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  1. GE strewn field. Many still out there. Our grouping is all those to the east, we live just to the east of those. Used the "hand full of gravel" method for the search. Toss it out in front of you and see where the stuff falls. I told my crew, "we're looking for the fine sand at our feet" not the big rocks out further. Walked the sub- division below us as the roads are north and south oriented. 30 days after the fall and we killed it, finding three the first day.
  2. She owned it for about 45 minutes. $5k Still have the last one the wife found 1g. Keeping it for awhile. Cool to have in our collection.
  3. We heard it breaking up over our heads, the wife saw the trial in the sky, then later found out it was a fall. BIL saw it from Mariposa and both his sisters found fragments.
  4. Here are the ones we found over Memorial Day Weekend 2012 and the first one my wife found (her hand and fragment on Wikipedia). 24.8g total of 10 fragments.
  5. Three days work, $10k. Redefined the strewn field after our locations were published.
  6. GeoJack

    Nevada Day fossil hunt.

    Wife and I are planning on heading over tomorrow for a couple of days detecting. Was going to head up the Eugene's again to our favorite place but this area sounds interesting. I'll run some reports on claimed areas so we have a choice. Thanks for the stories. Any suggestions on access points would be appreciated. Going out I80 from California. Wow, just looked, is the whole area claimed up with lode claims?
  7. Just came across my old video of Peter Jenkinson, head of SETI inspecting our Sutter's Mill meteorite finds in Coloma, fun times.
  8. GeoJack

    NO WORDS! From across the World........

    Any information on the geology of the area? Interested to say the least.
  9. GeoJack

    NO WORDS! From across the World........

    How come those images above don't show up in any Google image search?
  10. GeoJack

    NO WORDS! From across the World........

    It was a friggin beauti it was. I was blown away that it was found here.
  11. GeoJack

    Bucket-line dredge in operation + much more..

    10/4, here if you need support bro.
  12. GeoJack

    Bucket-line dredge in operation + much more..

    Al! Welcome back. How ya doin?
  13. GeoJack

    NO WORDS! From across the World........

    What foolery is this?
  14. GeoJack

    Are these tailings?

    Water bars / diversion? Don't look like normal mining dumps.