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  1. I've used an old digital camera with a macro mode and taken photos thru my 30x loupe, it's not perfect but it works! I always try to include scale in these photos especially, it helps with perspective. For example, here are some Holbrook meteorite fragments I pulled out of an ant hill with a magnet.
  2. I do, too, but they're not too hard to find for a fee when necessary.
  3. Unless you have a laboratory quality nickel test, the results for meteorite identification will not be accurate enough to provide useful data. My preferred "nickel test" is XRF analysis.
  4. This one is tough to say from a photo, definitely worth having someone knowledgeable on meteorites look at in person. If it is a meteorite, it is an achondrite.
  5. There was no sarcasm in my post. It was negative only in that it wasn't affirmative.
  6. What similarities would you expect to see between lunar sample returns and meteorites? I can't think of one.
  7. I don't see any indication any of those are meteorites.
  8. No, you have it backwards, and I'm attacking the issue (i.e. your finds not being meteorites) head on. The finder gets their find classified, then sells/donates/collects/etc. it. But to use your line of reasoning, your photos and the physical characteristics therein are not conducive to meteorite finds.
  9. Looks nothing like a meteorite. They do come in all shapes and sizes, but that doesn't mean that every shape and size is a meteorite.
  10. It was most likely freezing cold. If the body expects something to be very hot, it will feel very hot. You can make someone think they are being burned with an ice cube. And where are they getting the valuation of that rock? There's no way in hell he's a millionaire in US currency from that. These news people find the most expensive meteorite they can and then apply that price to every single meteorite that makes the news.
  11. Met up with the illustrious Bob Verish for a little hunting the past Saturday. Bob always has his finger on the pulse of finds here in the southwest, and I had the pleasure of helping him look for a second meteorite at this locality. We didn't find any meteorites, but we did find several interesting mineral specimens, as well as numerous obsidian and jasper shards from native Americans (which we left in place). It was a gorgeous day, just wanted to share a few pictures for everyone who's stuck at home. Hoping to get back out there while the weather holds, and hopefully establish a new stre
  12. Free gps apps on the phone are good enough for recording a location, I think the gps antennae works regardless of cell signal, but I'm not sure if the apps will work.
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