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  1. had one of our interp's look at them, he thinks they are late 1800's Syrian. Faint Arabic numbers visible (70% sure)
  2. Thanks Clay & Ron I've been to Lynx, Turkey Cr and Hassy River in the past (15 yrs) but couldn't really pull up any memory's of this area. I personaly was thinking this was in a Subdivision area for residental development. Glad to know you guys are willing to shead a little light; Clay thanks for the use of your descretion. Details are not important to me, only that there is some concern about it from someone who lives in the area.
  3. Seen this on EBay. Not a very good Map on this one. Is it in the WithDraw Area, I don't think so but then...... anyone have any fellings on this one? http://cgi.ebay.com/40-Acre-Placer-Gold-Mining-Claim-Prescott-Arizona-/260812599150?pt=Land&hash=item3cb9a46f6e
  4. OK, so not sure where to post this and really not sure if it needs it own thread so i will drop it here and see what happens. anyone here associated with or use the mapping program from GoldMapsOnline???? Picked up the Montana map and it seems to be a very nice layout on Google Earth. It's nice to see whats active, owner, how long its been claimed ect... Oldest active i have found in Montana is 1901. anyone else use it, wondering if California, Arizona are as good. Anyone else got at Favorite they use?
  5. Thanks for all the great reply's. I was leaning toward the GBII/Tesoro. I know my experiance level is a big factor in the machines performance. And as such am trying to go with a machine that will help me with that learning curve, i.e. Auto-Balance, All Metal mode. But still want a great machine that i can get 5 or more years of experiance with before even attempting a high end Minelab. I have been doing alot of reading on the site here, as well as several other sites/magazines. Like everything else to do with finding that yellow metal that drives men over the edge, it helps to do all the rese
  6. I have decided to come out of the shadows and stop lurking... first post so bear with me, I'm sure this has been covered before but here is my question. looking to purchase first detector, Budget of $1000 or less. looking at GBII, Minelab 705, Tesoro Lobo. I have panned, sluced, and did some (2") dredgeing in the past. I am looking to work in the Prscott area as well as hitting the North Cal/Southern Org areas mainly, with off time spent in Montana. Everyone here puts out some great posts and would like to hear for you guys what you think would be a good all around detector for an experianced
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