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  1. The area is shrist bedrock and has never been mined. I moved up the wash just recently and the cubes are getting bigger and more plentiful, gold staying the same. It appears the values are in the small stringers of quartz in the shrist, don't see any large outcroppings of quartz. The head of the wash is 1/2 mile up from where we're at now. Thanks, bob
  2. Harley is back from Washington. The white cubes assay quartz, gold and silver, more silver than gold. Glad I been saving the white cubes. Still have not found a good pocket yet, but should soon, but getting bigger and more white cubes,up to 1/8", gold running 20-50 mesh. Thanks for the interest, bob
  3. thanks for the info and the complement i am loven the cali desert summer once you get used to 120 no other weather bothers you i plan to make some nice jewelry with it i will have plenty to get rid of to
  4. it dose scrach with a knife and is real easy to polish i have looked up several typs of calcite and have not found any that mach the pattern maybe i found a new kind
  5. that calcite dose look a bit like mine but what i found is all geometrical some are triangle wile others are sqare, pentagon and octagon and have corisponding rings of clear brown and black it is found on the surface all weatherd and large vains running several yards with thikneses of 1/8" to 4" wide in riolite the pic is one i polished thanks for the help
  6. could some one please tell me what this type of stone this is
  7. Yesterday we were prospecting a dry wash below an watertank and discovered a bush that was burnt to the roots, the bushes around and near it were not burnt. It had to be a lighting strike. Would that be a good spot for a metal detector? Maybe something under the bush has metal that attracted the lighting strike. My son and I are drywashing and camping out here in the southern Mojave, enjoying every minute of it, not much gold yet, its here but still searching.
  8. we use a compass, if the rock is even slightly magnetic it will move the needle, plus it will not change the poles on a meteorite like a magnet or maybe a MD will.
  9. I really enjoy the post. According to the hocus pocus of over 60 million statue laws, I am a non-residant alien. Which means, only persons are subject to the man-made laws, not men or women. I was stopped by a cop in Dalhart Texas, when asked for a divers license I replied, that I am a man who does not qualify for one. Law is the simple truth, so he let me travel on. Maybe my brains are fried from the sun, but will still protect myself from it wearing black. Them are some nice looking nuggets, am ancious to get back to the diggings, Thanks, bob
  10. I first moved from Michigan to southern Mojave Desert in July of 1974 at the age of 30, and have spent the better half of the past 28 years there. I met quite a few old miners then and they all wore light colored hats, t-shirts, and pants. None of them would mine in the summers. My grand fathers and great uncles all wore long-underwear, bib-overhauls and long sleeve shirts, farming in Michigan. Their reasoning was to keep the body moisture in, light color cloathes shed moisture. In the 70's I met two Apache Indians and their families in eastern Yuma county, they all wore black or dark blue cloathing with wet towels under their black hats and spent all their daylight hours working outdoors. They live in adobe homes without air-conditioning and warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Try it for a day, as long as your ears are moist your whole body will feel cool.
  11. I'm wrapping things up here in Michigan, no results in on the white cubes yet. Will be back in the Mojave dry-washing by July. The following are my tips for mining in the summer time in the desert, my favorite time. Wear a black floppy hat with a wet bar towel on your head, and thin cotten gloves on your hands. Rewet the towel as soon as your ears feel warm. Long sleeve levi shirt over a black t-shirt with black levi pants tucked into your socks to keep bees from crawling up your pant-legs. Keep your panning tub inside a tent because of bees. I buy gator-aid mix and drink it warm, no cold drinks. I stay on the claims for 5/6 days then get resupplied, I do well on three gallons of water per day including panning. I save the 50mesh and finer for harley's Blue-bowl when He comes back in the fall. Thank you for your interest, bob
  12. Yesterday I obtained a stone mortar/pestle from a health-food store and ground the Irregular white cubes to powder. The results was micro irregular cubes with what appears to be many micro platinum nuggets and some micro gold flakes. The only thing to do now is to get an assay. Am glad we dumped all our pannings in one location so we can recover the lost white cubes if valueable. Whats most interesting is when no gold appears in the pan, neither does the white cubes, but the cubes are always more plentiful then the gold. Thanks for the interest, bob
  13. This morning I pinched a few white cubes with a pliers and they broke down to smaller cubes. Under a microspope, flecks of gold and silver appear. When I get back I,ll try some mercury, also send some to an assayer.
  14. Thanks for all the responses, I am in Michigan right now and today was the first time to check for responses. Harley will be checking with some jewerly people in Washington State. Where can I get an assay for platinum for $20? Assayerors I know want $125.00 for the PLG. I am already homesick for the desert, I may cut My visit short and get back to the Desert, cannot handle the humidity up here. Again thanks, bob
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