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  1. I've never had issues with the 10% added ethanol. I have several small engines and never have problems with primer buttons, or plastic internals. I personally think ethanol is the way to go. It might not get you as many miles per gallon, but generally the reduced cost offsets the lack of distance, and they equal out. I'd run it in my F-150, but there isn't any stations that offer it in my area.
  2. Excellent find! I have yet to find any of that size... I imagine it's pretty exhilarating. Good work!
  3. Looks like it's working I like the creativity! The EZ sluice was my first, and I love it. It has more rib board than moss, and that seems to work good for the gold in our area. What part of WA are you in?
  4. They are a great sluice. You might just need more water pressure, or smoother flow. I tried using a hose when I first got into this hobby, and lost a lot-o-AU. The angle you'll need will depend on the amount of flow you have. Play around with it for a while.... You'll get it!
  5. Holy cow... Makes me want to build one! Ha Ha
  6. It's going great bud! Been super busy is all. I was starting to miss this place, ha ha! The Ranger is actually just about to go up for sale.....Kind of sad, after all that I did to it, but sometimes toys have to go..... Silly life, getting in the way of fun! Hows the business going? I really dig the web site, it's quite useful! Excellent insight you guys offer! I know which show you're talking about, that guy has the best career a man could ask for! Ha ha. Can't remember what it's called though. If I recall correctly, the guy came from the comedy industry. What a hard life eh? Ha ha
  7. Agreed. Minus the drama, it's a pretty cool show. Being a VERY small scale miner, it's awesome to see the bigger equipment, and how it works. Hopefully, for their sake, they have better success this season. And, I do love seeing those big nuggets!
  8. That was pretty cool! He didn't have to work the pan nearly as much as the guy behind him. Ha ha. It almost looked funny seeing him splash around, while Malcomb calmly worked his full bucket.
  9. Nice to see you guys survived the cold, and good to see you back on the forum! Now hurry up, and show us some pics! Ha ha. Have a safe drive back home bud!
  10. That's some pretty incredible stuff there. Definitely a pleasure to watch. Thanks for sharing!
  11. Most classifiers have a universal design (to fit on your bucket) and have similar upward tapers. For the most part, classifiers of different brands will stack. I've found that stacking classifiers gets kind of clumsy, so to achieve a finer classification, I just reduce the amount I process per shaking (about 25% smaller) and I dont have blockage problems. Assuming you classify in a water filled tub, that is. In dry circumstances, I would reduce it even more. However I seldom classify without water. There is gold to be had, sticking to those rocks! Have fun Skully Dog. Much AU to come to you
  12. Understandable. If you get the time, head up HWY 20 outside of Sedro Woolley. There are a few tributaries out there, that will make you smile. Just make sure you keep an eye on the flood line. That'll tell you where the gold is
  13. Sorry to hear your troubles. I wish your wife the best, as well as your daughter. You're right next to the Nooksack eh? There is some good color up in your neck of the woods
  14. Thanks Bill! It was great to get back out. Hopefully it'll cool off here soon, and I can spend more time on the river. My spot is a strip about a 1/4 mile long down the center of the river, and there is no way I can clean the whole area by the time the water get too high again. In other words......I have my work cut out for me! Ha ha
  15. Thanks Terry! Ha ha, actually I am. Almost full! I thought it was pretty amazing. I saw a few areas where people were doing some serious prospecting, so I'm very surprised they didn't see it. Luck is an understatement! I should have bought a lottery ticket! Ha ha
  16. Well, it had been about a month or so since I last went down to my spot, and I was getting the itch! When I got to the bottom of the trail, I saw something that looked awfully familiar..... In plain sight was my old snuffer bottle! Ha ha. Last time I went out, I lost it with a decent amount of work still in it. It looked like it had been stepped on a few times, but otherwise was in tact. It was a scorching 90 degrees out, and no shade to be had, so I only stayed long enough to run the sluice four or five times, took home the worked material, and here's what I got. (Sorry for the bad picture) It isn't a whole lot, but that's the kind of gold we get in this area. Small, flaky flood gold. It was just nice to get back out, and do one of the things I love most. Thought I'd share...
  17. I don't think your method is bad at all. It wasn't timely, but seems effective. When I first started, I took way too long, I then sped it up, but realized I was losing gold. I revised the way I pan completely, to a reasonable length of time, yet still very effective. We have VERY small gold in my area, and if you're not careful it'll get away from you, so it took lots of practice. I have it down to about 4-5ish minutes depending on how much material I put in the pan. Some might say that's too long still.... But to each his own! Do it the way you like to bud It's all about having fun!
  18. I use photobucket. It's the easiest way in my opinion. Copy the direct link image code, then click on the image icon right below the smiley above in the reply box (it looks like a tree), paste the image code, hit enter, and BAM! You posted a pic!
  19. I've been checking out their sluice boxes for quite some time now, and always liked the design. After dinking around with my own designs, I think it would be quite effective to introduce some drop riffles. As to the punch plate; I would go with 1/4", because of the type of gold you're recovering, and hinge it. No need to go bigger, right? I know how you feel about the back pain too. It's what makes me go home, well before I would like to. Ha ha. The gentlemen on this site have some great input! Have fun, and good luck! Regards -Denny
  20. Hopefully, one day it'll turn up. If not, there is some lucky person out there. Hopefully they are a fellow prospector, and know what to do with it!
  21. Yeah, it's more than frustrating at the time eh? I was looking around my garage, like a smoker that lost his cigarettes. ha ha. I probably had close to a pennyweight in that little bugger.
  22. Ha ha! There are much better ways to find trace amounts of precious metals!
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