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  1. Wow, just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in...
  2. Gee, image that. https://www.cnn.com/2019/09/16/investing/jpmorgan-precious-metals-price-manipulation/index.html
  3. I inherited some silver, I'm thinking now would be a good time to sell?
  4. Morning putt to the Rubicon trail head. They had it shut down for the Jeeper's Jamboree. Beautiful day.
  5. Control panel or mounting slide? Need a bigger picture to see better.
  6. I sold some of my specimens to the people working the gold show. I was offered some space in the gold cabinet for next year to show my collection but I'm afraid I will have to decline. Similar to the 16 to 1 but nothing compares to their milk white quartz with the gold in it.
  7. Hard to get a 35 minute video uploaded. Attempting again. I think Chris Ralph did a video from there as well.
  8. Without a doubt, something every gold pickin dude and gal would want to take. 83,000 oz pockets of gold.
  9. Wife and I took the Saturday morning tour at the 16 to 1 mine again. This tour included the famous "Ball Room". 2 miles round trip and it was stunning. Loading video to Youtube today.
  10. I would think if found, the price would be more if associated with the treasure. I fell into this hook line and sinker. Best time of my life heading out on a treasure hunt. Had a blast, met new people and places. Also found what I believe to be a place that matched all the clues but no gold.
  11. These are very prone to damage if you are not careful.
  12. I use one of these to clean specimens. Works great and only using water. https://www.ctsusa.com/_e/Cleaners_and_Cleaning_Supplies/product/ELECTRIC-SPRAYGUN/Textile_Cleaning_Spray_Gun_Electric_110V.htm
  13. I think Carlos would argue the point.
  14. Fresh motor in, but as things go, I put the wrong pressure plate in it (grrr) and I have to pull it back out to change it. Neighbors are not going to like me for awhile as I break it in. I have the muffler tip for the exhaust but took it off until I go off road. Nice sound. I'll get a video before I pull it out today. Tight fit and I had to move the oil filter to the firewall upper right behind the air filter (not shown). She's a monster at over 100 bhp.
  15. The engine build begins this week, pick up in two to three weeks. Can't wait.
  16. She should be looking like a golden nugget flying down Rye Patch Rd. or spinning donuts on a playa later this year.
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