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  1. I was wondering if XFR or fire assay would id the source of gold on my claim? My claim lies along the western flank of the Motherlode gold belt and it is enriched by several sources (most known). It would be nice to see if I can id the souce or see if there is any others. On another note, how do you turn off the underline?
  2. https://www.kjmagnetics.com/blog.asp?p=rocksandcrystals
  3. I taped a small nugget to the face of a credit card, non-metallic, as a drop target. After adjusting balance, threshold and sensitivity, I use the card at depth to check for signal strength.
  4. Dave, I located some used Thule cross bars and brackets. A bit pricey new. Found the inexpensive rack online. $89 if I remember correctly and they shorted me one bolt for the tiedowns and gave me about $40 credit. Need to seal the cross tubes as they are only tack welded and water weeps inside. You get a nice rust waterfall pattern on the side of the car when you get up to freeway speed and the vortex pull the water out. lol By the way, looking killer on the build. Very nice.
  5. Thanks Au, I forgot to look at my list. Inherited a few.
  6. At almost $28 an oz. aren't you shorting yourself a few bucks?
  7. This is what you are looking for (California pocket gold). I've plenty of quartz with the goldish stain but wouldn't consider it gold in any way.
  8. I think the state of Texas should help out those in California that want to live "Texas style" and help them move down there. Plenty of open space and they still put fertilizer plants right next to schools.
  9. Been tuning into this Dr. for over a year. Good info and presentation.
  10. Jeff, the wife and I both enjoy your videos as well as Gary's. You guys must have heard of the trick with tire chains and moving rocks right? Works much better than a simple chain. Keep up the good work.
  11. I have a stereo microscope for viewing samples and gold up close. Tiny piece but nice design.
  12. Statistics in my area, 51% in age group 18 to 49 are spreading the virus, 75% in age group over 65 are dying from it.
  13. Take it to your local vet and have it xrayed to see where the au is and how much. Continuity test as mentioned. HF or similar to remove quartz. Melt wax on areas you don't want the acid to eat to leave some natural rock attached.
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