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  1. Reg, As a fairly new detectorist I really appreciate all of the info you have provided. I am also a recording engineer, and it is amazing in the various audio forums I participate in how many Fan Boys of certain products dig-in their heels defending their favorite software or hardware manufacturers. We use these forums to share and learn from each others experiences, and it always amazes me how some allow their egos to close their minds when valuable information is presented. Everyone cannot afford, or justify, spending $ 5000.00+ for a piece of equipment when their level of participation in this hobby makes it impractable. Why the Fan Boys cannot understand this is beyond me. I own a GMT and I'm very happy with it so far. Would I like to own a ML in addition to my GMT? Sure! And when my level of interest grows maybe some day I will decide to make the jump, but for now I am a Happy GMT owner! Thanks again Reg for this valuable information!
  2. I bought my GMT from a local dealer and received top-notch service, and high quality free accessories including soft case, Bulls-eye II, headphones, scoop etc. He even in threw-in a book I saw on the shelf for free. Then, to save a hundred bucks, we ordered another GMT from that Big Box store in Florida for a friend. It came yesterday, the free accessories that were included were cheap crap, including the detector case. It was not near as high quality as the one that came with mine. I'm staying with my local dealer from now on.
  3. Wow! Paul, that must have been some wild ride. Hope you were not hurt. Well, I do not drink like I did when I was in my early 20's, now, I just have an occassional beer, or a little wine with dinner once in a great while! Take care Paul!
  4. My buddy and I operate pretty much the same, we watch for "No Tresspassing" signs and claim markers. However, around my neck of the woods most of the good prospecting areas are on private property, at least as far as my limited experience can tell. Back to the Burros! Back in those old days the Burros would come into town looking for water or food. When they were seen on the street in front of the Mission Inn all it took for for someone to start making bets and there was always someone to chance a ride. One guy was just attempting to mount the beast when the Burro reached back and bit him on his side. It took out quite a chunk of tissue from his side. After that, I never tried it again! Later Bucket!
  5. Thanks for the photos Bucket! We did check out the Moss Mine while we were there, however, there were several drunken idiots there when we rolled-up so we went on our way. I am familiar with Silver Spring and visited that place in the late 60's while I was stationed in 29 Palms Marine Base. I spent almost every weekend in Oatman, Az drinking and playing music in the old Mission Inn Bar & Grill. The building is still there but not the same business. My buddy and I did a lot of exploration of many of the mines back in those days. They were not sealed off as most are today. We did some pretty stupid and dangerous exploration of many mines back then. Which reminds me, ever drink so much that you try and ride the wild burros in Oatman? That was another stupid stunt we did while young and stupid. Being new to all of this Bucket, would I need permission to MD the areas around Oatman, Az these days? Or, is the area pretty much open to Detectorists? Thanks again for your info Bucket, and the photos bring back wonderful memories. Jay
  6. That's it! That's the best reason I can think of to keep me working at this fun new hobby. I won't stop till I find one like this! I think I would have needed an ambulance to transport me after a find like that!
  7. Thanks Ant Man for the nice welcome! Thanks frank c for the info re Jim McCulloch's book and the welcome! Bill Southern - thanks for the welcome! Micro Nugget - thanks for the welcome. And the suggestions about writing stories from those long past experiences. I'll see what my poor memory can dig-up!
  8. Hi Bucket, thanks for the info. The last time I was there was in the early 90's. My Dad, my Son and my Brother all went there just to checkout the area and see if we could find the Mossback. Relying on my elderly Dad's recollection from 60 years earlier we found the mine after two days of driving every dirt road and dry wash North of Oatman. Then the steel A Frame was still in place over the shaft and of course the tailings were still there. All of the buildings my Dad remembers were all gone with little signs of their existence. My Dad is gone now, and that trip meant a great deal to him. He often wanted to return, and now I wish we would have found the time. He passed in 2003. Is this area a good place to detect? I'm thinking, for old time sake, of going back to check the area out for the old man! Thanks for the response Bucket, and Happy Hunting!
  9. Thanks for the info and advice Dave. I'll have to find those books by Jim and read them cover to cover.
  10. Hello Mike, and thanks for the nice reply. It does appear that most members here use the Mine Lab units, and I'm sure there is good reason and justification for their price, it's just too much for me presently. I will check-out the White's Forum as you suggest. Are there many GMT users here in this Forum? Thanks again for the reply, and for your advice! Happy hunting Mike!
  11. Hi everyone! When I was a young boy my Dad took me gold panning in the gold country of California often. This was back in the late 50's & early 60's. My Dad found a lot of gold which he processed using a small ball mill and some other equipment that contained mercury. Back then mercury wasn't perceived as being so dangerous, and he did this in his shop at home. When he was young he worked in his uncle's gold mine in Oatman, Az (The Mossback Mine)in the 30's. I haven't done any prospecting of any kind since, but, have always had the interest. Recently, I moved from the Bay Area of Ca. to Arnold, Ca. which is about 20 miles East of Angels Camp, Ca. on Hwy 4. My best friend also lives in this area and since we are both retired we wanted to give prospecting a serious try. We bought gold pans and all the misc equipment that is required, bought maps and researched locations where we could go without getting into trouble. Even here in the Mother Lode Country it seems difficult to find places to pan that are not on private property. A few days ago I bought my first metal detector(GMT)in an effort to go after them nuggets. I've only been out once so far and only found a lot of trash. But I did find a lot of small trash such as pieces of shotgun pellets and such. I've been reading your wonderful Forum for a few weeks now and find it very informative and entertaining. I hope to learn from you experts so I hope you do not mind if I ask a few silly questions along the way. My main goal of course is to find gold. But, to me the journey itself will be very satisfying even if I never find a single flake or nugget. I would like to hear from others in my area, or about any clubs in my area. Happy hunting!!
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