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  1. We better be. And it's not the distorted, "more concerned"; it's not difficult to understand. It's all a major concern. And one doesn't justify the other. As much as some would have us believe.
  2. That's the rumor that's going around . . .
  3. Absolutely. But I hope you're not saying that just because it's possible, and it's like it's no big deal that it makes it right?
  4. Luke, son, now you're just rambling willy - nilly. I understand that " Kaep" is a folk hero to the down trodden masses and to idealist's. He's a folk hero for taking on the man. Wonderful. His message was mostly drowned out because people didn't want his rights to infringe on their rights at a football game which they were paying to see, without what THEY, perceived to be disrespect for "the song" and "a piece of cloth" The difference is, it's a song and a piece of cloth that is dear to Americans, in this case the paying public, for reasons you seem not to understand. Luke, I'm not much o
  5. "In America, all things are possible"
  6. I'm not getting it I guess. I don't see a conflict, otherwise I would have tried to clarify any perceived contradiction or misconception. I also didn't see a correlation between the Kaepernick example and your reference that I agree with him. I'm not sure where the misunderstanding lies but if you would be so kind to explain the conflict to me, I will make an earnest effort to reconcile the disparity.
  7. Sorry Luke, I can't hang with the "non-patriots" on this one.
  8. Well Chris, you're right. We don't know each other, but I don't think I would take anything you have to say as being personal or offensive. We might not see everything exactly the same way but there's nothing wrong with that. There can be disagreement even among friends. I apologize if my post did not clearly express the above summation that you quoted. I detest police brutality and criminality. And I do take instances of police brutality personally, for several reasons: Not only is it morally wrong in the extreme, it is devastating to the image of what every good Cop stands for and trie
  9. Yeah Chris, that tends to go back and forth too. Until eventually, it seems to always break down into personality issues . . .
  10. "Property is replaceable, People are not. They are not equal, nor should they be viewed that way" I agree. Nor should either be destroyed with impunity or callous disregard for the law.
  11. Wow Chris! Anybody that knows me at all, knows that I am anything but a fence sitter. IMO, I call them like I see them, but I certainly don't feel like it has to be a totally one sided, agree or disagree matter, as in picking sides between the cops or the criminals. In this case, I condemn both because individual behavior requires individual accountability.
  12. OK Chris. Fair enough. I wasn't dwelling on the history so much as the individual examples.
  13. I do. 1 Caliche Chris reacted to this "I do." Chris, this is your reaction to Bob's response . . . ?? High five as well seems to me, and why not?
  14. I guess I must be stupid too then. Personally, I never did see the cause and effect relationship/justification between being outraged about police misconduct and violence against innocent people, and unrestrained looting and arson. Lots of minority owned businesses get destroyed as well. Much of it done by outside instigators and ANTIFA terrorist types bent on creating chaos, violent societal revolution, and race wars.
  15. I'm not a White's guy, but looks and sounds like you managed to tweak it to where an improvement in performance might serve you well in the field! Let us know how it turns out.
  16. Yeah, Chris, I feel your pain, but IMO, that goes on across the board on more than one side. It's competitive differences of opinion among members. And some posts are obviously more provocative and controversial than others, I agree. But many here on the forum find it to be a stimulating diversion compared to crickets, and the Admin allows it, (up to a point)
  17. If any of the officers were aware of the knee/neck situation and didn't try to stop it, IMO that officer is wrong for standing by and doing nothing. One of the many things that bothers me about this disgustingly tragic episode, is the lack of apparent training and supervision on the part of the police. Who's call was it? The responding officer should normally be in charge and responsible unless a supervisor is present at the scene. Who was the senior officer at the scene? The senior officer should have taken over and intervened to stop the use of the knee against the neck. (except in thi
  18. Not sure what you call hot. Supposed to be around 111 in Phoenix this Thursday . . .
  19. Driving the back roads so I wouldn't get way-hayed . . .
  20. And shaken every kind of rig that's ever been made . . .
  21. Not sure you would want to wait 'til then Grubs. Might be a little much. I went through the 1994 Northridge Ca. 6.6 quake when I lived in Northridge. It felt like a near miss from a B-52 strike. Buildings and freeways collapsed, fires burning everywhere, gas lines ruptured and hissing loudly, basic utility services out, no lights, except for generator/battery/gas powered. My front door was jammed and my back/garage door had buckled shut, so I had to crawl under it to get out and start turning off the broken gas lines in the neighborhood. Lasted about 3-4 days. Those who were prepared, tended t
  22. In my opinion, a Fisher GB Pro is suitable for a beginner, since it is a basic turn on and go machine. I have used one successfully for several years (along with other more advanced and expensive detectors) The GB Pro tends to do a good job when used within it's capabilities, which generally speaking, is for small, shallow gold nuggets. I have taken friends out who were first time gold hunters, who actually found gold with my GB Pro, that I gave them to use. Even though it's only 19 kHz, which is fairly low for a gold machine; when used with the small coil, it can be a good choice, since it is
  23. Dat sho luke good Tom," I guaaaarontee!" Remember Justin Wilson, the Cajun cook?
  24. Not sparring or even fencing. Just bantering back and forth having a bit of fun. I was definitely not implying that you didn't find the nugget, when, where or how you said. I was referring to the comeback . . .
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