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  1. GeoJack


    I haven't seen a side-by-side comparison of the Monster vs Gold Bug 2 but if you ARE looking for gold, the GB2 has a very long history of being the best at small gold which is the majority of what you will be finding if you put your coil over it. Retains it's value if you want to sell at a later date as well. JMHO
  2. GeoJack

    Gold Bug 2 - 550 Dollars

    Great deal, if I didn't already have two...
  3. GeoJack

    Falcon md-20

    I only use mine for sensing small gold in samples and specimens. Not for detection in my opinion. As stated, the Gold Bug 2 will just about do the job. Lacks any depth. Also you can use it to do a quick check on a plastic pan of gravel to see if a big nugget is in the pan.
  4. Bmc, understood. I also live in a very rural area and have many rattlers on my property and I catch and release when I can but I have not ever come upon a den. Been around snakes all my life so not a big issue to catch one up and move it somewhere else. Obviously I don't like to see "round up" images of a bunch of dead snakes but it is what it is. I hear more about cows, dear, etc breaking legs from gopher holes around here. We've got three cats and keep the grass cut short under the oaks and that seems to keep them at bay somewhat from coming around the house. This one was resting behind me while I was working for over an hour before I saw it. That being said, my wife and I are very cautious when in the desert where you can see them about every 10 steps. It will cost north of $10k for a single bite.
  5. GeoJack

    Attention Military Veterans!

    They have been good with me other than the facility is under staffed and under stocked. I live more than 40 miles from the local facility (Mather Field in Sacramento) but trying to use the Choice program I was told to drive to an outpatient facility in Auburn (30 miles) and if I needed hospitalization or visit there I had to drive to Reno (2 hours away).
  6. Well I'm sure the rodents would thank you for that effort.
  7. darn, you guys must have really big snakes lol.
  8. GeoJack

    Sluicing Question for CA

    Agreed, waiting for my stream to fill so I can set up my 2" hydro force nozzle and do some high banking.
  9. GeoJack

    Bitten by the Bug, Again!

    Bombing around the sub-division now in it. Had the bypass air valve missing and the auto choke was off about 180 so it was running with the choke on. Got my side rails and roof rack coming.
  10. GeoJack

    Tax Exempt - $75.00 fee

    Well I was told by the gentleman in the BLM office he used that code on his forms for Placer County and the fee was not charged. That is the only knowledge I have of the situation. I have not filed yet and will do due diligence prior to filing. Thanks Clay.
  11. Just heard this today from another miner in the BLM office regarding the $75.00 tax. Print this on your form before filing with the county: Exempt from tax per GC 27388.1 (a) (1); not related to real property
  12. GeoJack

    2018 Annual Claims filings

    Ok, one claim $10.00. Another miner in the BLM office shared this with me. Print this on your filing form: Exempt from tax per GC 27388.1 (a) (1); not related to real property Save yourself the $75.00 tax. Your welcome.
  13. GeoJack

    2018 Annual Claims filings

    Got a question for the experts, my claim is a gov lot of 36.8 acres. Naturally both my wife and I have to be on the filing as it is over 20 acres but is it one claim, not two? Do I pay $10 or $20. Same for the labor improvements, do I claim over $100 or should it be $200? Got a call into BLM but wanted to see if someone here knew. Thanks in advance.
  14. GeoJack

    Bitten by the Bug, Again!