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  1. Rigorous geochemical analysis procedures already exist and are globally accepted as the means to definitively determine if a rock is a meteorite or not; they are the only methods accepted by science. Trying to make such a determination based on aesthetic characteristics is not the point of that article, nor is it an accepted practice because it is not a valid way to identify a meteorite. That paper starts with established meteorites and then attempts to describe the mechanism(s) that produce the surface features, not the other way around. The exterior does not define a meteorite, its interior does.
  2. If it were up to me these thread would get locked the moment they are posted and ban repeat offenders; all they do is provide a bunch of misleading information to people who may not know any better at a glance. Nothing positive or productive comes from them.
  3. Search "tic tac ufo" and the videos are easy to find. Recent article: https://www.livescience.com/navy-confirms-secret-ufo-video.html
  4. Looks like slag to me, that melty vesicle filled part.
  5. Oh yea, all those rumors that scientists propagate... like the world being round. Gonna add science to my list of things you know nothing about.
  6. You have absolutely no idea what a shatter cone is. Or a meteorite for that matter.
  7. Please stop. It is absolutely for certain 100% no question no doubt not a meteorite.
  8. It makes me sad that these threads get 2 pages + of responses, and when I post a trip report with actual meteorites it gets like 3 replies total.
  9. Hit Franconia this past Sunday to take advantage of the extra hour from the time change. Stopped at a dry lake on the drive out the night before, no finds but a very nice evening. Made my first find the next day after lunch. It was a very faint signal and after scraping the surface the signal moved, so I dragged my magnet through the scrapings and lo and behold the smallest complete fusion crusted individual I'd ever seen from this location came out, 1.15g. Has mini regmaglypts and everything, even a lone chondrule poking up in one spot. Hammered the same area until dark and made one more find. This one took a bit of digging, it was down 5"-6", came in at 37.85g. Just a fragment so either the rest is buried deeper than I could detect, or someone else found the rest of it a while ago. Attaching a few picts in random order here. Good times!
  10. We don't have to prove you wrong, you have to prove you right. Take it to a lab, if you can even get one to waste spend their time looking at it.
  11. Can this discussion be moved to the rock and mineral subforum? Has 0 to do with meteorites.
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