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  1. "hot and black" "Just the way I like my women ", or at least that's the way the old joke used to go. I've got one of those Stanley's too Slim, battered and beat up ain't the half of it!!
  2. I drink several cups of it hot in the morning, and cold during the day. Cold brew is "bold and smooth" and doesn't bother me or keep me from sleeping. Could be because of all the supplements that I take and use the coffee as a chaser . . .
  3. "I was stuck in Texas where they have no idea what chile is" The Mexicans do. They just don't share it much with the gringo tejanos . . .
  4. What's the best emoji to signal, Hey, I'm exaggerating, just joking, pulling your leg,etc? Yeah, doctors generally don't recognize anything supplemental, except maybe supplemental income, Big Pharma anyone?
  5. Look up Milk Thistle/European Milk Thistle specifically, (best) I take several supplements for liver/kidney function.
  6. I take Bitter Mellon, Berberine, Cinnamon, and a few others for metabolism and blood sugar control. It comes in supplement form. Never cooked with it though . . .
  7. Then why are people who take these things sometimes called that by people who don't?
  8. Taurine, first thing in the am w/out food. Then: NAC, Zinc, European Milk Thistle, Alpha Lipoic Acid, C, D3, B Complex, Niacin, Chromium Picolinate, Green Tea, B-12, Potassium, CoQ-10, Ceylon Cinnamon, Chanca Piedra, Selenium, Echinacea, Acai, Glutamic Acid, Bitter Mellon, Berberine, Hawthorn, L-Tyrosine, Gotu Cola, Pine Bark, Multi - Vitamin . . . to name just a few.
  9. A hat? A regular tow service would have cost me $266.00 just for the one mile to the black top. Plus, I was going to buy a Nox 800 anyway and it seemed like a good way to show my appreciation . . .
  10. That's beautiful Jeff! Almost brought tears to my eyes. Don't know what you do out there in cool So. Cal, but I think you may have missed your calling unless your working for the Diplomat Corps. On the other hand . . . much to repair indeed.
  11. "Just like the ventilators from the Feds. They withheld them from New York until Cuomo thanked Trump" And why were the ventilators withheld? Because Cuomo (admittedly) wanted tens of thousands more than the state of NY needed or could use. Everybody knows that. Enough with the overt political argument Bob, that's obviously out of bounds and I'm not going down that road with you, and you're not going to play that game with me, (so you can just go play by/with your self!) In closing, here's one of your favorite silly emoji chingaderas that you seem to think is so funny. Man, I swear. Grade school would be higher education compared to this stuff.
  12. Nice one Jeff! Boy, do I agree. Thank God for signal fires. And thank God for good people who watch for them!
  13. I agree wholeheartedly! Very uncomfortable indeed. Look at the size of those Q-tips that these testers are trying to stick up each others noses!
  14. I can relate to that! 'Course it cost me more in gas to re-trace my steps to recover my scoop, than it was worth . . . but after all, it was my lucky scoop!
  15. Well said Sir, and Thank You! I am definitely a believer, from my own personal experiences, just as you described.
  16. Thanks matt. I like to go out and stay when I go, instead of commuting back and forth. It seems to work out better when I have the time to get more, "off road" More time to stumble across things.
  17. The Federal Government generally takes the lead?? Ever hear of States Rights? Look it up. Learn whose role it is to protect each state and when, under what circumstances, and how.
  18. Surprisingly, Gov Newsome is giving credit where credit is due. He has, for the time being at least, appeared to put differences aside and provided positive feedback and support in a very difficult time. Good for Him! Now if only the chronic complainers out there would do the same!
  19. At Ease, and Carry On! I will be in the area all afternoon! Actually, all four tires are Generals. That adds up to a 4 Star General ranking! But of course, if that were actually the case, I certainly would not be driving my own vehicle or digging my own sorry azz out of trouble! Just as an aside: Last Fall, I experienced a perceived electrical problem which left me stranded several miles up Santo Domingo wash. Fortunately, a Bob Cat trapper came along and graciously agreed to tow, (drag) me to Jack Ass flats in his older 4 X Chevy truck. I can't say it was a nice ride, but at least it got me back (almost) to where my AAA RV membership would kick in to pick me up and take me to Randy's Automotive in Wickenburg (so I thought) Problem was, AAA wouldn't drive that last mile or so from the end of the black top on Castle Hot Springs Rd. onto the dirt road and on to Jack Ass flats. By this time I was the one feeling like a Jack Ass! So I swallowed my pride and drove my ATV to the local prospecting shop in Morristown where I humbly requested assistance from the kindly white bearded gentleman proprietor whose name momentarily escapes me. After a bit of minor grumbling about a pending client appointment, he commented,"If I didn't help you now, in a couple of weeks, I might need a hand and sure as hell, no body would help me out" (or words to that effect) So the gentleman, driving an interesting looking Chevy truck with a psychedelic paint job, accompanied by his young blonde female (supervisor or spiritual adviser, not sure which), proceeded to tow my Tundra 4 X 4 (and military trailer) the one mile or so onto the black top where I could get AAA to come and pick it up. The gentleman, (jokingly), threatened to take a photograph of his Chevy, towing my Toyota Tundra, (that's two Chevy's in one day, if anyone's counting), and post it on the forum. I believe the Lady may have talked him out of it, for which I am grateful. To show my gratitude and return the favor, I turned around and purchased an ML Equinox 800 from the gentleman's shop, with which I happened to find the above displayed nugglets! Thanks Luke! I love you Man!
  20. Back in Feb, when the world was still perceived to be more or less normal, a couple of friends joined me to check out a hand dug hardrock mine/prospect that I hadn't had a chance to detect yet. No claims records or markers could be located and the mine wasn't currently being worked. The miners had crushed the ore and shoveled it onto the crude wooden ore chute that snaked down the side of the ridge to the creek below. The country rock of the mine adit, (from the outside looking in), appeared to be a mushy red quartz conglomerate that was unstable. No hard quartz lead was observed. After a few minutes of examination, It was decided that the large, indignant pack rat that currently occupied the adit could continue to reside there undisturbed. No gold was found but we drank up the "we found gold" beer anyway. Next day, I soloed to a spot in the Bradshaw's where I'd found gold before. It had rained pretty hard a few days days before and the ground was dry on the surface, but still damp a few inches down. I got into the area OK at first, then ran into a heavily washed out cut across the road, so I turned around going back out the way I came in. As I angled down to cross a steep "V" shaped creek where I'd had no problem coming in, the mushy schist bedrock crumbled and dropped my rear bumper down enough where my military style pintle hitch buried up, causing the bumper to be high centered with no rear wheel traction. Bummer. I cleared part of the hang up with a sledge hammer and chisel but finally had to resort to a high lift jack and stacked rocks for clearance and traction. While I was gathering rocks in the creek, I noticed where the bank had eroded off, and exposed a couple of rusty, vuggy chunks of quartz which looked interesting. After I was able to get my truck off the high center, and up the road a ways, I went back and started detecting the strech of the creek downstream from the where I found the rotten quartz. Most of the little cuties were shallow in the stream bed and a few were on top of rocks but out of sight covered with sand and dirt. I've been laughed at before for taking my truck and trailer into bad spots, but so far, I managed to get out, and after I started finding those little dinks (small though they may be) I forgot all about being stuck!
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