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  1. Reg, Thanks for your information. I will put it to good use and pass on buying this machine. Best Mala
  2. Has anyone used an A.H. Electronics The Nugget, I found the manual but it does not give the operating freq. other than VLF. It seams to have many of the features of newer gold nugget detectors. I need a backup. Thanks
  3. Thanks for you GREAT RESPONSE I will follow your advise. Best
  4. Has anyone had any luck with the Tesoro Bandito ll in finding gold flakes and nuggets. Thanks
  5. I live in Rionegro Colombia S.A. and have started prospecting for gold. I have an old Whites 66tr with 2 coils. I am hopping to get some advice as to the operating of this piece of equipment. I have the manual but want further information as to its limitations and operating in mineralized soils. Hopefully there is someone as old as me who has had expierence with this detector. Thanks!!!!!!!!
  6. Thanks for the response,I panned in Colorado back in the early 70s. and found small amounts of gold 1/4-1/2 oz per weekend with no detector which is what I an going to do here as soon as my sluice gets here from the U.S. I got the Whites as an after thought, I am going to swing it and see what pops up, hopefully I can get enough gold or whatever to purchase something better. Best Chou
  7. The gold find is nuggets that they wash from the ground with pumped water. It was found when someone saw a quartz deposit with gold sticking out of the side of a bank of soil where a road had been cut through the hillside. The geological formation where they are finding the gold extends into the area where I live, so I am hopeful. All of the streams look good for flakes or nuggets. In the early 70s I panned streams in Colorado and found small amounts of gold on weekends 1/4- 1/2 ozs. back then gold was 300 per oz. thing have changes for the better if I can find that much here I will be doing q
  8. Hola, I am just getting started with metal detecting in Colombia S.A. The area where I live has great potential with a find of over 1 million ozs.estimated found 21 km N.E. of where I live. My question is I have a Whites Goldmaster 66tr with 2- coils to get started with also a sluice being shipped here from the U.S. How does the old White work in mineralized soils? I have read all the reviews on the net, but they are very few due to the age of this detector, I guess it is a big step above nothing. I will be posting pictures as soon as my equipment arrives and I can get swinging, and checking s
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