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  1. I hear you Grubs. There were tons of screw ups and bad outcomes for sure. By all the services. Not to mention the carnage on the battlefield. That's why I don't dwell on that type of stuff either. In the Marines, we didn't always have a Medic (Corpsman), so, out in the bush, the job usually defaulted to the Squad leader or who ever was closest to the wounded Marine. Fortunately, the Dust Off, (Air Medivac) for us, was an average of about 20 minutes response time. Then, there was often a further 5 minute delay for an auto-rotate decent by the Marine CH-26 Copters per Marine Corp policy.
  2. Touche' and nicely done sir. Are you sure you didn't pluck that one out of Toadalena or somewhere South of there, by any chance?
  3. Not feeling the need Luke, but now you got me curious. (Yes, I know what happened to the cat), but if the above question, was what you were asking, I didn't recognize it in it's disguised form. And to answer your question in it's undisguised form, I was channeling my inner creole/soul brother while enjoying a bowel of Chicken, Sausage, Shrimp Gumbo and Dirty rice. So I do admit that I was somewhat, "In Character" at the moment. If I sounded a little/lot goofy, I confess. Gold does that to me sometimes . . .
  4. Sounded like it to me. Unless you been drinking that very same tap water you asked me about. And of course, my response was rhetorical.
  5. Since that was a rhetorical question, I guess there's no need to tell you what happened to the cat . . .
  6. Chris, The epicenter was 32 miles from Tonopah. Maybe a new fault line opened up with new gold exposure. Since you are closer to it than I am, could you please run by there, check it out and let me Know? Thanks,
  7. Well Luke, you know wat dey say, dat beauty is in the eye of the beholder . . . an dats one I wud like to be holdin'! She sho nuff ain't ruint. Nice!
  8. Good question Steve! Actually, I was just reacting to the comment made by pairadice: "Then there was the time Patrick had to find me at night navigating by my signal fire...... " I surmised that he was talking about a campfire which could be seen at a distance in the dark for the purpose of revealing the location of a person being searched for. I really hadn't considered the signal flare angle until you mentioned it.
  9. VIETNAM REMEMBRANCES: Lots of comparisons lately between death rates of Covid -19 and the Vietnam war. Local and national news reports, forum discussions etc. No doubt about it, it's horrific. The first time I heard the comparison it was jarring. It felt like what a dog must feel when it hits the end of his chain. A Jolt. Not just because of the numbers, that's bad enough for sure but something else. An unexpected surprise due to the word association. VIETNAM! Seconds later a flood of memories . . . Most Vietnam Vets that I know, tend not to talk much about the Vietnam war, If they
  10. You obviously have no new, creative, or factual response, so you keep scraping the bottom of your empty trash barrel. If that's the best you can do Bob, spare yourself the embarrassment. It's not and never was about treasure. It was, and still is about gold. A sample of which you can witness in my last gold post, "Stuck on Gold", which was detected within eyesight of one of the stone monuments that you referred to. And Luke does alright on his own, without your inept assistance.. At least he makes an honest attempt, IMO, which is more than I can say for the lameness on display above.
  11. Discernment. Skepticism. Life Experience. A liberal education without it being "Liberal" Learn critical thinking. (thinking for oneself) A huge dose of common sense . . . Quote: Dont believe anything that you hear (or read), and only half of what you see.
  12. So was Diogenes. Basically, he found that it doesn't exist.
  13. "Depending on who you support politically any "news" website link posted is biased in one direction or the other, there's no such thing these days as an unbiased new agency" "News" is a packaged product that is slanted and sold, (ratings), by a biased media, to a target audience. The slant may vary in degrees but as long as there are differences of opinion in any subject, there will be a robust market for hot button topics. Truth and objectivity gets lost within point and counter point rivalry, and oneupmanship, (the technique or practice of gaining a feeling of superiority over another
  14. Gilaoro, I was just up there in late Feb of this year and everything at the grave sites were still like they always were. People seemed to be respectful of the area. Interesting hand dug well and former home site.
  15. Ivigo, Sympathy is extended to you because of your geographical dilemma, and your persistence is laudable, but your random selection and process of elimination method is an exercise in futility. Einstein had to invent new mathematics but ultimately was successful in reaching his goal, partial because he never gave up and partially because he looked at the world of physics and mathematics through a different lens. Don Quixote, on the other hand, lacked vision. Literally. Even though he was willing, "To fight with his last ounce of courage to reach the unreachable
  16. The Unbelievable True Story Of The Greatest Beer Run In History "Drunk ideas, while entertaining, rarely end well. But there are exceptions. Like that time in New York in the late 1960s when a conversation about anti-war protesters led one veteran to set off on the greatest beer run in history. It was November 1967, and a 26-year-old former Marine named John “Chick” Donohue was hanging out at Doc Fiddler’s — one of the many bars and pubs that dotted the neighborhood of Inwood, then an Irish-American enclave near Manhattan’s northern tip. The bartender, George Lynch, began complaining abou
  17. Ivigo, we are still eagerly awaiting a photo of your seeing eye dog that you walk with every morning . . .
  18. Do we get to keep "all that we find"?
  19. Those books have reached a lot of people, certainly myself included, and people whom I know that I did not suspect of being "readers". Also folks on the road in diverse locations, such as "Nipomo" Calif. Up the coast and slightly inland. Great food!
  20. In his novels, Tony Hillerman opened a window into the Navajo culture with it's complex world view, belief systems, teachings and traditions, and delves into aspects and insights of Navajo culture and the Dineh way of life. , . The Blessing Way, healing and curing ceremonies, The Ghost Way, an ancient healing ceremony where death is the cure ... The Wailing Wind, Explores aspects of the chindi, the ghost or spirit a person leaves behind after death. A shaman sings the sacred chants, called “ways,” that will purify those who have been exposed to death, and restore to harmony with the natural,
  21. I happened to reside on the Checkerboard Reservation near Gallup when I was about 6 years old. A Navajo family who had a little boy my age lived next door. He didn't have any toys to play with, so we played with the few toys that I had. My favorite toy was a purple colored Roadster car resembling the Batmobile, that I absolutely loved. The little Navajo boy loved it too. At night, I left my toys in my front yard, and they were always gone in the morning. At first I got mad at finding my toys in his yard every morning, and I felt that the boy was stealing them. I would then march over into
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