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  1. We only heard the fragment hitting each other overhead as it was breaking apart as it came down around us. Literally falling on our heads. The weird thing is the sound worked backwards from the direction of the fall. The wife saw the smoke, I didn't and her brother saw it from his location down by Mariposa. The wife only owned her 8.5 for a just over an hour or so before Ruben purchased it from her. Now Memorial Day weekend, we kicked ass and found a total of 8 fragments, and a few weekends later we finished walking the area and found the last 1 grammer.
  2. Here you go. https://www.space.com/27959-space-diamonds-meteorite-sutters-mill.html
  3. I looked this up after a confrontation under a small bridge. $500 fine and they can take your equipment for any prospecting/digging on the side of any county road / highway etc. This was El Dorado county, Calif. This includes bridges. Looked it up after speaking with CalTrans, Sheriff, CHP, DOT etc. Nobody knew anything.
  4. Wife and were watching this last night when this sequence came on. Laughed pretty hard. Soul.mp4
  5. Condolences on your loss. https://www.kitco.com/ shows current prices for precious metals. "Spot" price is the current offer price on the market. Do some research https://www.google.com/search?q=how+to+sell+silver+coins&rlz=1C1CHBF_enUS767US767&oq=how+to+sell+silver+coins&aqs=chrome..69i57.7751j0j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 The more you know...
  6. 1915 gets it down the road nicely. Looking forward to seeing further post.
  7. Dave, where did you route the intake and exhaust for the heater? Thanks. Rick
  8. Dunno how I missed these post. Nice, very nice. I just installed one of the diesel heaters in our 1956 Terry 12 footer. Blast out the heat. Great placement of yours under the hood. Is that the 2kw or the bigger 5 to 8kw? I many borrow your placement for mine baja. Wife and I enjoy the backroads in the area and hope to have it out on the playa soon. (Middle Fork of the American River, Georgetown side.) Almost got into my first sand trap when we got going again in that same direction. I paid a bit more than you for this one, $1600 with a 1500 in it. Running fresh 1915, a
  9. I wouldn't power wash the rocks. Surface gold would be blasted off. Also, specimen gold is worth bigger bucks when cleaned up so don't just crush rocks before checking them out.
  10. Do some loaming below the coop area.
  11. Good man. $250 was way too low. 586 gm specimen found with GB 2.
  12. Thanks Morlock. Using wax to protect sections of the quartz I want to keep native. Learning as I go. Works good to freeze the specimen when done to remove the wax easier. The middle specimen had the whole back of the rock coated as the one side had the contact zone of au. Chalcedony was found around the Sawtooth area in NV. If I don't find a buyer I'll do what I've done in the past and make something for the wife.
  13. Bob, I agree. My experience is that the market is very small compared to placer nugget collectors. That is why I am attempting to dig into a better marketplace for these pieces. I've sold many larger pieces like you prior to any processing.
  14. I use Acid Etch for glass which has a higher content of HF. Still takes a week to 10 days to see some results.
  15. Morlock, SO won't allow me to have HF, old source of this service no longer does the process. We have been to several large gold / gem shows. Very limited amount of people purchase specimen gold over placer nuggets. Most don't know what they are looking at. Will check with local supplier to see if I can pick up a jug without the wife knowing about it.
  16. Any suggesting for best place to offer specimen gold for sale? Doesn't seem to generate much interest on this site. I have some specimens headed for the dolly pot if I don't sell them as specimens. Hate to crush up rare crystalline gold specimens if there is a market for them.
  17. Judging from his (I hope it is a male) online name, the pan is somewhere in a dark basement. Dinner is ready and mom is calling. LOL. Sorry, contempt for bad screen names.
  18. Tom, did try with my small kiln. Not hot enough. Just getting the top to melt but the pot just clumped further. Still interested in melting it down.
  19. Now that is some awesome work Tom. Love it. Tourist trap item if you sold them in Roswell.
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