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  1. This kind of stands out, "Up to 800 miles of unauthorized roads on all three forests could be decommissioned under this alternative."
  2. BMc, more interesting for me to keep as a door stop. GB2 sniffed it out from below a branch of a small tree growing at the top of a small rock pile. I'm sure one of the old timers left it there. This happened about 15 minutes after speaking to Wes's partner who came down to the claims. He said that Wes mentioned to check the piles so I did. I've put the MD20 Falcon to it to see if there was more but didn't hit anything. I could also have it Xray'd by the local vet.
  3. Did you leave this sun baker or was it miners of old? Very top of rock pile.
  4. Actually we should talk, maybe I'm still missing some spots. Hope all is well and Happy New Year.
  5. You missed some...lol. You been up to your claim lately?
  6. Indeed. One ridge away from the American River and the Gold Discovery Site. Smack dab on top of the Melones Fault and the motherlode.
  7. You only get better with failures, not successes. Keep up the good work.
  8. Wife and I was out on the claim on NYD for some nice relaxing prospecting. She was swinging her GB 2 working the main trail into the claim as we have never really worked it. She was happy for awhile with her boot tacks and other treasures, me, I got frustrated and drove back to the house to get my pan. Did 2 quick pans from a nice spot up on one bank and got this little flood gold roller. When I say I drove back to the house it is just one mile from the claim. Nice to be close.
  9. Wife and i are planning a trip to the Green River formation in Mt. early spring. Hope to pull up some nice specimens.
  10. Hopefully you won't have membership drives late in the year and then renewal fees months later. We didn't like that too much when we joined. Nice group of folks when we did get together.
  11. Awesome score. Thanks for the info. We love it over there.
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