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  1. Nothing you posted resembles a meteorite at all. Not sure what your aim is repeating these same claims over and over and over on this forum; you're going to get the same responses here and anywhere else meteorite enthusiasts gather.
  2. I would absolutely trust every mineral sample I got from someone who can't spell.
  3. What does any of this have to do with meteorites? It appears nothing.
  4. They failed the most basic field test: visual. They display absolutely no traits of a meteorite. I'm sorry you don't like to hear that, but no reason to come here and call us all "self-righteous".
  5. It's certainly real, and certainly not a meteorite.
  6. Hello, white owl. Neither of those appear to be meteorites, keep looking.
  7. I don't think any meteorite curator would recommend sealing up a meteorite; it's going to have moisture sealed inside it. Best thing to do it keep it in a sealed case with desiccant.
  8. Phone metal detector app? They have phone apps to contact UFOs, also; works just as well...
  9. I never insulted you, just making an observation; also not an argument. I also made no comments regarding getting anything published. Again, good day. noun plural noun: credentials a qualification, achievement, personal quality, or aspect of a person's background, typically when used to indicate that they are suitable for something.
  10. I get the impression you lack any credentials, experience, or expertise to produce such a document given this statement alone. I think you know enough words to put them in an order that appears meaningful, yet lack any real understanding of any subject matter you have broached here thus far. Good day.
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