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  1. Mikestang

    Bedrockbob contact? Glorieta

    Are those your finds, Bob? Very pretty!
  2. Mikestang

    Bedrockbob contact? Glorieta

    Mike Miller found the 300lb main mass! Don't overlook that one.
  3. Mikestang

    Help identifying

    Does not appear to be a meteorite to me.
  4. Mikestang

    what is this

    Looks like a rock that's been worm smooth by water. I don't see anything in the pix to indicate it is a meteorite.
  5. What was confirmed, as what, by who?
  6. They are named based on a map location near where they are found: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barnstable,_Massachusetts
  7. Well done, Rocky! It was fun to be part of the journey, now get out there and find its big 100 lb. brother! Ha ha. Bring some fragments to trade in Tucson, you've got the market cornered and a really cool name to boot.
  8. Mikestang

    IMCA recommendation

    The IMCA has nothing to do with meteorite classifications or eBay.
  9. Mikestang

    Franconia Hunt

    Ooops, my bad! For some reason I thought Jayray posted the original... that's what happens when I look at the forum on my phone.
  10. Mikestang

    Franconia Hunt

    Nice finds, Jason! That's a pretty chondrite, and some good sized irons.
  11. Mikestang

    Tonight (Dec. 10) on Nat Geo...

    I don't know how/if you can stream NatGeo, sorry.
  12. Set your DVR, this is going to be a good episode featuring Michael Farmer and meteorites in Morocco: Space Race National Geographic Explorer episode (season 11, episode 5) Description Phil Keoghan visits the Paranal Observatory in the Atacama Desert; Mariana van Zeller speaks with members of the Flat Earth movement; Albert Lin explores the potential of hibernation on Mars and how lemurs can help; meteorite trading in Morocco. Show: National Geographic Explorer Season number: 11 Episode number: 5 Air date: December 10, 2018
  13. Mikestang


    Do you have a metal detector? If not, Franconia is not going to be a good hunt. Do you have 4WD? If not, you are limited to where to park. There are miles and miles and miles of good desert pavement all around Laughlin where finds have been made and hunting by eye is viable.
  14. Mikestang


    A frothy fusion crust should not be mistaken for vesicular matrix, with time and experience you can learn the difference. The Fisher Gold Bug 2 is one of the best meteorite detectors, but I can't speak to it's ability for relic hunting. The iron in meteorites is what the detector sees, so your going to find everything with iron in it, there are no magic meteorite only machines. Really, though, the best detector is an educated eye. ;)
  15. Mikestang

    Micrometeorite Find

    Wow, access to a SEM, how lucky! MM identification requires substantial lab analysis, I don't think it can be done simply from visual observation, but seems like you're on the right track.