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  1. GeoJack

    Could this be a 20K find?

    Xray. Done at local vet.
  2. GeoJack

    Boom booms

    Yeah, got his phone number and I'll give him a chat. Don't like to have issues when I'm trying to enjoy myself.
  3. Where did you find it? Geographical information would really help. Maybe serpentine?
  4. GeoJack

    Boom booms

    Wife and I are down on our claim, sandwiched in a canyon below subdivision we live in. Met a hunter a day before and mentioned we were prospecting on the claim so to be careful where he shoots. His dad's property boarders the claim. We hear a shotgun blast up at the house above us and yell out that we are down in the canyon. No reply, second report from the shotgun. I pull my 9mm and popped one into the hillside, facing away from the house above. We then get a response of "ok, we hear you". Last year while in this same area and on the claim we were driven to our knees after a large caliber (45) goes over our heads. The noise of the bullet alone drove us to the ground, it was that loud. Looked up the sound of rounds going past a microphone to determine the caliber. What should my next step be? I have his phone number but would prefer a face to face. Should I have SO involved?
  5. GeoJack

    My Patent was finally published...

    Congrats, I know from experience how long and how costly these are. I have one that succeeded and another that failed.
  6. GeoJack

    Plumas-Eureka State Park in Winter

    You may recognize this occurrence as well.
  7. GeoJack

    carbonaceous chondrite?

    Here is SM 68 for comparison.
  8. GeoJack

    carbonaceous chondrite?

    Busted one open for science. Not suppose to be sparkly thing in there right? Zoom in on white arrow. Looks like a small crystal. Meteorwrong.
  9. At $15 million it will only be .003% of what Trump says he needs to fund the wall.
  10. Pull your cursor off the page at the bottom, imagery date shows up down next to the coordinates.
  11. GeoJack

    carbonaceous chondrite?

    Fred, yeah we found a total of eight fragments from the original period, 2012. The Sutter's Mill meteorite is not magnetic which made finding them and classifying them tough. Speaking with Peter from SETI now about getting them designated if correct. Thanks.
  12. GeoJack

    carbonaceous chondrite?

    Fred, spent many hours looking for these so gained an eye but haven't looked for any since 2012 when it came down. I reviewed the fact that the fragments we did find over 30 days after the fall and a couple of rain showers, had not changed in color. They remained jet black. Just checked it with a magnet, non-magnetic. I did a streak test on just paper. These leave a black streak. When trying to streak test our last find, it tore the paper but did leave a bit of the same streak. I'm thinking the fusion crust has been worn down on the fresh finds.
  13. Always looking around in the strewn field of the Sutter's Mill Meteorite area. Not knowing what to look for after all this time, shape is what it comes down to. Picked up two stones of the appropriate size this last weekend. Filed a window in one, the other has oriented ridge. Both 1.1g I guess a trip to SETI is in order. What say ye?
  14. Researching other org's that have data bases of aerial shots of the area.
  15. I was thinking more of a grid search from aerial photography. Current Google Earth image is from 2016 so no joy there. Did this when Steve Fossett went missing.