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  1. Now that is some awesome work Tom. Love it. Tourist trap item if you sold them in Roswell.
  2. Keen. Most comfortable boot. Very light. I don't wear anything else and I do wear them out. https://www.keenfootwear.com/p/M-VENTURE-MID-LEATHER-WP.html?dwvar_M-VENTURE-MID-LEATHER-WP_color=1021619&cgid=sale_all
  3. short story of high grader at the May Lundy A High Grader’s trip down the mountain After leaving the tram station, opportunities began to present themselves for taking high grade ore from the ore wagons before arriving down to the mill site. The high grader has to concern himself with discovery of this ore at any time so devious plans need to be in order to be successful. In the canyon he can be seen for a long time and he has the same situation with discovery on the face of the mountain coming down alongside Lake Lundy. The May Lundy Mine lies in the Homer mining district on the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Prospected during the 1860 the Comstock rush, the lodes were not discovered until 1879. Located at about 11,000 feet the ore was brought down to the canyon floor via tram and then ore carts to the valley below. Author on trail above Lake Lundy After receiving the ore from the tram and the wagon loaded, the high banker proceeded down the grade. At the entrance to the canyon a 90° turn to the east brought you out on the face of the mountain for the 1.5-mile descent to the lake below. At this point the cart is visible to the valley and just a straightforward march down the hill without opportunities to “displace” some high-grade gold. Mined gold is very much like a fingerprint in that it is very distinctive to its location. An Assay office can tell where the gold came from by just looking at it. Many “lost mine” claims were sold with high graded gold with potential buyer’s unaware of the scam only until they went to the Assay office. High grade ore, El Dorado county, Calif. So now the high grader is left with a dilemma, how to steal the gold from the wagon and be able to cash in on it without being caught with known gold from the May Lundy. Right where the trail comes out of the canyon there is a level bench overlooking the waterfall dropping to the valley below. In the shade of aspen trees, a fire is built in a secluded kiln and coaxed into an extremely hot state. A bed of borax is heated with some crushed high-grade ore. As the mixture melts, the gold is separated from the rock and gathers in the borax forming a “button” of gold. After cooling, the borax, now looking like black glass, is chipped away leaving nearly pure gold and is now in a state that is untraceable back to the mine. This story is all speculation on the high-graders part. We just found a pile of melted borax with quartz / granite alongside the trail as described above on our hike and I am just postulating on the happenstance of it being there. I will be smelting these samples down to see what was in them. Hope you enjoyed the journey.
  4. https://heavy.com/news/2020/07/bridger-walker/ Bridger Walker, a 6-year-old Wyoming resident, is going viral after he saved his little sister from a dog attack. On July 9, the young boy jumped in front of a dog that was running to attack his sister, according to his aunt Nikki Walker on Instagram.Nikki Walker explained that the dog attacked Bridger Walker instead, landing him in the hospital with about 90 stitches on his face. Despite being bitten on his left cheek, the young boy was able to help his sister move away from the dog and hide, Nikki Walker continued. I'm sending him a nice crystaline gold specimen from my collection and a small fragment of the Sutter's Mill Meteorite. His mom posted an address for him. Bridger WalkerP.O. Box 22141Cheyenne, WY 82003 And if you know any of the Avenger actors, he would like to meet them. Rock on Bridger.
  5. Found this cool rock on the side of the road up in the Eugene mountains in Nevada. Would like to know what varnish I can use on it to make the surface look wet. Anyone?
  6. I'm suspicious of this, without the solve or the person who "found" the treasure, who's to know if it was ever hidden?
  7. Mike, you need bigger pockets my friend.lol
  8. I've been working my pocket for a few years now and have had 5000's scan my gold in quartz with less than spectacular results. GB2 sniffs out the smallest of specs and gives off slight tones where the gold is like a thin layer of spray paint on the quartz.
  9. Just got my vortex. Hope to use it this week.
  10. Craftsman but any with a suction on the bottom works.
  11. Looks good, I have one built as well to use this summer and will add the Vortex separator to the kit.
  12. I'm waiting for him to release the solve of the poem.
  13. I busted the small plastic bolt that holds half of the bracket to the shaft off my ATX coil. "Non-repairable, buy a new one" was the word from G. Expensive bolt, $500. Anywho I decided that I would attempt a fix and in the process of drilling / tapping the top of the coil for a threaded nylon bolt to allow me to reconnect the bracket I got a wire. My question is, can I carefully remove the potting material from the bottom of the coil with a Dremel and carefully patch that wire or is it toast? Steve Herschbach was kind enough to send me his build on making a chest mound unit and I will be going that way.
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