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  1. Found this cool rock on the side of the road up in the Eugene mountains in Nevada. Would like to know what varnish I can use on it to make the surface look wet. Anyone?
  2. I'm suspicious of this, without the solve or the person who "found" the treasure, who's to know if it was ever hidden?
  3. Mike, you need bigger pockets my friend.lol
  4. I've been working my pocket for a few years now and have had 5000's scan my gold in quartz with less than spectacular results. GB2 sniffs out the smallest of specs and gives off slight tones where the gold is like a thin layer of spray paint on the quartz.
  5. Just got my vortex. Hope to use it this week.
  6. Craftsman but any with a suction on the bottom works.
  7. Looks good, I have one built as well to use this summer and will add the Vortex separator to the kit.
  8. I'm waiting for him to release the solve of the poem.
  9. I busted the small plastic bolt that holds half of the bracket to the shaft off my ATX coil. "Non-repairable, buy a new one" was the word from G. Expensive bolt, $500. Anywho I decided that I would attempt a fix and in the process of drilling / tapping the top of the coil for a threaded nylon bolt to allow me to reconnect the bracket I got a wire. My question is, can I carefully remove the potting material from the bottom of the coil with a Dremel and carefully patch that wire or is it toast? Steve Herschbach was kind enough to send me his build on making a chest mound unit and I will be going that way.
  10. Does the shine diminish when you move the light side to side? Hard to see / determine. Need better focus (further away, high res) and lighting.
  11. Yes, bought them all and added the two I had to the collection
  12. So I decided to consolidate my videos and started a channel, RiCon Prospecting. My wife (Con) and I (Rick) love prospecting and metal detecting. First episode is our trip underground at the 16 to 1 Mine in Northern California. The oldest continuously run gold mine in the USA. Tune in, give a like and subscribe. More to come. Also, went dirt scratching at the diggings and pulled this nice new 4.3 grammer out of the pile while still staying close to home on our claim.
  13. Yep, 1" clearance around the pipe and will have sheet metal insert for the cutout. Pointing my laser temp gun at the outlet I wasn't getting much over 180 degrees, Cat converter on my truck runs much hotter I think.
  14. Yep all fuel lines outside and under the trailer with the tank up front by the propane. Thanks for the comments on the trailer, going into our fourth year with it and loving it. Mostly original.
  15. Checked the exhaust temps under the trailer where it exits the floor, only about 125° but will add some flashing to cover the hole between the floor boards and the insulation. Exhaust is by the tire and will not have any of the windows on that side of the trailer open during operation but will be installing the detector.
  16. Simple answer, our bodies run at 98.5 so if 80° killed it, nobody would have it.
  17. Working a new section on GE to locate as many target areas I want to search when I came across this scene. Good or bad news? lol Some distance in and looks like a great area to hit. Hope that person made out well. I would assume by parking up the slope they were metal detecting.
  18. Currently 43° and raining. Heated the trailer from cold start to thermostat setting in just over 3 minutes. I like it.
  19. Digital controller allows 5.5 down to .1 hz for the pump. It uses about 114 ml per hr at that level. 10 lt tank.
  20. We were limited to temperature in taking our 1956 Terry travel trailer to the desert. Both cold and hot. Just fixed the cold issue. 5 kw forced air heater, $124.00. It blast hot air but has really good controller. Check it out.
  21. My results of repair with Fisher have been pretty bad. Speaker not working going in, still not working coming out. Loose screws on circuit board, face plate switch nuts loose. Just overall slacker work in my opinion.
  22. so figure the size of your microwave oven and multiply that time 90 for my rough estimate.
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