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  1. I used to send thru Western Union to Kellyco sales rep. So you can ask them or pay some extra to pick money from Western Union.

    Thanks Paul for your advice. I just did like you, i sent the money to the sales rep with some extra and now the GMT may be on it's way to me. It's good to know that although african, I still can count on many forumers. Thanks all and thanks Colorado Oro also but as i said, PayPal hasn't allowed me to pay more than $100 yet. That's why i couldn't deal with you.


  2. Idriss...your first mistake is dealing with Kellyco...there's 100's of other dealers in the USA that are honest

    and will give you good service....like Bill Southern the owner of this site....don't know if he sells Whites or

    not but probably could guide you to someone that does...

    Being from Africa the only way I know of for a quick transfer of funds is to have a bank account in the USA

    and do a wire transfer from that bank to another bank...but I don't think it's going to be fast...

    Thank's Garimpo for the advise but i've tried to deal with some forumers and as you say it's not easy when you're from Africa. Some like Colorado Oro were very kind and willing to deal with me but others were suspicious or very naughty. I do understand as most of the scammers are africans. Colorado Oro had a GMT for sale but the shipping cost he got from UPS was $638 whereas Kellyco gave me a quote of $255 for a GMT plus accessories. I thought may be Kellyco has advantages that Colorado Oro couldn't have for freight. I'm now confused about Kellyco's quote and i think i will make a little researchs before deciding to send the money.

    Thanks a lot


  3. Since you are from Africa, and there is a lot of scams coming from that area, it might be hard, personally this message seems a little fishy to me, but the best way is to go purchase a visa credit card at a store, and call and give them the number, or if you have a credit card, purchase with that.


    I know people no more trust africans but i don't feel concerned as i need noone's monney to get what i'm looking for. I'm not interested in others personal infos as I have to keep mine safe from those who you refer to. This being said, I've got a Visa credit card and i proposed to give them the card number but the sales rep said it couldn't work in the US as it hasn't been purchased there!!!! I don't know why.


  4. See if your bank can do a wire transfer of the money to Kellyco's bank, it's the only way I can see the money getting to them instantly and get the GMT in the mail to you quickly.

    If you can do this, make sure the wire transfer has the info on your order included as to what the funds are for.


    Hi Au Seeker

    I've considered that option but bank sais they have no connexion with Kellyco's bank and they have to make the wire transfer through City Bank and this could take almost to weeks before Kellyco to get the money. I would prefer an instant transfer which could lead to a quicker mailing of the detector.


  5. Hello all

    It's been a while since i'm looking to buy a detector. I've got a quote for a GMT from Kellyco but it's been two weeks i've been trying to send the money to them unsuccessfully. I've tried with PayPal but i'm not allowed to pay more than $100 and due to malfunction of the bank's website if i want to pay via PayPal i have to wait for the bank to post me a statement to be permitted to pay more than $100. This could take almost a month and i'm not sure i could keep the money untouched till then. So i've tried to send the money via Western Union but the local office said they have never sent money to a company like Kellyco and they don't know how to do it. They're used to send money to persons, not companies. Kellyco sales rep, Chaymae Schmidt suggested me to send the money via Western Union to a friend in the US and ask him to pay for the detector for me. I've got no friend in the US but i'm determined to order this detector. If any of you forumers could make a call to Chaymae Schmidt at Kellyco's then may be someone could help me order the GMT. I would add the sales quote sent by Kellyco if i knew how to do it but here are informations which could help know more about this quote: Sales Quote Number:SQ22706; Customer ID: C207729.

    Thanks for looking


  6. Absolutely, the Whites GMT for one, and some of the older Goldmaster series. I'm not familiar with the new Fisher Gold bug series but I see they have a digital readout and there is probably a provision for ground composition readouts. Go to their website and investigate the manuals they should familiarize you with the operational capabilities of the new model Gold Bug detectors.

    My favorite for the purpose you asked about is the GMT its a snap to learn this machine.


    I read a bit about the GMT capabilities but never owned it. I once wanted to buy one but i decided to go for a PI. Are VLF as efficient on black sand as for one to buy it mostly for black sand detecting? Is black sand worth such expenses?

  7. Hello Idriss! Nobody has a hard time dealing with African's Idriss, it's shipping, and the getting paid part. It is VERY hard to deal with anyone overseas, because a) You can't ship a PI detector to many countries overseas B ) Getting paid. There are too many scams and bad checks coming out of Africa. What type of VLF detector do you have, and are you in Sudan?

    Hi Soloman

    I know that many people (even africans) have been cheated by africans but i have a PayPal account and i think i can deal safely with anyone overseas. I'm from Burkina Faso (W-Africa) i've never ordered a PI detector but i know there ain't be no problem ordering one. I've ordered an ACE 150 from Detections.net in Belgium 7 months ago (Serial number 50341739, receipt number FC10 138A362). I had just discovered metal detecting and i wanted to have a start. I live in a region where gold can be found with the right detector. We even have one of the most important gold deposit ever found here which is being exploited by the well known "I am Gold" company. Hope you find answers in this. Thanks for your reply.


  8. Hi all

    I'm new to this forum and i'm looking for my first PI machine. I've purchased a VLF to have a start in nugget hunting and i now want to practice more seriously. It's been a while since i've tried to find any second hand minelab PI detector in the range of $1000-1500 but it seems like most of the forumers don't want to deal with africans. Looks like this is the reason why i'm still searching (wish i'm wrong). Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks.


  9. Hi guys

    I'm new to metal detecting and i've read quite a lot about it on various forums but never found any topic about metal detecting and lightning strikes. May be am i worrying for nothing but I would like to metal detect during the rainy season and here's my question: is there no risk of lightning strikes to use a metal detector in rainy weather? Is VLF or PI safer? Any informations or links will be highly appreciated. Thanks


  10. I often wonder how a great site such as NuggetShooter can have over 5200 registered members,

    but there are maybe 50 members that are the regular posters. That is about 1% of the total

    registered members, meaning that there are hundreds of people that visit the site daily, and take

    advantage of the information that is there, but do not submit any of their own.

    What makes this site great is the shared information, and while I am sure folks are always

    welcome to browse, the site could be even better if those of you that are "lurkers" would also

    contribute some of your wisdom to the site. Bill has put a lot of time and his own energy into

    the site, so if you are a lurker then let him know you appreciate it by sharing some of your

    own experiences.

    No need to make a million posts, but if a site is to have great info then it needs input

    from the whole of the membership, not from just a select few!

    Just my :twocents:


    p.s.: If there's a reason you don't post, let Bill know and maybe he can fix the

    problem for you.

    Hi Mike and all

    I'm new to this forum and nuggetshooting so that i have much more to learn than to say for the moment. I've joint the forum hoping to learn and tell you about nuggetshooting in Africa someday but i feel like beeing part of another world, like if i could never be a normal forumer just like you or should i say, just like a developped country citizen. I wonder why used detectors sellers don't want to deal with me if not because i'm from Africa. I've been looking for a SD2100/2200 machine for a while on e-Bay and other forums uncessesfully not because of lack of opportunities but the owners either don't answer my messages and calls or very kindly tell me they don't ship to Africa. Please let them know that i can pay for it and its shipping, i can pay with credit card or Pay Pal, what else do they want to allow me deal with them? Hope it's not my last post.


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