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  1. Its nice to belive in our news and all the other horse crap tellin us about the new i-phone, how many celebs are getting divorced or all about another country its plastered everywhere but when it come to important stuff in our backyards you dont hear donkey spit. makes you wonder how much actually gets wiped away that you never see. its nice to have a place like this to get some news. :spinnin:
  2. Hey guys watch out for that Quartzite I hear they ousted the mayor out and declared marshall law up there a few days ago might start lookin like a wild west town again!
  3. Thanks for all the good advice its well taken and looks like im gunna be melting the bottoms off my boots for a little while yet.. and im looking forward to that ice age in 2020 makes some good snow cones. It looks lit another scorcher out there today im going to work on the tan in the ac..
  4. Hi all im new to the forum and new to the yuma az area. Im wondering if anyone knows when the heat is gunna let up, it gets a little rough nugget hunting out in this sun. Im not finding much and sweating alot doing more internet prospecting than out in the field rite now.
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