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  1. My Friday night has lasted right up till now, an I'd like to end it with this. A couple fellers here might like this I's thinkin. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e4Ao-iNPPUc
  2. Extremely suuuuper cool whole lotta beans......Dang!!!!!!! I'm figurin many fellers spend a life time huntin fer one that big....2/3rds of that weight is gonna be all Au prolly, from just lookin at the pic, I'm thinkin? WTG Frank
  3. Now I don't go out of my way to look fer these things, but when I'm out in the various wilderness environments detecting or prospecting I'll stumble across these things, so I've started a small collection and as time goes by I'll prolly find more. So far I got a possum, a muskrat, a kitty, and 2 deer
  4. Hey Don, ya know, here in "weird stuff" I have read a few jokes that contain lots of innuendo and inspire graphic mental images, so I figured this might have been the safest place to post that link just cause I believe most of the fellers here found that add to be as hilarious as I did, oh and, not a problem for me there Skip with the warning, good lookin out, thanx. Happy you was able to figure out a way to keep it on here.
  5. Tailgating coyote, too cool. Not to change the subject but I wasn't sure where to put this, it's a CL add by a feller givin away some goats, I read this and fell out of my chair, it was so funny! http://www.craigslist.org/about/best/tal/3860772679.html Edited by Au Seeker: Warning: Funny ad, but has graphic language, if easily offended by such, don't click on the link.
  6. Thanx Jeff, that's a pumpkin growin through the fence behind us. Had to fence off the garden cause them stupid dogs would pick and eat the tomato's, onions and peppers, they did leave the pumpkin alone though, and that pic is from 2010, but ya, I like to grow stuff.
  7. Hey bil, sorry it took so long to answer but my PC's been down fer a week now, just got it up an goin again, but, ah, that's a pumpkin growin right behind us there in that pic. The pic is 3 yrs. old, we grew that in 2010.
  8. Here's me and the 3 most beautiful gyrls I have in my life, and some will say I'm crazy/stupid cause I encouraged the human lady to start carriying a pistol, she's got a .40cal. like mine.
  9. I had this idea that I could rope a deer! :hahaha: :hahaha: :hahaha: :hahaha: :hahaha: :hahaha: That one single line put me on the floor in uncontrolable, side splitting laughter, by the time I was able to finish this story, I has wet myself. This story is absolutely, incredibly, unbelievably, silly. I'm dyin here! Thanx Don, now I git to go change my pants!
  10. Hey Garimpo, I knew all that since I was a kid. In my teens I spent a lot of time readin and studyin about 17th. and 18th. century pirates. My biggest hero and mentor was Edward Teach
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