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  1. Ferro manganese, from steel production; not a meteorite. Ferromanganese - Meteorite Identification (meteorite-identification.com) meteor_wrong (pdx.edu) Bob's Findings - July 2009 Article - Update on "Slag Meteor-wrongs" - in - Meteorite-Times.com Magazine (tripod.com)
  2. Tough to tell from the photo, but the ground-window picts, around the edge of the grind where I would expect to see a thin layer of fusion crust I do not see anything resembling; it appears to be more of an oxidation coating than a fusion crust. Also tough to tell from the photo is if the interior is metal, or is it a semi-metallic luster like you'd get from filing hematite/magnetite? Regmaglypt size is a function of the size of the body upon which they form. I would expect reg's on a rock of this size to be respectively larger, and not as uniform in size/spacing. Also, if you look
  3. Most achondrites are not attracted by a magnet as they do not contain free metal like chondrites.
  4. Jo, I want to commend you on having your rocks analyzed by a qualified laboratory prior to sending them to your clients. Too many people try to make a quick buck and sell/re-sell any rock they see that appears to maybe be a meteorite. Keep up your diligence, you're doing it the right way.
  5. AZ doesn't observe daylight saving time, probably why the difference.
  6. An orange looks like a lemon, but it's not one.
  7. Those are mineral inclusions, not chondrules, sorry.
  8. Entropy. All rocks on all bodies in the entire universe eventually fall apart.
  9. Yea you should see that same metal in the subject rock if it were a meteorite, but I'm not seeing any metal flake in the part you sanded down.
  10. Looks like a desert varnished earth rock to me from the picts.
  11. I've used an old digital camera with a macro mode and taken photos thru my 30x loupe, it's not perfect but it works! I always try to include scale in these photos especially, it helps with perspective. For example, here are some Holbrook meteorite fragments I pulled out of an ant hill with a magnet.
  12. I do, too, but they're not too hard to find for a fee when necessary.
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