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  1. Brandon, I'm on my way to Yuma for the winter. I prospect arouind the Gila City area. Send me a email and maybe we can get together this fall. I have had some luck in the Yuma area. Rick-SAR
  2. Wyndham, I use "Swimmer's Choice - Dirt Down Flocculent". Got it at Lowe's for about $9.00. It contains 1 qt (32 FL oz). Directors say to use 7 oz per 10,000 of water. I think I am good until I'm 110 years old. I compared it with jet-dry in a quart of dirty water. Put same amount of each in two jars, shook both and took pictures every 5 min. The Swimmer's Choice cleared water the fastest and did not suds up like jet-dry etc. You might look at using it. Rick-SAR
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