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  1. Those books have reached a lot of people, certainly myself included, and people whom I know that I did not suspect of being "readers". Also folks on the road in diverse locations, such as "Nipomo" Calif. Up the coast and slightly inland. Great food!
  2. In his novels, Tony Hillerman opened a window into the Navajo culture with it's complex world view, belief systems, teachings and traditions, and delves into aspects and insights of Navajo culture and the Dineh way of life. , . The Blessing Way, healing and curing ceremonies, The Ghost Way, an ancient healing ceremony where death is the cure ... The Wailing Wind, Explores aspects of the chindi, the ghost or spirit a person leaves behind after death. A shaman sings the sacred chants, called “ways,” that will purify those who have been exposed to death, and restore to harmony with the natural,
  3. I happened to reside on the Checkerboard Reservation near Gallup when I was about 6 years old. A Navajo family who had a little boy my age lived next door. He didn't have any toys to play with, so we played with the few toys that I had. My favorite toy was a purple colored Roadster car resembling the Batmobile, that I absolutely loved. The little Navajo boy loved it too. At night, I left my toys in my front yard, and they were always gone in the morning. At first I got mad at finding my toys in his yard every morning, and I felt that the boy was stealing them. I would then march over into
  4. Just to clarify and to answer your question: No, I wasn't talking about politics at all and not necessarily a choice between presidents. Just wondering who or what type of model stands out in your opinion as a good leadership role model, if there is one. I personally am biased on the side of military leaders who are trained in principles of leadership, and who have experience in making tough decisions (for example) I also wasn't trying to name call or insult with any of the above. It's just a old saying intended to be humorous that I grew up with. I guess I should have added a smiley face
  5. Correction, por favor. Why is it that the guys who do this type of stuff, always seem to misspell? And the "s" is not even close to the "t" , , ,? No se.
  6. You know Bob, you can go to hell for lying, same as you can for stealing . . . but, just curious, who would you choose? One word answer will do. No politics please. Personal insults and rejoinder are fine, we're on the same page with that . . .
  7. Not even a clad . . .
  8. It took a while for the '49'ers to figure out desert placers too! They threw the big nuggets up on the bank while digging down to bedrock! Where there isn't much constant water, (as in the mother lode country etc), it ain't about the percolation. Flash flooding maybe . . .
  9. C'mon, Weaver, just 'cause it's shiny? Spit the hook out and keep on swimmin' man. . .
  10. "hot and black" "Just the way I like my women ", or at least that's the way the old joke used to go. I've got one of those Stanley's too Slim, battered and beat up ain't the half of it!!
  11. I drink several cups of it hot in the morning, and cold during the day. Cold brew is "bold and smooth" and doesn't bother me or keep me from sleeping. Could be because of all the supplements that I take and use the coffee as a chaser . . .
  12. "I was stuck in Texas where they have no idea what chile is" The Mexicans do. They just don't share it much with the gringo tejanos . . .
  13. What's the best emoji to signal, Hey, I'm exaggerating, just joking, pulling your leg,etc? Yeah, doctors generally don't recognize anything supplemental, except maybe supplemental income, Big Pharma anyone?
  14. Look up Milk Thistle/European Milk Thistle specifically, (best) I take several supplements for liver/kidney function.
  15. I take Bitter Mellon, Berberine, Cinnamon, and a few others for metabolism and blood sugar control. It comes in supplement form. Never cooked with it though . . .
  16. Then why are people who take these things sometimes called that by people who don't?
  17. Taurine, first thing in the am w/out food. Then: NAC, Zinc, European Milk Thistle, Alpha Lipoic Acid, C, D3, B Complex, Niacin, Chromium Picolinate, Green Tea, B-12, Potassium, CoQ-10, Ceylon Cinnamon, Chanca Piedra, Selenium, Echinacea, Acai, Glutamic Acid, Bitter Mellon, Berberine, Hawthorn, L-Tyrosine, Gotu Cola, Pine Bark, Multi - Vitamin . . . to name just a few.
  18. A hat? A regular tow service would have cost me $266.00 just for the one mile to the black top. Plus, I was going to buy a Nox 800 anyway and it seemed like a good way to show my appreciation . . .
  19. That's beautiful Jeff! Almost brought tears to my eyes. Don't know what you do out there in cool So. Cal, but I think you may have missed your calling unless your working for the Diplomat Corps. On the other hand . . . much to repair indeed.
  20. "Just like the ventilators from the Feds. They withheld them from New York until Cuomo thanked Trump" And why were the ventilators withheld? Because Cuomo (admittedly) wanted tens of thousands more than the state of NY needed or could use. Everybody knows that. Enough with the overt political argument Bob, that's obviously out of bounds and I'm not going down that road with you, and you're not going to play that game with me, (so you can just go play by/with your self!) In closing, here's one of your favorite silly emoji chingaderas that you seem to think is so funny. Man, I swear.
  21. Nice one Jeff! Boy, do I agree. Thank God for signal fires. And thank God for good people who watch for them!
  22. I agree wholeheartedly! Very uncomfortable indeed. Look at the size of those Q-tips that these testers are trying to stick up each others noses!
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