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  1. Prospecting was a blast for me as a kid. I'll never forget my first find, and how exciting it was. I still have those few grains, and will always hold on to them. I panned for four days straight, on the Yuba River in California to find them. At the time, it was the proudest I had been in myself! Had I not have had those moments on the river, I'm not sure I would be getting in to it now. No salt. Just take him to a place where he'll have a good chance to actually find something. That's probably the best idea. Regards. PS: You sound like an excellent grandfather. Keep up the good work! -Denny
  2. Excellent! Thanks for the info. Looks like I have quite a few options to weigh...... That's one of the things I was concerned about, was whether or not the unit I get will be sensitive enough to pick up on the tiny, tiny stuff. Being that that's probably what I'm going to find the most of around my neck of the woods. Thank you!
  3. Awesome, thanks Chris! I really appreciate your advice/input. It has been noted! I greatly look forward to posting my findings, progress, and contributing where I can. Thanks again!
  4. Howdy fellas. I'm in the beginning stages of learning the art of prospecting, and want to get off on the right foot. I understand that having the right equipment is a larg portion of the game, and could be the key to having a successful weekend. Being that I'm new to this, and have yet to even prospect, I'm definitely hesitant to make a large purchase (I.E. GPX5000) so I was wondering if any of you have used Minelabs more inexpensive products. The X-terra 305 appears to be a pretty effective product, and has great reviews, and is in the 300-400 dollar range. Is this worth the money, or do you think I'll wind up just selling it for less than I bought it, and spending more money on another unit, within a few months? Your input/thoughts would be much appreciated! Thanks -Regards
  5. Ha ha.... Wow. That's pretty creepy. It doesn't take that long for the earth to age bones. That could be from 40 years ago. I would definitely notify the local authorities. Very interesting though! Hopefully that's the last human remain you have to come across! Ha ha
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