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  1. All right. I'll go and check out some tests on how to determine all these variables. Thanks for replies, and I'll post more info as it comes about. Thanks again.
  2. The pants weren't letting me see the immediate effects of my work, so I took my shoe off and started rubbing it on the rock... is this what a hobby with rocks is going to turn me into? Barefoot, scrubbing away at a rock with my shoes? It seems to polish all right, though it is fairly glossy to begin with, and I wonder if I'm not just removing a little bit a grime, rather than affecting the composition of the rock. I don't know. It would seem that if I can't burn it, then my pant/shoe combo shouldn't do too much either... unless my feet really are that caustic.
  3. I knocked off a little piece of it and tried to burn it. It wouldn't burn and didn't feel anymore malleable after heating. Would that mean it isn't amber? Or maybe just the little piece I chipped off?
  4. I can't see light through it holding it up to the sun, though certain edges are somewhat translucent, but very opaque. Thanks for the test/advice
  5. Hi, A friend found this rock out in eastern Oregon several years ago. It has some interesting characteristics that leads me to believe that it is some sort of fossilized resin (amber-esque) rock. I'm far from a hobbyist and even further from an expert, I think I fall into that broad category of 'curious bystander'. Any information/opinion/idea as to what this rock might be would be greatly appreciated. I've included a few pictures in this post to help give people a general idea of dimension. It weighs ~10 pounds and I have yet to determine it's specific gravity. A point of interest: on the surface of the rock there are small 'pock' marks and several large crevices. Some crevices have small deposits of crystals in them, sort of like a geode, but not quite as dramatic. Any ideas? Thanks, Eben http://s1233.photobucket.com/albums/ff385/ebenezerebenezer/?action=view&current=r5.jpg (this hyperlink leads to a picture of the bottom... sort of like melted wax)
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