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  1. Great story Max! I really miss old Glen. He was one of the most inspiring writers I used to read when I first started
  2. From my perspective, and the way I was taught in two different police academies and years of police work (under California law), A police officer (or a citizen) may not use deadly force solely in defense of property. Burglary, auto theft, etc. No shooting at moving vehicles, even if it's coming at you. (Unless you can't get out of the way and it's life threatening) No deadly force against rioters or looters unless in self defense or when defending the life of another, unless: the crime committed is so great that it would be justified to use deadly force to prevent a suspect's escape or to prevent the crime. And the threat must be actual, not just perceived, coupled with a present ability to cause death or GBI (Great bodily injury) Murder, attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon etc. Arson is one of those iffy, borderline areas because fire behavior is often deadly unpredictable. No furtive movement excuses "I thought he reached for a gun" No sorry, that won't fly. You better see the darn gun and not a "drop gun" either. And: No shooting of fleeing felons, unless to prevent the escape of a violent felony suspect: Rape, armed robbery, kidnapping and the other violent felonies mentioned above. AND ABOVE ALL: No unnecessary "probable cause" shootings. Don't shoot somebody just because they are "bought and paid for" Just because there is legal justification to do so. We were taught to disarm suspects not shoot them. I was also taught, If you have to use force when making an arrest, make darn sure it's justified and according to the law: "Only that force which is necessary to effect the arrest" Police officers are expected to take risks and taking those risks get officers killed. So eventually, officers may start to burn out due to constant stress, disillusionment, and apathy. They "burn out" and become jaded and short fused. They live with a "revolving door" criminal justice system and "cafeteria style justice" that lets repeat offenders off with little or no punishment and deterrent effect. They see the same criminals committing the same crimes, day after day and getting arrested by the same officer, who is taunted and mocked for being an Opie Pecker-head, Howdy Doody looking Mother F'er, and the usual variety of familiar colorful adjectives. Cops are human and they get tired of the abuse and mistreatment too. They are commonly subjected to phony citizen complaints, (Mamma, he called me the N word!), and if you work in an inner city community, you will probably hear "300 years of slavery" every time you make an arrest. After years of a failed, liberal justice system, so many officers react by resorting to "street justice" - "You might beat the time, but you won't beat the ride" they develop an Us vs Them mentality, and they withdraw, feeling isolated and alone, backed into a corner. Then the burn out starts. When cops burn out they sometimes enter a spiral of excessive force, a little here, a little there, until it becomes a routine. The adrenaline is always amped up, shootings and questionable arrests happen, planted evidence issues, citizen complaints increase, prosecutions are thrown out and on and on. By that time a cop may be drinking too much to relieve stress until that becomes the norm. Then, domestic issues, divorce and further isolation. He usually only has other cops for friends. He is stereotyped, disliked and distrusted by the community. He will be told: "If you wanted to be loved, you should have joined the fire department" Cops over react and act too soon sometimes because they are in a state of constant stress and a "Pavlov response" can turn out deadly in a confrontation between a citizen and police. Such as the previous case in Minnesota where the officer shot and killed an apparent legally armed black man on a traffic stop (in front of his wife) The victim supposedly made an inadvertent move, not with aggressive intent, and the officer reacted. This kind of stuff is going to happen but it shouldn't. I don't know for sure; I don't think that officer was a "bad cop" but he probably wasn't suited for the job. There are a lot of cops out there that are not suited for the job anymore, IMO (if they ever were) Not necessarily because they are evil racists, but because of a variety of other things such as inability to over come fear and the stress of the job. I didn't respond to this post expecting that anyone would start being empathetic toward police, it's probably too soon for that, but most citizens aren't aware of, and don't take into consideration the specific cause and effects, human costs, and occupational demands of being a police officer. In the 60's and 70's minority officers in all of the under served communities was one of our important goals and we got there to an appreciable degree. It was a start. I believe when changes and reforms come about, it will not be just because of the societal pressures against the justice system from without that we are now seeing, it will also be because young idealistic world changers, some of whom are now considered radicals, will finally figure out that change has to come from within. Just as we did, back in the 60's and 70's. And I don't mean political or revolutionary change as much as I mean evolutionary change, although politics may play an adversarial role. But don't be fooled, the power structure understands force most of all. If you beat your head against a brick wall you accomplish nothing. You have the key and the path to effect positive change, IMO. It's through the front door. '
  3. No Bob, that's more your style than mine. I do applaud your concern for police problems though and I'm sure you're just the man for the job. Unarmed and alone to face the crowd of rioters and looters. Go get em' Bob! Be sure and Let us know how it went!
  4. Open carry. Appears to be working. Any looter with experience would indeed be a fool for putting on a show for the camera in an armed neighborhood like that. I guess it's just a coincidence that the looters don't seem to be attacking people, and looting stores in any armed neighborhood, in any videos showing open carry. They are not fools. They know a citizen protecting himself and his property may not show restraint like the police do. So why take the risk. Why confront an armed citizen when there are plenty of unarmed victims out there to brutalize.
  5. I don't blame you for not wanting to go down that rabbit hole Bob, It might not work out so well for you . . . but then again, who knows?
  6. "Delta is ready when you are . . . "
  7. "our anti fascists have always supported peaceful protest in our community" Well I guess your organization is doing a fine job then, huh Bob?
  8. Turns out, it's not "Fake News" Now you have an apparent real conflict and contradiction between two of the prosecution's experts that performed separate autopsies. Hate to say it, but stuff like this is what sometimes leads to hung juries and mistrials, and worst case scenario; even possible acquittal.
  9. Was that a spell check error? OK, whatever you say Bob. I posted it to call your attention to it because I didn't know what it was. Looked like it might be a groups initials that I wasn't familiar with or something. At least I alerted you to a a jumbled up mess that didn't make sense. Seriously Bob, If it's about editing, I would encourage you to edit a little more before you spew this stuff out, instead of waiting to see my response, then changing your whole post to try to create the illusion that I'm "thrashing around", (and relying on me to do your clean up for you)
  10. "agrei didn't mention them Mac because there were none at the protest" Great! Good luck with that.
  11. "pay their fair share" I love that phrase! What it means is let the radicals decide "whats fair" That's hilarious! And yes, "fair share" would absolutely be a confiscatory tax rate and would result in power and wealth being redistributed as a permanent government control system. Who doesn't like free stuff and a Nanny state? Perfect! If you like a one party system . . .
  12. There is a grain of truth in what you say Bob. There are far right militants, (but what you forgot to mention), there are also far left militants that cause problems. Looks like the Left may have taken the night off. But both groups have radical agendas as does ANTIFA. So why stick up for, or defend any of them? You also failed to mention the looters in your colloquy, many of which are protesters that loot, pillage and commit acts of violence as a manifestation of their anger (and some do it to justify their behavior, and victim hood) Fortunately, Las Cruces has thus far been spared.
  13. I appreciate your ex-post facto edits and corrections Bob, a lot of it didn't make sense before due to misspelled words, typos etc, but at least now I can read what you are saying. It still doesn't make sense but since, as you said, it's not shaking anyone's world, I guess it's harmless enough.
  14. Because Slim was busy reviewing earth quake data and couldn't go to Minnesota and interview the Coroner under oath? Come on Luke, I said it was a news source, for any fact checkers that wanted to research it. That's fair and reasonable. By the way, I like the term. And the truth does matter, and it doesn't go away. So we'll see. And if it's fake news, I'll be among the first to condemn it as such.
  15. Your loosing focus Bob. The information was quoted as coming from Hennipen Co. Coroner's report. He is supposed to be a neutral 3rd party with no interest in the outcome of the case. So he has to give factual information to the prosecutor. I get what you're saying, and I agree, that's what it looked like. But looks can and will be deceiving at times. And that's why a search for the truth is so important. Otherwise, big surprises in the courtroom can lose the case and the defendant could get off, even if guilty.
  16. God, I wish life was as simple as you try to make it. And you talk to me about living in a bubble ?, Oy Vey! Where does a search for the truth come in? If you don't find it before the other side does, it will come back to bite you in the butt every time.
  17. Are you sure? I'm willing to accept that Luke, if it's true. And I take you at your word. I was looking at a news report that had quotation marks around it, so I'm not saying it's gospel. Is there any source that would refute that, you would care to share?
  18. News reports also allegedly indicated that the cause of death of Mr. Floyd involved, "other significant conditions" including, heart disease, hypertension, and listed fentanyl intoxication and recent methamphetamine use , although those factors were not listed under cause of death. "Now we know why Baden was called in. He is a bought and paid for "professional witness" and the allegation by the defense will likely be that Baden was paid to "stack the deck" Reasonable doubt?
  19. "A guaranteed two years of college or trade school is a minimum education these days and should be free at a State University" I would be for a version of this proposal, except the States can't afford it anymore. Especially the undocumented immigrant sanctuary states that chose to spend their money, including federal funding, on various social services programs to support illegal immigrants. Cool. But you pay your money and you make your choices.
  20. A confiscatory tax policy and redistribution of wealth is as Socialist as it gets.
  21. Or about Germany and their education system, I would think . . .
  22. That's the canned pr version Luke. I'm referring to the tremendous backlash over Muslim immigration. Violent Backlash Against Migrants in Germany
  23. I think maybe you are leaving out the immigration issue and a few other things . . .
  24. And when free enterprise and capitalism is abolished, we can go back to hunting and gathering . . .
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