface also doesn't quite look meteoritic, but it is an odd rock for sure, worth looking at in person. Also may be worth a post in the mineral forum, see if anyone recognizes it.
  10. "How egocentric of us to think that Space Aliens, who have mastered interstellar travel across the Galaxy, would give a crap about humans on Earth." -Neil deGrasse Tyson
  11. Yes, that is true, but doesn't apply to your rock as there is no fusion crust evident.
  12. What does this discussion have to do with meteorites? Seems like it should go to another forum.
  13. Have pictures not zoomed in all the way?
  14. ARES | Meteorite Falls | How to Find Meteorites (nasa.gov) (see step 3) ARES | Bios | Marc Fries (nasa.gov) AMSNEXRAD-Automated detection of meteorite strewnfields in doppler weather radar - NASA/ADS (harvard.edu) Rob Matson is another meteorite doppler expert, if you can find contact info for him it may be a beneficial dicussion.
  15. So you've personally performed a geologic survey of the entire top half of the state? Impressive, where can I see your findings published? Just one google search finds lots of green rocks in your state: green rocks found in minnesota - Google Search When the glaciers came through during the last ice age, they drug all sorts of stuff with them. 100% not a meteorite.
  16. Well done! Now find its strewn field!
  17. Ferro manganese, from steel production; not a meteorite. Ferromanganese - Meteorite Identification (meteorite-identification.com) meteor_wrong (pdx.edu) Bob's Findings - July 2009 Article - Update on "Slag Meteor-wrongs" - in - Meteorite-Times.com Magazine (tripod.com)
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