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  1. That's the canned pr version Luke. I'm referring to the tremendous backlash over Muslim immigration. Violent Backlash Against Migrants in Germany
  2. I think maybe you are leaving out the immigration issue and a few other things . . .
  3. And when free enterprise and capitalism is abolished, we can go back to hunting and gathering . . .
  4. Oh yeah, and don't forget their race relations. They have a long "superior" history of that.
  5. I'm not making any assumptions about you Bob. I don't make assumptions. I do draw inferences based upon facts in evidence. I can make reasonable inferences and reach logical conclusions based on your posts. You, however; do seem to be making assumptions about me. And if you are making your assumptions based on my posts, then your assumptions are wrong, as assumptions tend to be. My views aren't fantasy Bob, and I don't consider your views as fantasy. We have different world views and we disagree on some things. We have different life experiences which influence our world view. Neither one of us grew up privileged or live in a Bubble of Privilege. You're wrong if you assumed that I did, except it is a great privilege to have been born in this country. If you are alluding to my race or ethnic background when you say I'm privileged and live in a bubble, then yes, some times being white may be an advantage. Other times, being a minority tends to have it's advantages. But I don't believe society judges us solely on race, and I have never lived in a "bubble". Personally, I wasn't offended by the "pale white man" remark. I was just trying to caution/remind you that this thread is being watched very closely, as you no doubt know. Heated discussions can get out of hand at times and threads do get shut down. That was the message. Here's another area where you are mistaken: "You can still pretend though. I can be whatever color you want to imagine. I can be a radical liberal if you want me to be. Or a revolutionary or a social worker. You can visualize me however you want. I don't mind at all. If you want to know what reality is I'll tell you" You seem to be expressing your reality already Bob, so no redundancy is required on my account. I have mine and you have yours. And I may know a little more about both than you give me credit for if you're basing yours on assumptions. I don't know why you keep trying on Cinderella's shoe Bob. If it doesnt fit you don't have to wear it. It sounds like either narcissism, or a persecution complex. Contrary to what you may have assumed, every post doesn't happen to have your name on it. They are directed, "To Whom It May Concern"
  7. I do not disagree with many of your good points.
  8. Similar in some ways, different in others. I hope you're not intimating an Afro-American Reservation?
  9. Oh how I wish you knew what you are talking about Bob! I would love to have been born with a silver spoon . . . If you start with your own racism Bob, this thread will likely be shut down because of the escalation. I can see your anger and true colors coming out, but before you start screaming, "La Raza Unida", I'll give you a few minutes to catch your breath and calmate.
  10. IMO, (based upon my education, training and personal experience) the most important element in the way "some people view the color of their skin" is the way Afro-American's view themselves and their history (slavery), which is an ongoing societal institution in the psyche of (many) black people.
  11. I wasn't talking about "lazy people", so much as personal and cultural, motivational belief systems, predominantly in the black community, IMO. More on Afro-American Psychology later. If you will bear with me, please.
  12. Thanks for the translation Slim! I was using social worker language so the social workers, (and revolutionaries, if any) could understand what I was saying.
  13. That may be the good news but that finding will no doubt come under attack by experts from the defense side. Pathologist Baden, who reportedly is helping Floyd's family, may be the tie breaker, if it came to that, because he will likely be the most credible witness.
  14. Socialism is not the answer. It's been repeatedly tried all over the world and failed. People cannot be made equal by destroying the country's economic system. There will always be economic disparity, no matter who is "at the top" because it's not about the money. Not even close.
  15. Socio-Economic deprivation has been used as an excuse for criminal behavior for many decades and billions of dollars has been thrown at it. There are more social welfare programs today than ever existed in any society in history. Even in the current food shortage situation, food banks and food sources are available to those in need that seek them out. Many very Liberal criminal justice system reforms instituted in recent years do not appear to decrease this type of social behavior either. Given the opportunities and support systems available to those who seek them in this country, at some point, (long past), a civilized society has a right to expect it's members to transcend and rise above social conditions and perceived limitations, putting aside excuses, and be held accountable for their behavior.
  16. CORONER'S FINDING: Official finding by the Hennipin Co. Corner's office in the Floyd case is Homicide. (Death at the hands of another) That will be expert witness testimony in any trial against defendant(s) charged with Murder (unlawful killing of a human being) Theoretically rules out all other causes; accidental, natural, etc. Step one in backing up the DA's Murder 3/Man 2 filing.
  17. Tim, Are you sure you didn't sell your 40 a bit prematurely?
  18. I'm not implying anything about your age Luke, but could you please tell me how is it that you so readily recognized the Fruit Loops box in the photograph?
  19. I haven't had anyone die next to me either Luke. And outside of myself, I really don't know the answer either. I strongly suspect though, that a big part of it may have something to do with that red, white and blue piece of cloth, and that song. Take Care,
  20. Well Luke, since I didn't bring up Mr. Kaepernick as a talking point, I didn't think it was something I needed to focus on very much. But like you said, maybe next time. I appreciate you reaching out.
  21. Getting weaker by the minute Bob. Why don't we postpone the "dance" until you have a chance to back up and regroup? Maybe even get back to issues horita? Bien.
  22. Weak mi hijo. Probrecito. Very weak. Not sure you could stand up by your self on the dance floor any more . . .
  23. I declined the dance. The metaphor is silly. You didn't get "the tune" then and you won't get it now, unless you start listening. Master Luke used the term patriot like it was a slur: phony, or pretensive, and certainly as a pejorative. I flipped the term and made it, "non-patriot". Simple Goose and Gander stuff.
  24. Dance Bob? You can't be serious! You already stood me up on a lunch date and now you have the gall to ask me to dance? I recently found out that you are known as, "Twinkle Toes" down at your hangout. I don't know why that is, and I don't want to find out, so I'll pass on the baile. We could discuss the issues, and I could respond to your throw down, but I know you are not interested in a meaningful discussion. You just like to argue. I suspect that you would argue with a fence post, then pull it up and argue with the hole! Besides, aren't we supposed to keep the 7th day holy and not fight so Skip can get a respite from this and enjoy his night off? If you want to protest against police brutality or show your support for legitimate protesters, I am (philosophically) in your corner and "with you all the way" Bob. But Kaep's case was different, IMO, he picked the wrong mountain to die on, and it's too bad because he could have accomplished so much more by using that press exposure to elevate the discussion in an intelligent manner! He didn't do that, IMO! He went balls to the wall head on into a brick wall. He decided to take on the establishment, and he stood his ground! Good for him! (If you think so) I'm not so sure. And, I never said he wasn't a Patriot. You made that up. Although, as I recall, he wasn't. He was a 49er.
  25. Thank you so much for the comforting words Senior, I sincerely hope so, because my poor Indio profile rock formation has collapsed in a heap of rubble which I discovered when I was there in Feb. Que Lastima, muy triste . . .
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