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  1. Same here. Nice to see everyone again and meet some new folks too. Had a great time. Here's a few pics of the 29 grammer I found.
  2. Hey Chris. That GB Pro will be useless on the lakebed. It barely picks up 5-10 grammers on good ground! No problem with the big ones, but how often do you run into those :-)
  3. Jim, which meteorite did you see that wasn't a meteorite?
  4. Jim, which meteorite did you see that wasn't a meteorite?
  5. Nice finds Dave. I'm still buzzin from the last trip. makes me want to go again!! NOW!!!! :-) Roy.
  6. This was found by Jim on 10/8/11 during the group hunt. http://www.youtube.com/user/DigitalJedi68?feature=mhee
  7. Hi Fred, I didn't mean to upset anyone but after quite a bit of research I was pretty sure it wasn't a meteorite. The area where I found it is near the old bessemer (iron ore) mine, there is also a lot of volcanic rock in the area. I may have put a little much on it when I said I whacked it with a hammer. It had a crack in it already and only took a tap or two and I was able to literally pull it apart with my hands. Sorry if I made it sound like I smashed it with a sledge hammer. Thank you for your input and I'll try to be less destructive in the future. :-)
  8. Well! I think I just discovered an easy way to determine if its hematite. I was reading about hematite and discovered that it is very brittle, so I decided to whack it with a hammer and sure enough it split right in two. No chondrules, just flakey blue/black powdery stuff. Not very scientific but did the job! Thanks for the replies.
  9. Thanks Jason, I looked all over the Internet for pictures of magnetite that looked similar to what I have but was not very successful. I will try to put a window in it tomorrow and scratch test it. I kinda thought it wasn't a meteorite when I found it but the more I keep looking at it I just want to know what is is! Thanks for taking a look.
  10. Just looking for opinions on this one. 427.5 grams and i can't shake it off my magnet. I've had a lot of earth rocks stick to my magnet, but this one is ridiculous. Found on Soggy Dry Lake just east of Lucerne.
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